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No, it’s because I don’t want to stick to the stereotype of giving women a too feminine aspect. Having Caira as a Wraith wouldn’t feel random as well.
In my lore, people’s monster form cannot be influenced by their traits, it’s pure randomness.

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I warn you, it’s a lot of chat in this one.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Urban camping

Date: Beyond 2379

Coordinates: New Calico

Caira watch the man’s dead body with disappointment, there is a large hole in his chest with guts out. A few pieces of cloth scattered around the body, some floated within the blood’s thin flow in the grass.

“This poor man, though…sigh” Caira could feel her heart pounding in the air.

Sandrine dig the ground in front of the wall with her large claws, deep enough to burry the man’s corpse.
Edward grab a panel of metal from a pile of scrap in front of the wall’s gate and plant it. He grab the body and put it in the hole before covering it with dirt.
Everyone made a minute of silence, Edward stood silent, Sandrine joined her hands, Caira stared at the tomb.

“It’s done now. Sandrine, Caira, it’s time to go.”

“By the way, Caira. You never told us how did you die.” Ask Sandrine.

“Oh…uh…well…it was probably a few days ago or…I don’t know.There was a Wraith destroying the generator that served to contain another Wraith in the pod where we were before, those creatures are the smartest I have ever discovered, they must know what they do.
So I was alone trying to prevent the Wraith from disrupting the complex…and I failed.
The relay exploded before I could get to it, then some sort of rift appeared and sucked me in…and then I discovered a world, a world of chaos and disaster.
I could feel the hate and the anger that filled this world. And it’s in this world that I died, the air was not breathable. I suffocated…but that world, was, crazy. I wish I could get back in.”

Edward and Sandrine looked at each other, Caira’s story was too impressive to be believed.

“Wow…” Say Sandrine, speechless.

“A rift like the one we got through to get here?” Ask Edward.

“Mmm, yes. But this rift was made by the Wraith that was inside of the pod. I’m surprised that we got through a rift without the need of a Wraith.”

“Maybe the scientists didn’t need it anymore.” Replies Sandrine.

“Probably, and maybe they discovered how to replicate portals by themself. I never knew about their experiments, so I can’t say it’s confirmed.”

Edward give the girls the sign to come, the group arrive at the wall’s gate to discover the bigger part of New Calico. The grass was dry, more houses were sitting against the wall and were packed together.

The houses were rusty, but intact. The road was very open and the plants have become rarer. A few lights flicker with sparks on the gate. Some tires were piled up near it.

“Look at those donu-I mean, tires, they’re so big!” Exclaim Caira.

“Yeah, yeah, truck tires.” Say Sandrine, uninterested.

Sandrine’s lack of interest, gave to Caira a disagreeable feeling. She grab a tire and carries it on her small tusk.

“Hey!” She scream.

The duo turn around to see Caira holding a tire on her tusk.

“Look what I found!” say she while shaking her head to swing the tire.

“Stop playing like a kid and put that thing back where it was.” Ask Edward, a little annoyed.

“Ooooh, and what kind of thing is it then?” Caira was pushing on the word and waiting for an answer.

“It’s a tire, why?”

“Are you sure you’re from the 20th century?”

Edward look at Sandrine, confused.

“Ok, what’s your problem?” Say Edward with a start of anger.

“Did people have tires in the 20th century?”

“Yes! Now get rid of it!”

Caira sigh and throw the tire behind her. The tire bounce on a few houses with loud banging noises.

Moving forward, the trio end on a massive generator same as in Salveron’s industrial building. High and dominant within the city, it was almost intact with little damage and no trace of rust. Only a few traces of claws were marked on it.

Many orange containers were placed at the bottom in a symmetric patern with a warning sign on each, on top were orange pipes inside of the generator and four antennas.

“This is the same generator as in Salveron.” Say Sandrine, recognising the generator.

“As in Salveron? You’ve been to Salveron Industry?” Caira was not expecting Sandrine to speak about the Salveron Industries.

“We both got to Salveron, that’s also where we met yesterday.” Explain Edward.

“Cool! Did you get any fungus by any chance?”


“Oh…I guess not, but Salveron use a fungus to heal even the worst wounds in a matter of seconds. This is also where I used to get my supplies to heal my team.”

“Nice!” Exclaim Sandrine.

“Did you notice the sun is already about to disappear?” Edward pointed out.

