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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The trauma

Date: Beyond 2126?

Coordinates: Nearby Salveron Industries

“So now that we both now each other a little more, you are a soldier from World War II and I am a space colonist. Technically, I should be the one that teaches because otherwhise you would lose yourself very easily in this world.”

“So, do you know anything about this place?”

“No, I seriously have no idea where we are, but I am 100% sure that we are on an alien world and that you and me have travelled forward in time because I saw people beeing attacked by other monsters. So I guess that we have reached a time where humanity is now able to travel out of the Solar system.”

“Can you describe “out” of the Solar system?”

“Uh yeah, so…you see the Sun? It’s the center of the Solar System and there’s planets orbiting the Sun such as the Earth. When I mean “out” of the system, I mean all that’s not in the Sun’s gravitational field”

“You mentionned Europe II previously. Is Europe II part of the system?”

“Yes it is. It’s a moon orbiting Jupiter and it has the smoothest surface of the system, so we believe that it has ice on its surface and a super deep ocean under it. No one has ever put a foot on it in my time because of its deadly geysers and also because Jupiter has a strong radioactive field.”

Edward stood silent while listening to Sandrine’s teaching, she seem to have an education much more complex than him. Edward however, remembered about his hunger that he did not satisfy enough, so he interupts her talk.



“Aren’t you hungry? Because I haven’t eaten much after having hatched.”

“There’s plenty of animals out there. It’s a dry canyon, but it’s populated by tons of little critters, you should be able to cook some with your fire breath.”

“My fire breath? I can do that?”

“Yup, those monsters of your species have that particularity. You should try now. After all, we’re not humans anymore.”

“Uuuh…ok, then stand back.”

Sandrine, still on her 4 legs, walks backward as she keep an eye on Edward in case he do any mistake while performing his experiment.
Edward takes a deep breath, fills his lungs, readies himself and…growl loud and low like a moaner.
Sandrine watches Edward’s failed attempt with her 4 enlighted eyes as she chuckle.

“Hey, I’m trying at least! Remember that you asked me to learn how to breathe fire.”

“Huhuhuh, sorry, you’re right. But I can do things more impressive than breathing fire.”

“Then try to impress me, so I can be sure that you’re not lying.”

Sandrine stands up on her two legs, raise her right hand to her tentacle mouth and spits out what seems to be a ball with electricity trapped inside. She holds the ball with cautiousness and raises her head.

Edward approaches Sandrine with curiosity, slowly as he watches the ball glooming with blue light in her hand.
The ball is covered with a dark-blue matter and contains arcs of electricity that reminds of a storm.

“It’s fascinating, isn’t it?” She says with a mysterious voice.

“Can I…touch it?” Says Edward while he begin to raise the hand towards the ball.

“NO NO NO NO NO, don’t touch it, it’s dangerous.” Tells she with her arm extended out of Edward’s reach.

And as she extend her arm, the ball she holds in her hand explodes with an ear-piercing sound.

“There, it disappeared now. Happy?”

Edward stood silent, he felt like a child to Sandrine, besides being a former soldier.

“Anyway, no one’s hurt at least, that’s what matters.”

“Since when did you learn to do this?”

“It was after I fought a monster of my own species that I learned how to spit tesla balls, they spit them on the ground and once you step one them, they explode.”

“This is totally like science-fiction…”

“Yeah, I know. Everything is possible in this world. Anyway…”

Sandrine walks towards the spear Edward had left and grabs it.

“Let’s find something to eat, shall we?” she tells with the spear pointed to the sky.

A few minutes later, the two companions wanders in the roads of the canyon, searching for food.
During the walk, Edward ask a question to Sandrine.

“You have fought those “monsters” as you call them, do you think they are like us?”

“No, definitively not. They’re dangerous predators destroying everything in their path, I never heard them talk in any situation except for you, which is kind of a surprise to me.”


“If they don’t kill humans, personally, I would consider the-THERE! One of those running little things!”

She points a herd of cuttlefish creatures in the distance, they are 4 and aren’t aware of the two big hunters’ presence.

“I killed one of those things recently, it shouldn’t be hard.”

