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The (real) chapter 9 is out, I’ve had quite some trouble trying to make the dialogues seem coherent. I just hope it’s not too bad.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A terrible misunderstanding

Date: Beyond 2379

Coordinates: Somewhere in the canyon

Edward could hear the beating of Sandrine’s heart, with a quick and heavy rythm. She was staring at the ground with tiny and sad eyes, nothing tells she was feeling “a bit better”.
There was a clean wound on her chest, probably the result of what the harpoon pierced during the fight. The wound was glowing with a blue color of melancholy.

She eventually notice her wound and put her clawy hand on it, eyes closed, thinking softly.

“May he die in peace…at last…” was she thinking as a respectful gesture to the dead.

She raise the head and open her eyes, turned towards Edward.

“Let’s go to that mech I planned this morning. I want to know more about this era and this planet.” she ask. She wasn’t sad anymore but she seemed serious when she talks.

Both ran side by side trough the canyon. In a couple of minutes, they headed where the mech was supposed to be, near a dust storm. The storm was gone, revealing an empty field of dry sand. Further, an orange fog of dust with a few dunes and some other massive pillars of stone decorating the empty sea.
The mech was gone, either it has been buried in the storm, either it wandered in the unknown during their sleep.

Sandrine searched everywhere, dug every mound she could, headed in every direction before comming back, but the mech was definitively gone.
Edward, on his side, stared at the field of nothingness, the wind was gently transporting sand as it shaped the tiny hills.
A light in the most distant sight through the fog, attracted his attention in which he immediately warned Sandrine.

“Hey, look over there! I see something.” Edward was pointing the minuscule dot of light far in the field.

“Mmmh…are you sure that you aren’t going crazy? I see nothing.”

“Just look!”

Sandrine watches the field patiently, the only thing she has been able to see is a tall spike angled against the foggy wind.

“Seriously, there’s nothing.”

Edward approach the side of his head to Sandrine still peering at the field and point the area.

“Follow my finger.”

Sandrine follow the finger of Edward with her eyes to finally discover the light.

“It’s hard to gue-I mean, I only see a light.”

“I don’t know what that light is, but it’s a light. I bet there’s civilisation far in this plain.”

“Wait wait wait wait wait, hold on a second there! You want to travel through a lifeless desert just to investigate a LIGHT? This field is empty, there’s nothing! Why would you risk to travel this desert for only a light that you barely see and so, might be dozens of kilometers far away? Are you going nuts!?”

Edward kept his silence, she was right in a way. Heading towards the desert seemed pointless.
But the squad was on their toes again, the URSS soldier jumps out of the canyon along his two other teammates.

“Yourrr life ends herrre, monsterrrs! Zis planet iz not yourrrs!” yells he.

Edward did not hesitate to run, but Sandrine did not move an inch. She was there, standing, watching the crew comming.

“Sandrine! What the fuck are you doing!? Run!”

She give a last look at Edward, she ignored his call. Edward turn back in the hope of sending her away from the hunters.
He grab her by the arm with little effort and disappear in the field. The electric man gave a last shout of anger.

“Bah, you know vat? Flee if you vant, Marrrkov does not carrre anymorrre, you vill rrrot in zis empty deserrrt!”

The fog was dense and windy, Edward could not see further than a few meters.
Sandrine was still held by Edward and could not bare it.

“Let me go! LET ME GO!”

Edward throw her on the ground violently, sending her spear in the loose and grasp her by the neck. His breath was burning hot with rage.

“You’re gonna talk now, what got through your mind to stay with those mad hunters?”

“What the fuck, Ed!? I don’t know.”

Edward propel his fist to her face. She gasp in shock.

“My ass you don’t know! I know your little game, I know you had something fishy! You thought I didn’t saw you when I called you!?”

“Jesus Christ, you’re insane!”

“But I’ve seen people who betrayed us in the army, you remind me one of them. Now TALK! Or else you’ll feel it comming.”

“God damn it Edward! Stop with your bullshit, you’re-”

Another punch hits her in the face with a stunning impact.

Edward was getting more and more violent, his thoughts became screams of madness “ARE YOU GOING TO TALK, YES OR NO?!”


Her wings glow with a strong light and leave a powerful shock through Edward’s whole body, forcing him to let go.
Sandrine was now free from Edward’s dominance, she stand up heavily breathing with her hand on the neck.
Her face began to spill tears of blood and her top left eye was closed.

Her voice was rough and low, angered and immuable “I was trusting you at first…now see what you have done to me.”

The shock she sent to Edward calmed him in an instant, the pain in his muscles prevented him from moving, but he was still able to talk.

“Aaaah shit…it hurts…so bad…”

“That’ll be your lesson, asshole! Because you hurt me as well.”

Edward slowly stand on his feet, barely able to keep the balance. His arms were crossed to his stomach.