“It’s normal, we might be on the other side of the planet.” Explain Sandrine

Caira growl silently, like an angry dog. But there was no threat around, which makes her reaction questionable.

“What’s wrong Caira?” Ask Sandrine.

“I’m sniffing.”

“No, you’re growling.”

“Well, I’m sniffing because…because I’m hungry.”

“Oh, you want to hunt? We can help you if you want.”

“Nah, I can do that on my own.”

“I wouldn’t say no to some food as well.” Add Edward.

“We don’t have much time because the animals hide in the night, so we have to hurry.”

On those words, Sandrine turn around to face a flat house. It’s a bar in which she ripp the roof off the bar. She grab what seems to be a metalic barrel and open it with her claw to reveal a strong smell of alcohol. She drink the whole barrel with a few liquids spilling out, crush the barrel in her hand and clean her face with the arm.

“Alright, I’m ready now.”

“Uuuh…are you…sure?” Ask Edward totally unsure of her.


Caira was already searching for food while Sandrine was drinking alcohol. Caira was standing near the generator, looking down the cliff.
She throw her tongue down and grasp a cuttlefish with a brutal acceleration, killing the creature in an instant. She put the corpse at her side and wait for another creature to come out.

She call for Edward “Can you cook this Strider while I grab some?”

“I hope it’s for you only, I’m not touching that.”

“You can clean it if you want, there’s a pond bellow.”


The cliff was low, at least for him. Edward hesitatingly grab the “Strider”, jump down the cliff and shake it in the pond to clean it from Caira’s sticky slobber.
There was a few trees next to the pound. An idea goes in Edward’s mind.
He throw the Strider over the cliff, next to Caira, grab a few branches and rocks at his arm and climb up the cliff.

In the middle of the road in front of the generator, he place the rocks in a circle and the branches in the center. Heading back to Caira, she has already catched a second Strider.
Half a hour passes and the sun had already disappeared, letting the night take place. Caira and Edward have catched a dozen of Striders, and Sandrine hunted for…beer barrels.

Edward start the campfire with his breath, take a metalic bar from the city and pick the Striders. The trio sit down and watch the fire cooking the food. Sandrine was wasted, so drunk she couldn’t lift her mouth and her body could not stand straight.

“He-hey…di-di-did I ever told you…that…this planet…is…is…this pla-planet is…thi-this planet…is fuckin’ boring?”

“I want to die…” Say silently Caira who already has a hard time bearing Sandrine’s unclear talk.

“And I want…to…to fly…yeah…fly. I…I…I want…I want…wings…like in that movie…”

“Why does she remind me of Abe all of a sudden?”

“Who’s Abe?” Ask Edward, slightly chuckling from Sandrine’s deplorable state.

“Oh, he was one of my teammates from my crew, he’s kind of a ass sometimes.”

“Abe? Like…like Abraham Li-Lincool? Lincool, hey…I…I like this…name.”

“I wish I didn’t meet her.”

“Oh…right…I forgot about the…the meat Eddy has…fri-fried. Can I have…taste good? Does it…ta-taste good?”

Edward slowly give a cooked Strider to Sandrine while he eat his own, then give another to Caira who is now chewing it.
Sandrine tries to grab the Strider, but misses multiple times. After more tries, she gets her food and waggle it.

“I like how it…jiggle. It’s like…i-it’s like…uuuh…it’s like…stuff…shit…whatever.”

“Oh man, it’s been so long since I haven’t seen someone that drunk.” Say Edward in his chuckles.

“I just want to eat without getting annoyed by someone who’s loud and drunk. I love those cooked Striders by the way.”

“They sure taste good like that.”

“I-imma sleep for a…while. I ha-have a fuckin’…headache…that hurts…my head.”

“Ok then, good night.” Say Edward.

“Finally, we can eat in peace.”

“You want another meat?”

“Of course.”

Caira gets her meat and devour it.

“You said you had a crew, I’m curious about it.”

“Oh, my crew? Yes, I had a crew before, the boss is awesome.”

“What about your team?”

“Well, my boss was quite desperate I tend to believe, he recruited even the most crazy people that could exist. We had for example a sociopath, a robot with a double personality, a famous hunter, a spy from a military agency, and even Kala.”

“What’s a robot?”