“You sure? They’re super fast, don’t expect an easy…”

Edward doesn’t listen, he run towards the tiny creatures, the loud and ground-shaking noise made by his feet alerts the creatures. The cuttlefishes dash away from Edward with incredible speed as he was about to jump on them to end up head first on a rock.
Sandrine reacts suddenly with a loud, low and ugly laugh, but Edward felt the laugh vibrating through his skull, giving him the most horrible headache.

As Edward stands up and turn back, his face was covered with dust, his hearing gave to a tinnitus, his vision was blurred, his eyes burning of anger were turned towards Sandrine who was still losing her breath.
His hands turned into shaking fists, his breath accelerated and was boiling hot.

The pain from the hit was unbearable, but the laugh made it even worse, worse than the bullet that got stuck in his shoulder during the war.
The tinnitus, the blurred vision, the echo, the pain, all those elements reminded him the day he died. He was about to open the door of insanity.


As those words were pronounced, it interrupts Sandrine who immediately stop laughing and discover Edward out of control. He was giving his most loudest roar, scaring birds in the distance and forcing her to cover her ears, then a massive stream of fire gets out of his mouth.

Sandrine was under the shock when she saw Edward more infuriated than what a Goliath would be. Suddenly, Edward fall to the ground, inanimate. Sandrine fear the worst and run quicly to him and put her hand on his chest.
The heart is still beating and his lungs are still breathing. He is unconscious, inanimate but still alive. Sandrine relieves herself and put him against the wall.

The time that he wake up, Sandrine goes were the creatures headed. She find one of them a few meters away lying on the ground with a leg moving slowly, it must have fainted as well when Edward roared.
She takes the animal whatsoever and goes back where Edward is. She finds Edward awake and hard breathing.

“Are you alright?” Say Sandrine, still scared for him.

“I think I have never felt so bad in my entire life…”

“You weren’t yourself anymore, you were out of control…and you were even breathing fire.”

“I did…it was like having a…having…I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Can you do it again?”

Edward give a worried look at Sandrine before turning his head and spitting a soft stream of fire.
Sandrine grab Edward and give him a hug with her head on his shoulder.

“I’m really sorry Edward…I shouldn’t have laughed at you.”

It was unusual for Edward to be hugged by a person he barely knows, but he end up hugging her as well.

“I’m sorry as well…”

“No, you don’t have to, it’s me who should be worried.”

Sandrine stands up and give to Edward the cuttlefish still unconscious.

“Here, I brought you this.”

Edward takes the little thing, puts it on the ground and burns it. The cuttlefish is now dead, Edward takes it and begin to taste it.

“It’s way better like this.”

“Right? It’s gonna be a piece of cake with you now. I used to cook food like a caveman, with a flint, a stone and wood. It’s not easy with those claws, they’re more rigid than fingers.”

Edward finishes his dish, gets some energy and stands up.

“I feel better, shall we go now?”

“Yeah, but don’t faint on me like this. You made me panic with your emotional rollercoaster. Anyway, let’s go.”


I was kinda hoping they would get in another fight. Can’t wait till Edward stages up


Yeah, I think it’ll be the time to bring them in a fight together.
Also, you might be confused by the fact that edward fainted from his anger, but it’s possible to faint from extreme emotions.
Plus, the moment when he got hit in the head is an inspiration from one of my dad’s childhood memories where he saw someone from the family (I don’t think he was his own dad) getting hit with a phone from another family member because he was cheating on her.
When he felt the hit and heard his wife say “So, you still like her, asshole?” (or something like that), he was just like how I described Edward but with blood flowing on his face instead, then he hit her in the jaw which broke it in multiple pieces.
Anyway, it’s a reference to one of my dad’s childhood memories.


Well that memory went somewhere I thought it wasn’t going to go lol

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Here’s a quick new chapter! Also, there’s E.M.E.T!

Joke: I lied about E.M.E.T.
Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Revelations

Date: Beyond 2126?

Coordinates: Border of the canyon

The two close companions are now on their way for a long journey of walk, without any other particular goal than surviving in the unknown.
The burning sun, fall to the land as it offers to the sky the charming colors of topaz, amber, ruby and amethyst. A scenery of all the colors for those able to see it on the ground of the planet.
The mountains begin to flatten as the sand dominates the field, plants and animals become rarer, the air becomes colder and the wind begin to caress gently the body of the duo.

