Fan lore: Edward's story


I was writing for the pleasure of making a fan-lore. It’s something I had never tried before and I was happy with what I was making. This is also an opportunity for me to make references to things outside of the lore I’d like to share or to build my imagination.

Renald Hoffnung for example, the man within a Wraith is inspired from Leo in the game A Way Out and his ability to craft things with simple materials is based from survival games where even the simplest materials allows you to make useful items, gears, equipments and weapons. The way I think his equipments should look like would be from Fallout 4 since I’ve seen many models that looks hand-made in this game and that could fit perfectly for a tall character.


Don’t worry about that mate, some people will still read it no matter how boring and bland things get. It happens to everyone writing a story.


There it is, now I’m changing direction to give you something totally new.

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Broken Hill

Date: Unknown, except it’s the future

Coordinates: Abandonned foundry

Renald, after days of travelling, discover from the top of a mountain what seems to be the remains of a facility.

Many cranes surround the border of the immense city, the industrial facility gives the taste of a dark, metallic and mostly mechanical buildings, steampunk maybe…but the lack of activity turned the place into a more sinister and unwelcoming place. The smell of charcoal, petrol, iron, bohrium and all kinds of metals and other residues stinked from kilometers, without mentioning the dense orange fog of pollution above the city.
As he gets closer, bellow the crane is a deep crevasse with transportation rails connected to a nearby factory.

This was the perfect place to settle for Renald as it might procure him an undepletable amount of ressources for his equipment. From raw materials in the mine to components and smelters in the foundry, Renald couldn’t imagine anything better.

As he get across the wires that used to protect the city, the fog becomes denser, the wind whistle softly on the roof of the visible houses, making noises of twisting metals. Renald hold his makeshift pistol tight in his hand, prepared for any ambush to come.
A loud, static voice emerge from the silence of the city, giving Renald a jump of surprise.

CRRRRRRRR This alert is an automated message. Attention, to all citizen, this is an emergency evacuation. All citizen must head to the exit for evacuation process. Repeat, this is an emergency evacuation. All citizen must head to the exit for evacuation process. FRRRRRRRR CLAC

The speaker shut itself down, putting back the city into its own silence. Renald continue on his way, leery of the speaker.
Atop the buildings facing Renald is the base of the dominant crane. As he climb up the stairs, a voice distant from the left, breaks the silence once again.

Renald was now certain that there is still life in this factory. He descent the stairs to get across a broken gateway, critters escape as they see the large Wraith passing through.
Renald end up in what seems to be a ghost town, some lights and neons are still on for an unknown reason.
Liquor, cocktails, surplus, bar, jackpot, Broken Hill brewery, there was lights everywhere. A larger neon above the town had the words “Welcome to Slagtown” written on it.

Large piles of junk were scattered all around Slagtown, sodas, spoiled food, papers, cardboards, the smell was foolish. The neon of a woman depicting a night club, dance frame by frame above Renald’s head.

“Shake, shake, shake your booty to the beat, beat, beat!” a voice reasonate from the speaker between the background beats.

“Yeah, like if I had to, ya prick.” respond Renald to the manly speaker.

The smell inside the night club was even more disgusting than all the mixed trashes around the town, Renald did not even want to know what was the cause of the smell. There was however a smell of alcohol leading to the brewery, a strong smell of beer scratching Renald’s sensors. Without resisting, he head to the brewery to find his own pleasure.

Arrived at the brewery’s entrance, Renald notice the barrels of beer next to the door. On them was written “Trapjaw. Colonial ale. Est 2327 Shear Colony”.

Looking at the date of the barrel, Renald was not surprised, consirering he had seen a lot of futuristic things after two months of survival and wandering.
Behind the brewery’s glass were three containers with each their type of drink. “Tyrant. Swamp water lager” “Trapjaw. Colonial ale” and “Reaver. Skull porter”.

Renald pick a Trapjaw barrel, open it with his claw and drink the liquid bottoms up, his skin glows pink as he drink. The barrel emptied, he throw it away in the junks with satisfaction.

“Aaah, yeah! 'ts been years since I haven’t drank a beer.” comment he.

Renald take a few barrels with him before leaving Slagtown. On his way, he notice a semi-open gate from “Nordita”. The gate is in bad shape and has been forced. Inside are crates of supplies and materials containing mostly colonial tools and ressources.

Curious to know what are the contents of the boxes, Renald tries to lift the gate, but it stays solid and inaccessible. Renald pass his hand trough the gate’s opening and struggle to touch one of the closest boxes, he get his hand back and pull out his scythe to catch his box. Now in range of his hand, Renald lift the box until he notice that it is too big to pass through.

With disappointment, he give up and continue to explore the surroundings. Further on the right is the core of the factory, crates of bohrium lay on an inactive conveyor belt and a large cast for molten metals was dug bellow the platform.

Renald decides to settle above the cast, it was the perfect place to make his own equipment from molds and advanced tools. All that was required for his tinkerings are now in his possession. The only thing that was missing was to know where are the controls for the machinery and how to operate them.

His settlement gets interrupted by a noisy metalic banging followed by an “Owee, it hurts!”. Alarmed, Renald lift his gun, both hands holding it.


It is extremely late, I haven’t slept this night, but I’m proud of showing you the 18th chapter.

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The lost being

Date: somewhere around 2327?