“…You clearly are from the old age. So, a robot is a machine that is able to do tasks by itself. It doesn’t live, it’s a bunch of electronics and mechanic. But in my era, technology has allowed robots to have a consciousness, which makes them feel alive.”

“I think I’ve met one once with Sandrine yesterday.”

“Oh right, the mech with a demon core. Yeah, this for example is a robot.”

“That’s quite impressive.”

“Right? Welcome to the 24th century.”

The conversation ends, Edward finish his diner after Caira. Caira had eaten much more than Edward could.

“Alright, it’s time to sleep now. Oh, and one last note. Sandrine and I have had a nightmare about a Wraith killing us.”

“Was it what you were talking about when we met this other Wraith?”

“Yes, but the one from our nightmare was black with a skull on its face.”


“And that Wraith we fought, it was the first time we met one.”

Caira stood silent, a chill goes down her spine. Edward put his arm on her back and tries to reconfort her.

“We are three, we’ve made this Wraith flee when we arrived here. You shouldn’t worry much.”

“I know, but still. An usual Wraith can speak by telepathy to even the humans, I’ve heard them saying things about a total vacuum and mostly about death. What’s even worse is that Kala repeat those things when she’s in her sleep, from what Abe told.”

“You have tales to tell in your head. Anyway, I tell you good night.”

“Good night, Edward.”

Edward fall asleep next to the firecamp, the ground is dirt, but is more comfortable than stone. The firecamp eventually favors Edward’s sleep.


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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The fallout

Date: Beyond 2379

Coordinates: New Calico

Deep in his sleep, Edward wake up in a metalic boat with seats holed everywhere. Trying to stand up on the oscillating boat, the battle between the Allies and the Nazis raged on the beach.
A light fog of smoke was hovering above the terrain, clouds were sprouting out of the soldiers’ rifle before bullets travel through their clothes.

A group of soldiers run to the dune standing in front of the boat. One of them had a familiar face however, he was the leader of the group.
Sitting against the dune, the soldier’s face lighten up from the rising sun. It was Edward himself with his comrades at his side.
It was a complete reconstruction of his memory back in World War Two, were all began.

Edward follow his double as he see himself getting over the wires, getting shot multiple times, then falling, bleeding, suffering. The time slow down as his clone dies in front of him, until the world stops.
Everything froze, the bullets had no velocity, the soldiers were immobile like statues, the planes in the sky could not reach their destination. Only himself except his clone was able to react.
The field was silent, but until then, a harsh voice call for him.

“You…humans.” it was the dark Wraith again, still as mysterious as the previous nightmare.

Quickly, he grab the rifle from his corpse and search for his target. The dunes, the houses, the beach, nothing.

“I know you’re hidding, show yourself!”

The Wraith did not show up, nothing had moved in the field but the voice remains.

“Unconscious…like all that lives…” it spoke with hate and disgust, like in the other nightmare.

Edward turn back, his corpse was gone, only the traces of blood on the dirt remained.
The atmosphere took a drastic change, only to induce fear and doubts.

A sound of wind goes behind Edward. Turning back, a shadow quickly disappear out of his sight.
Edward hold his Garand tight and instinctively lift it to his eye.

A noise of water puddle at the left distract him. The teeth clenched, hesitating, he roll his eyes to the origin of the noise.
At his left, a soldier was standing straight, the head slightly curved, the eyes half closed, the face emotionless. His skin was white, a few holes on his body flowed with dry blood.
The man was the corpse of Edward, he slowly walk towards Edward, dangerously.

Edward shoot a bullet at the man, the shot pierces through his clothes, but the man does not react. Instead, the bullet goes through Edward’s chest, forcing him to kneel at the ghost’s mercy.
The walking corpse open his mouth and speak.

“You cannot escape death…no one, can escape death…”

The bullet in Edward’s chest makes him suffer with an atrocious pain, the ghost grab Edward by the neck and lift him.

“All that lives…die…”

“N-no…you’re not…cough…you’re not…real…” Edward’s throat burned in suffering, his legs were agitated and his hands were holding the man’s arm, struggling to breathe, fighting for his life.

“But you DIDN’T…” With an inhuman strength, the dead launches Edward a few feet further into the mud.

After a hard landing, Edward take a heavy breath. His clone disappear in a blink, the plain lose its colors, transform to take the form of the broken pod.
A muffled voice echoes from everywhere, it felt young, like a girl. Each echo cleared the voice, it was repeating something.