“Ok, ok. I…I get it, you’re stronger than me, I admit it.”

“Now that’s what I would call a turnaround. You should have kept your fists for yourself.”

“I get it, I get it! I…sigh…what was wrong with you when the squad chased us?”

“You still want to know? Fine, just because you ask it gently this time. But first of, you see this storm above us? We’re in it because of you, we’re in the middle of the fucking desert all of that because sir Edward thought it was a good idea to hide in it!”

“They were chasing us! Don’t you remember?”

“Oooh riiight, the quote unquote mad hunters. All I know is that they hunt down monsters for the good of this planet, and I mean the wild monsters that destroys everything in their path. Remember what you told me, that we’re not like those monsters. So I wanted to convince them that we weren’t the kind of monster they thought we would be…until you grabbed me by the arm and send us billions of kilometers away like the latest of the cowards.”

A moment of silence, only covered by the wind, took place. Edward look down, ashamed from what he has done.

“I…I’m sorry, I don’t know what went through me…I-”

“And you don’t know why you tortured me? OK, I’m done. Don’t talk to me.”


“There’s no but! You shut up! Go sit somewhere else, you’re pissing me off.”

Edward grumbles and head to a pillar to cover himself from the wind, the time that the storm stop.
Sandrine did not move, she wanted to be away from him as far as possible.


Chapter 10 is out!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A friendly new face

Date: Beyond 2379

Coordinates: Desert (in a dust storm)

The minutes passes, the storm still whistles and Sandrine was still seated on the ground, angered. Thankfully, she did not dare to abandon Edward in the storm, maybe it’s the fear of solitude.

Edward still felt guilty of his actions towards Sandrine, never did he like to keep someone sad or angered because of him.


“Fuck off.” The anger of Sandrine was still present in her thoughts, yet she seemed calmer than before.

“Please, Sandrine…I-”

“Fuck oooff!”

Edward felt restrained from talking, but not for long.

“I know you’re angry, but I’m really sorry. I’m not usually this angry.”

Sandrine slightly turn the head and sigh.
Edward stand up from his quartz shaped pillar and slowly walk towards her to sit aside.

He continues: “Usually, when I was a human, I used to be kind. I helped my colleagues when they needed help, and so they were always kind with me. Now, I feel more aggressive…and hateful. I don’t feel myself anymore…”

Sandrine take a moment before responding: “Now that you mention it, this might apply to me as well.”


She slide her hand to the face, the eye still closed. “It probably is the fact that we are monsters…”

She was much calmer, but she tried to keep calm besides her wounds and dry blood on the face.

“I should have known…” sais she.

“Why? What does it have to do with us being mons…oh…I get it now.”

His revelation gave a little light of hope to Sandrine, who thought she’d had to teach him like a child for her whole life.

“For once that you find out by yourself!” claims she.

“Oh, come on…”

“It was a compliment.”

Edward gazed at Sandrine for a few seconds before standing up.

“Anyway, I don’t like this place. We’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and I’m getting hungry already.”

“Already?! We just ate an hour ago.”

“I know but…I’m hungry.”

“Ok, so…uuuhm…we saw a light, but we lost it. I think it was…that way? Maybe? Yeah.” As she talk, she points a direction.

“I changed my mind, I don’t think it’s worth heading to that light. We should get back where we were before.”

“No, Edward. The hunters might still be there.”

“Shit…I forgot about them.”

And so, the Goliath and the Kraken both wander in a direction, hoping that they’d find a place out of this storm.
The minutes passes, the storm still hit the duo violently. The ground was getting odd with little slopes of square shaped rocks.

A road trail, dug in the ground and filled with pebbles, attract the attention of Sandrine. The trail was a formation of three lines, a typical road trail made by wheeled vehicles.

“Hey, Ed! I found something!”

“What is it? Tell me we’re gonna get out of this hellhole!”

“It’s a road track.”

“YES! Finally!”

“Woah there big guy, we haven’t found a way out of this tempest yet. Just, be patient.”

“Ok ok ok, fine, fine.”

Following the track, the rest of some kind of metalic structure with antennas, reveal itself in the short field. The structure looks like a massive and rusty building. Further, the building was dug in the ground with a large trail under it.
On the base of the structure, the letters and numbers “MG53” are written on a large scale.

“Looks like a crashed ship.” Says Sandrine with surprise.

“It’s so big!”

“Right? But it seems old, so I guess there’s nothing of interest inside…”

Ignoring the abandonned ship, both continue their way to finally discover a fence with warning signs, some inhabited control towers, a gate and a big industrial platform.

As they approach the fence, the storm dissipate, clearing the view. The ground was populated with sail like plants and dry grass.
The platform was high and held on three large support meshes.

Sandrine jump over the fence while Edward follows her.
She was relieved to exit the storm, as well as Edward.