Coordinates: Abandonned foundry

The voice came from behind, it seemed to be from a child, and in such a dangerous place, it did not seem usual at all. It felt untrustworthy to Renald, like a bait.

Renald had survived alone for too long to trust anything, not even the most innocent things. Shear is a planet too dangerous to be trusted in any kind.
But if the voice is trully from a child lost in the wilderness, it would be cruel to leave it die.

Renald goes to investigate the source of the voice but keeps his gun steady. Peeking in every corner, keeping a low profile on the surroundings, scanning the area on every move. Renald was becoming paranoid, he knew he was not alone, and not to be alone makes him uncomfortable.

Approaching the weaponry in front of the gate, the whimpers affirm to Renald the presence of another being. He hide behind the house, ready to ambush. Quickly, Renald corner the house and point his gun to the source of the whimpers…until he sees it.

It was a little girl, with thorn clothes and a skeletal body, her skin and hairs were covered in dirt and oil. She was scrubbing her knee next to a pile of trash. Renald lower slowly his gun, flashbacks of his deceased son goes through his mind as he watch the girl. The little child lift her head and her eyes turned frightened at the sight of the Wraith, tears immediately started to drop from her eyes.

“MOM! MOM!” Scream she as she stand up in an attempt to flee.

“Wha- wait! Who the hell are ya?! Wait!” Say Renald in a sudden confusion. The girl ignored his call and rushed to the town.

She disappeared into the streets, leaving no trace of her, vanishing. Renald take the path the girl had taken before disappearing, no footprint on the ground, not a single trace of her path. The silence is even more unsettling.

“All keys are tradeable, stick it wherever you want.” Say the speakers from the nearby night club, killing the silence.

Renald felt targeted and angered as the speakers resonated. With his scythe, Renald strike the night club violently in a loud racket. The tall pillar the club was built within, lean dangerously. Dust fall from the ceiling, the neon light of Slagtown loses balance with its cables swinging it, weighting on the pipes it was hanging from. The N letter fall onto the bellow house Renald was standing aside, crushing its rotten wood, its cables snap off and the neon light fall on the house. Water falls from the large and now damaged pipes, creating a little pool on the ground. A little critter gently approach the pool to drink until the water slowly move towards one of the cut cables of the neon, electrocuting the critter.

This not only made Renald feel responsible of all the chaos he caused, but also made him worried for the girl he had found. Many questions goes through his mind. Is she fine, or is she wounded? Is she alive, or dead? The anxiety within him became heavy, thinking he’d find blood within the wood with a corpse beneath.

He search the house destroyed by the sign, throwing each piece away. A foolish smell goes out of the wreckages after he lift away a large piece of wood, his heart accelerate suddenly. One of the pieces was stained in fresh blood, his hands start to shake. He remove a last chuck of wood to find the corpse of a reaver.

This brought relief to Renald, but the girl is still hiding somewhere. There is no need for Renald to search the houses as she must have fled for long.

This relief was only in vain after a scream echoes outside of the town towards the North. Renald abandon his research and exit the town in direction of the scream to find a stage 3 goliath lifting a house’s roof.

Renald quickly engage with his gun and shoot, the bullet hit the goliath’s shoulder. The head of the goliath is now focused on Renald, it growls with anger.

“Yeah, you want some, tough guy?! Fight me, ya freacky shit!” scream Renald in an attempt to distract the goliath.

Renald shoot another bullet on the goliath’s chest, the goliath abandon the idea of getting the girl and leap against Renald, smacking his two hands against his head. His gun fly off his hand under the force of the strike, the goliath’s hand grab him by the scythe and prepare a bite. Quickly, Renald draw his bladed bat right into the goliath’s head, making it step back with the blades still stuck in its skull.

Renald take advantage of this moment to try and get his gun, the goliath breathe a swarm of fire to prevent him from getting his weapon. Renald’s breastplate glow strongly at the fire, the heat goes through the metal as it burns his skin, making Renald scream in pain and unable to strike back. The goliath grab one of the nearby vehicles and throw it at Renald. The vehicle hit Renald with full force, cracking his armor and knocking him away.

Renald hit the leg of a large mobile platform before falling on the ground weakened. The goliath approach for a last strike, but Renald doesn’t give up. Renald teleport out of trouble, abandonning his armor in the process, grab his gun and shoot in the goliath’s back. The goliath turn back to see Renald up close with his scythe about to swing.

“EAT THAT, MOTHERFUCKER!” scream Renald in his madened fury.

His scythe strike through the goliath’s jaw, cutting its exterior sinews. Another strike hit its shoulder deep into the flesh. Renald lift his two scythes to the sky and yell of all his strength before sending a powerful strike into the goliath’s skull. The goliath, with spasms, puke all its blood on the impact, a sign that confirms its death. Renald sit down, tired.

With his remaining strength, he wear his clothes back on and get to the house the goliath tried to search. He lift the roof and find the girl who is already terrorized.

“Shit, you’re alive. You okay? Nothin’ hurt or som’thin’?”

The girl does not talk, she keeps trembling as uncontrollably as her sobs.

“It’s over, it’s over. I’m not gonna hurt you, you’re safe, my little.”

Renald extend his hand to the girl and gently grab her in his hand to hug her. The little child felt hopeless.

“It’s okay…it’s okay. I’ll take care of you, maybe I’ll find your parents.”

The girl instantly calmed down has she heard the word “parents”, she looked up at Renald with wet eyes.