“Oohm mohm, wooh uh! Hvwohd! Hoowey!”

“Hom on, ith sime to wake up!”

Those last words were very clear, Edward had to wake up. He open his eyes and a massive head faced him, it was Sandrine.

“Wake up Edward! We have to hurry!”

Standing quickly, Edward sees Sandrine in panic while Caira was staring at the duo. The sky was bright red with black clouds of smoke in the stratosphere preventing the sunlight from passing through.
Meteors were travelling through the sky at high speed, there was a large crater cleared through the buildings of the city, reaching the wall with now a large hole in it.

The situation became a lot more sinister and dangerous. The forest is on fire, the generator is leaked and leave blue smokes out of it.

Sandrine begin to fly above the wall and call for the rest of the group.

“Hurry everyone!”

She was flying, hovering in the air like a balloon.

“Wha…how in the hell are you able to fly!?” Exclaim Edward with surprise.

“I don’t know, I’ll tell you later. Now hurry! You too Caira!”

Caira travel through the gate and follow Sandrine still flying.
Edward follow them without asking questions, only wondering where they could shelter.

The forest was dying in the fire, some burnt trees fall heavily on the ground, letting themselves consumed by the heat.
A tree fall on their road, Sandrine ignore it, Edward jump over it like an athlete, Caira avoid it sideway and lose of her momentum.

An entire crowd of animals with mixed species was running away from the forest, from the most tiniest to the largest, none thought fighting each other.
Sandrine was spying the area in hopes of finding a place to hide from the fire and the meteors, there was mountains everywhere but lacked of caves big enough for three large monsters.

“You see anything Sandrine?” Ask Edward to Sandrine who is above the forest.

“Nope, only trees, trees everywhere.”

“You better find us a shelter quick or else we die!”

“Don’t you see I’m searching already?”

“Guys! Wait for me!” Scream Caira in the distance.

The conversation end abruptly by a meteor passing close over Sandrine, the impact shred through the forest with a deafening sound.
Fragments from the impact flies above the forest, spinning at great speed and tearing leaves from the nearby trees.

The surprise was inevitable, Caira’s heart beat hard and fast, one of the fragments hit Sandrine and make her fall, Edward almost tumbled.
The meteor left a large gap of burnt dirt and wood, Edward never saw a meteor this close.
Sandrine was hardly trying to get up, her fall must have been tough, judging by her hand on the back.

“Shit…my back, that meteor got super close to me.” Say she alone

“Good thing you’re still alive, you scared me for a moment.” Say Edward

“I’m fine…I just fell, that’s all.”

“Can you walk?”

“Y…yes, don’t worry about me. I…sigh…I can handle it.”

She stand on her legs, her back slightly curved. She walk forward before running on four.
The search continues but the dangerous environment makes it difficult, trees keep falling from everywhere. The forest keep burning, the creatures are all gone, there is only Edward, Sandrine and Caira left inside.
A goliath, smaller than Edward, was approaching the group. Caira notices it and warn the others.

“Careful over there, a minion!”

“A minion?” Say Edward in his misunderstanding.

“A tiny goliath I mean.”

The small goliath run away, feeling too weak to approach the trio. It kills a strider on the way and dig its claws in the animal, the minion eat the corpse savagely and leave the guts and bones untouched.

“This one seems too wild to be like us.” Ask Sandrine.

“Monsters are very aggressive whatsoever, they eat everything that’s on their way to become stronger.” Say Caira.

“What if he’s human instead?” Ask Edward.

“Didn’t you see how it ate that strider? It’s clearly not human!” Say Sandrine.

“Anyway, get rid of that one before he evolve and cause us trouble.” Say Caira

The trio follow the little goliath who was running a bit awkwardly, it turns back and see the group following it.
The tiny goliath give up its run and counter attack Sandrine with a breath of fire. The fire did not affect her, but her armor glow to the contact of fire.

Sandrine had her eyes closed and couldn’t react to the fire. Edward on his side, dash and punch the tiny goliath in the jaw with an uppercut, killing it in an instant.
The minion fall on the dirt with blood flowing out of its mouth like a fountain. Sandrine open her eyes and see the dead goliath in front of Edward, who was glancing at his own fist.

“Man, I have never felt that strong in my whole life.” Say he.