“Finally some fresh air.” Says she, filling and emptying her lungs.

“What is this?” Ask Edward.

“Oh, this? I think it’s a landing site, I don’t know. Looks like it is.”

On the left was a big pillar, like a castle tower with a bridge on top. Nearby were two white houses and in front was a herd of cuttlefishes being attacked by a toad rock.

Edward immediately notice the herd and the fake rock and rush towards them desperately. Fire comes out of his mouth, the animals burn to his breath.

He quickly eat his dish, leaving nothing behind but clean bones. He was really hungry.
Sandrine watched him as he ate like a barbarian.

“My god, I didn’t expect you to be THAT hungry!”

“My stomach was hurting, it was unbearable.”

“But you just ate four or five of those running things and a big toad!”

“I don’t care, I was hungry.”


After Edward finished his feast, Sandrine scout the area and discover another building. Three buildings in fact, three large unusual looking antennas, facing what seems to be a broken container.
A yellow liquid was dripping from the glass container. Sandrine did not feel well at the sight of this scenery.



“Look over there.”

Edward turn his head to discover the three antennas pointing the pod.

“Holly shit…”

“I don’t like this place. It looks like something has been experienced here and it got away.” says Sandrine feared.

Edward notice a red glow in front of the pod’s support.

“I see something else!”

“What is it?”

Edward approaches with caution to discover an egg, similar in shape and color. The egg is placed right in front of the side that reads “RELAY”, like if it was staged.

“There’s an egg!”

“An egg?!”

Suddenly, a voice, like a young girl, echoes from the egg.

“An egg? Wha…am I…am I alive? What’s happening?”

Edward was petrified. Sandrine rejoined him to discover the egg.

Edward speak quietly to Sandrine.

“I think there’s someone inside this egg.”

“Oh shit!” responds she, quietly.

The young girl’s voice keeps chatting alone while the duo slowly approach the egg.

“Maybe if I scream for help, they might hear me.”

As those words were pronounced, a loud, deep and bulky roar comes out of the egg “RHAAAAAALP!”

Eventually, the girl’s desperate scream ended into an intimidating roar, scaring even herself.

“Oh crap, was that…me? Please, don’t tell me it was me…please no…whimper

Edward decides to communicate with the girl in the hope of helping her.

“Miss! We heard you, we’re here to help you!”

The girl heard the voice of Edward, but she doesn’t know how to speak.

“Oh thank god, someone’s gonna rescue me.”

Sandrine take over Edward’s call to help her communicate.

“We hear your thoughts, miss. Who are you?”

“What the…really? Uuuh…my name’s…Caira?”

“Caira, right?”

“Holly shit…what’s happening?”

“I’ll explain later, me and my frie-ehr…colleague are going to help you. Do not panic!”

“Who the hell are you!?”

“Er…my name is Sandrine. But please, stay calm, we’re not here to hurt you. Edward, open!”

Edward remove the stones on the top of the egg and dig his claw in the egg’s flesh. His finger slide down the egg to leave an open space, Sandrine gently open the egg to uncover a mass of rock.

The rock had a heart and intestines hanging from the chest. It turns its head to the light, one eye opens itself, then a second, then a third and a fourth, a sixth and a seventh.
The heart of the Behemoth accelerates to an alarming rate.


The creature punches Sandrine in the face as a reflex, knocking her to the ground and reopening the wounds that had healed.

“OOOOW my faaace…aaaahaooow”

Edward quickly grab Sandrine’s arm to help her stand back on her feet.

“Sandrine, are you alright!?”

“She punched me in the face…I’m bleeding again!”

The girl realise what’s happening and watch her right hand in shock.

“No…no, this can’t be right…no!”

Edward gives a quick look at the Behemoth while he take care of Sandrine.

“Be careful next time, dammit! She’s pissing blood now!”

“Edward! She couldn’t know. You can’t blame her for that.”

The Behemoth was there, standing still, lost, not knowing what to do.

“I…uh…uuuh…oh crap…”

Sandrine knew it was an accident from the girl to be punched, she was not angry at all.

“Caira, is that your name?” Says she.


“Ok…uh…nice to meet you. So…darn it hurts…anyway, this Goliath you see at my side is Edward. Say hi, Ed.”

Edward raise the hand to salute Caira.

“And the Kraken that you just punched, that’s me, Sandrine.”

“You are monsters, how can you both be able to speak? And by telepathy?”

“We were humans, just like you.”

Caira stood silent, shocked, she never expected to hear such a phrase.


“In fact, we don’t know either how we revived as monsters. We both died in our previous life. Edward was a soldier from the 20th century who got shot, and I am a pre-colonist from Europe II who died from a depressurization.”

“Crap…that’s even worse than I expected.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m from this era, and I died right here.”


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