The girls stood silent.

Another meteor flies above Edward, destroying a large tree and leaving lava splashing on the ground.
Edward lose his balance and fall down, lava flew from the tree, spreading on the ground where Edward fell.
Quickly, he recover but the lava already came to him, flowing through his feet.

“GET OUT OF HERE!” Scream Sandrine panicking.

But Edward had already realised something, the lava could not hurt him, it was flowing through his feet like water without burning his skin.

“It…it doesn’t burn.” Say he, still standing in the lava.

“It’s normal, your armor is made of an ablative coating. That means monsters are very resistant to heat.” Explain Caira.

“Wait, how do you know that?” Ask Sandrine.

“I studied the mon…”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Nevermind then.”

The forest has become so burnt, the sky was cleared from the leaves, showing a mountain above the trio.

“Hold on, I have an idea!” Exclaim Caira.

“What is it?!” Respond Edward.

“Those meteors fall from a degree and they come from the same direction. If you look above you, there’s a mountain nearby that can help us hide from the meteors.”

“But how could we hide with just a mountain?”

“You’ll understand when we’ll get where I mean to go.”

“Oooh, I see what you mean! Quick, let’s get to cover!” Say Sandrine relieved.

Following the side of the mountain, the group quickly get to Caira’s destination. Here, no meteor can land nearby, some trees survived from the chaos and the ashes were covering much less ground.

“Phew, we’re safe here now, hopefully.” Say Caira.

“That’s…ho…how did you knew about this place?” Ask Edward still confused.

“It’s rather simple, meteors fall from the West and since they can only hit the West side of the mountain, no meteor can hit the East side, where we are now.”

“That’s what I found out when she talked about the mountain. I’m glad to have you with us, Caira.” Say Sandrine.

Edward grab one of the nearby trees and pick their branches and leaves. He stack the amount of wood he can collect against the wall and begin to dig the ground at specific areas.

“Uuh…what are you doing?” Ask Caira.

“I want to make a house for us three, so we have a real camp this time.”

“That’s a good idea, but I do the construction.” Say Sandrine.

The two monsters get into activity, grabbing all the branches they can get and stack them in the pile. Caira was only observing, she felt inactive.
She approach the active workers and ask.

“Can I give you a hand?”

“Oh, of course you can. You can carry the branches to that pile while we bring them to you. Can you do that?” Say Sandrine.

“I can do that.”

“Here.” She give her a handful of healthy and strong branches.

Caira take the branches in her hand and transport them to the pile. She goes back to the workers and repeat the process.

“By the way Sandrine, you still haven’t told me how you learnt to fly.”

“Oh, that! To be able to fly is the best thing in the world that can happen, really. I always dreamed of flying, to see things from high. What happened is that I was waking up to see meteors falling from everywhere and there was that one who landed through the city, right beside us. It surprised me, I jumped…and it happened like that, like a snap. Pure luck.”

“I wish I could fly too now…”

Later on, Sandrine begin to work on the shelter with enough wood to spend for a roof, supports to hold it, a table, three beds of leaves and some tools on the table.
The shelter was well made, it looked solid and pleasant to see, like a camp site.

Sandrine walk back and admire her work.

“Would you look at that, we now have a proper shelter for us three, some beds and a table. Does it look nice?”

“It does, but the table might be a bit too high for Caira.” Respond Edward

“Don’t worry about her, she’ll evolve eventually…I mean, if she can handle the pain.”

“We all have to evolve one day or another, it’s inevitable. But thanks a lot for the beds, I am really tired from this night because I had to sleep standing up.” Say Caira.

On those words, she walk to her bed and let her fall on the leaves.

“Hooo yeees, finally some rest!” Say she alone before falling asleep.


I look forward to seeing Edward Evolve. I think the dream sequence was neat as well. Good descriptions.


Ok, this time, this chapter has a lot of drama. I try my best to give you something potable and not “rushed” (as someone told me).

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: PTSD

Date: Beyond 2379

Coordinates: Mountain of New Calico

Caira was crushing the pile of leaves she was laying on, her glowing eyes closing slowly behind her plates of stone.
She begin to breathe heavily, snore and sink deeper in her leaves, unannoyed by the chaotic ambience further in the ashed forest.

“Did she really sleep standing this night?” Ask Edward to Sandrine.

“Maybe, but we should let her alone the time she recover.” Say Sandrine while looking at Caira.

Her eyes roll towards him.

“I wanted to ask you…” Say she without finishing her sentence.

“Uuuh, yes? What is it?”

She doesn’t respond, she look down and avoid his sight.

“Come on, spit it out.” Say Edward with insistence.


Edward insist, curious to know what she have in mind.

“You wanted to tell me something, I just want to know what it is.”

“It’s nothing, nothing at all.”

Her behavior was suspicious, she was probably hiding something she doesn’t want to tell.

“Anyway, are you hungry? I don’t feel so good…” Say Sandrine, trying to change subject.

“Uh…yeah, I am very hungry.”

“Then we have to hunt. Grab those tools, we’re going for a hunt.”

“But what about Caira?”

sigh…she’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

“Won’t she think we left her alone if she wake up?”

“N-no, no. She’ll be fine.”


Edward grab two spears and a sharpened stone, then give the second spear to Sandrine.

“Alright…let’s go. I’ll make a line with this stick, so we don’t lose ourselves.” Say Sandrine while she grab a branch from the ground.

“No need, we could just follow our own footprints.”

“I think the stick is a better alternative.”

She enter the forest first, leaving Edward a moment. He sigh then follow her.
The leaves that used to cover the sky were burnt down to the ground, creating a thin film of ash. The trees were dark and fragile, some turned into logs of bright and hot coal.
The duo walk along while Sandrine, with her stick, was leaving a path as she walk.

The meteors redoubled of activity, but the hunger of the two monsters was bigger than their fear. A large beast could be seen in the distance, but the heat waves made the analysis difficult.
Edward and Sandrine approach unconsciously, faster and loudly. A noise like a whistle, a meteor, head to the duo and hit Edward violently with an explosion.

Blown away by the explosion, Edward fall and roll on the side. His ears whistle, his vision become blurry, his senses are disoriented, his right arm brought waves of pain, he could hear his own hearth beating fast through his veins.
Edward hardly get up, his eyes were hurting horribly. Putting his fist on the eyes, he cleanse them before openning them. The meteor had made a hole in the ground, the trees had blown up near the impact, and Sandrine was gone.

Lost, not knowing what to do, he walk forward without thinking, the hand on his wounded arm. Struggling to keep the balance, Edward stumble into the crater.
His head fall first into the hot dirt, stunning him a moment. He stand up once again unsteady.

Things couldn’t get worse when the ground shook from behind, like steps of a running beast. It was getting closer, Edward turn his back to see what was behind and the ground stop shaking.
There was nothing. A horrible chill goes through his spine, not knowing what was chasing him. He fix the area, expecting something to move. The ground shook again from the opposite direction, Edward swift his head back, but it was a meteor.

Once again, the ground shook from the right, and as Edward turn the head, his neck crackle with pain.
The unidentified being charges again from behind, Edward couldn’t turn his neck and didn’t dare to look back. His bravery was all gone, being lone against something he doesn’t know frightened him.
The creature was getting closer and closer with a threatening din.

Edward frees himself from his fear and quickly turn his back, ignoring the pain in his neck. It was Sandrine.

“Edward!” Say she with a worried voice.


A gasp flies off her mouth as she approach him.


She run to Edward and slide down the crater. Edward lose his balance once again to fall backward, Sandrine arrive in time to catch him and investigate his right arm.

“Oh crap, it’s awful looking!”

“Is it…bad?” Say Edward while his head fall sideway.

“Very bad, very very bad! Just hold on a minute.”

She run away outside of the crater, the pain in his arm was unbearable. The time pass, the meteors in the sky were many.
His arm began to flow blood, the nearby impacts from the meteors felt like mortars, the crater like a death hole, the pain in the arm like a bullet stuck in the flesh.
His sight was blurred, his ears gave to a tinnitus and fear grew into him, it reminds him of war. The mortars, the pain, the bullets, the blurred vision, the noises, the fear, the war, the fight, and his death…

All hopes of surviving were gone, nothing could save Edward, he was doomed. The pain in his arm grows stronger and spread to his whole body, trembling and weak.
Screams of despair and anguish flow out of his lungs, his eyes burn to the sight of the sky as he close them to escape reality.

After a few minutes of darkness, the voice of an unknown man scream in his ears.

“Get in the boat, soldier! Now!” Say he with a strict voice.

“What? No, no I can’t! I can’t do it! I…I can’t!” Scream Edward in his terrible despair, not daring to open his eyes.

“I said NOW!” Respond he, angered as a force pulls Edward on a hard surface.


A pain, horrible, unbearable, stronger than anything, waves in his head like a heavy punch.

“HAAAAA! I DON’T DESERVE THIS! LEAVE ME! LEAVE ME ALONE!” His screams turn into sobs, his fear grow bigger for each sentence of the voice yelling at him.

“Get in this fucking boat or I’ll kill you myself like the little piece of shit that you are! GET IN THIS FUCKING BOAT!” Scream the man’s voice enraged.

“NOOO, PLEASE! I BEG YOU! sob I’ll be doomed if I go there!”

Another pain, goes through his entire body, like a punishment, torturing him. His muscles felt paralyzed, he could not move but keep screaming.

The voice of the man becomes undescriptible, a second voice interfered with it. There was the man’s voice and what seemed to be the voice of a woman, but the woman seemed strangly familiar.
Mixing each other, the manly voice kept yelling while the feminine voice was repeating Edward’s name endlessly.
Edward kept crying and screaming, until he becomes too weak to even speak.

Another brutal shock pierce through his body, stronger, burning.
The shocks seems to make disappear the man’s voice and so, fades away to silence.

The voice of the woman was a cry, she cried his name. A hand, heavy, land on his heart and accentuate its beating.
The voice speak to him, calmer and with a reassuring tone.

“Please…don’t leave us…I beg you.” Say she in sobs.

Edward felt exhausted, drained, weak. With a last effort, he open his trembling eyes to see the light of the day. He instantly recognise Sandrine accompanied by Caira.
Her four enlarged eyes, shined to the surrounding fire, her left hand was laid on his shoulder and her other hand on his chest. Caira have blood shot eyes and her heart beat heavily.

“He’s awake!” Exclaim Caira.

“Tell me he’s gonna make it!” Say Sandrine to Caira.

“Let me check his arm.” She hold Edward’s wounded arm with her large hands. “He lost a lot of blood, the fragment have made a big hole. He’s not gonna survive…”

“Oh god!” Cries she.

“Unless we can save him.”

Sandrine lift her head with a glimmer of hope.

“Tell me! Tell me quick!” Exclaim she as she shake Caira.

“God dammit, calm down! I can’t help you if you keep panicking like that!”

Sandrine let Caira off and does not say a word.

“Ok, so…first off, I congratulate you for having carried him back, but you’re gonna have to lift him again. You see those meteors in the sky? The green ones heal on impact, don’t ask me why. So you’re gonna have to wait for one to hit you while you hold Edward, got it?”

“Are…are you sure?”

“Yes, trust me. Now do what I asked you!”

“Go…got it!”

Sandrine grab Edward to her shoulder and, with heavy steps, walk away from the camp.
A green meteor land a dozen of meters far, leaving a cloud of green dust and no crater. Sandrine increase the pace and stumble from the weight, the green cloud fade away and Edward spit blood after a short fall.
Edward is at the doors of death, his breath is unstable, his body shake non-stop, the pain in his arm lessen, his eyes drop constantly…

Sandrine, surprised by the blood spit, cleanse her face. Another red meteor fall to her side with a shockwave throwing her away while Edward does not move an arm.
She slide further from Edward, separating them, leaving Edward helpless.

She stand back up, limp to Edward, grab him and search for another green meteor. The closest meteor fall from the right. Sandrine hold Edward tight and slowly walk to the area of impact.
The projectile approach at great speed, hit Sandrine and Edward violently and leave a cloud of spores on the impact. Sandrine recover quickly from the fall, Edward was on her left…immobile.

He was not moving, he had given his last breath. Sandrine cry to his death, the wound on his arm had healed, as much as his heart stopped beating.
Without hesitation, she spread her wings and put her hands on his chest. Arcs of lightnings strike his body as his tense muscles lift him, Caira run to the duo and notice Sandrine doing electrochocs.
She observe the medical procedure from a distance with stupefaction, watching Edward lifting himself on each shock.

Edward finally wake up surprised by one of Sandrine’s shocks, as she hug him before he could realise what happened.

“I will never let you down.” Say she.


Petty cool how Sandrine can do that.