“I’ve been to this place yesterday, there’s nothing but sand for kilometers. It’s a real desert, but without the dunes and instead an endless storm…only the craziest would dare to travel all the way.” said Sandrine.

“That means we should turn back?”

“…yes, there’s nothing of interest in this empty zone.”

The two monsters turn around and move on, this is at this moment that Edward hear a distant echo, something like a voice calling for him. Yet it is distant, but it doesn’t seem to be from Sandrine.
Edward turn his head left and right, searching the source of the voice but find nothing that could tell if he really heard it.

“Edward, are you comming?” shouts Sandrine after noticing Edward wasn’t following her.

“Haven’t you heard anything?”

“If I heard something? Nope, I haven’t.”

“I swear I heard something, or maybe it’s the wind, I don’t know.”

“Pretend that it’s the wind, the sun is setting already. I don’t want to sleep in the open at night, come on.”

Edward joins Sandrine, gives a last look at the sandstorm and turn back. As he approaches his comrade, the voice echoes again.
Edward turn his head again towards the wall of sandstorm and put his hand on Sandrine’s shoulder to give her his attention.

“I’m not crazy, I definitively heard something.”

“Ed, are you parano or what? I told you there’s no-”

“Shh! Listen.”

Sandrine althrough impatient, do the void in her head while Edward stands immobile.
Silence…only the sound of the violent wind responded.

“We don’t have time for this, Ed. Let’s-”

“SHH! I hear it.”

The voice reveals itself once again from the storm. The voice is low-pitched, but the storm covers parts of it which makes it hard to identify.
The two companions look at each other, believing that something is hidding in the storm.

“You were right, something’s in this storm. I wonder what it could be…”

Sandrine slowly approach the wall of flying sand to better hear the noise. A red beam of light shoots from the storm and blinds Sandrine, an alarm takes over the storm’s orchestra and a second red light yet weaker, rotates on itself.
The light aims at Sandrine, mechanic noises follows and heavy steps shakes the ground.
Sandrine still blind from the light, lose her balance and fall towards the light. Edward run towards her and drag her back from the storm.

The alarm keeps ringing beyond the wind, gunshots fired in uncountable numbers begin to hit the head of Sandrine.
Edward bring her to cover behind a dune, Sandrine open her 4 eyes and cover her face.

“Sandrine, are you ok!?” Shouts Edward, trying to wake her up.

“I’m fine but I got shot in the head…at least I had armor this time.”

“You have armor?”

“…I’ll explain later.”

Both uncover their head to see if the threat is nearby. A massive humanoïd structure of metal beams, wires and some other unexplainable materials makes it appearance.
The living machine moving step by step, searching for the two monsters, welcome them with the vibrating sound of a minigun in motion.

“Edward, we’re in deep shit!”

“What the hell is this thing!?”

“It looks like a mech, a big mech…”

“A mech?”

“…forget it.”

Sandrine gives another look at the iron mastodon and notice its arm ripped off with wires comming out of it. The voice Edward has heard, presents itself.


Sandrine gets her head into cover as shots begin to hit the dune they are hidding in, the shower of bullets flies up their heads.
The sound of the machine gun brought back to Edward his instinct of soldier in action. A brieve moment of thinking gave to our soldier the will to fight.

“You stay there, I’ll search for a possible cover.” Say Edward with a determined voice.

Edward rush around the mad mech, srpinting with extreme agility and slide towards a closer dune. The metal humanoïd, walks toward Edward with its heavy legs and start shooting, wasting ammo.


“Jeez, this thing is crazy…Sandrine, can you hear me from there!?”

“Yeah! (Hey, that’s kinda useful.)”

“I have a plan, while I distract it, you throw your…how do you call them? Dammit…telsa balls?”

“Ah yes, I see what you mean, tesla balls.”

Sandrine prepares her ball immediately and hold one in her hand.

“Tell me when you’re ready! That’s thing’s closing in!”

Sandrine doesn’t hesitate and throw her ball with force towards the mech, althrough the shot wasn’t accurate, the ball begin to turn red and track the mech’s damaged shoulder.
The ball explodes in contact with the wires and leave a devastating shock to the mech.



Sandrine becomes infuriated, crazy and uncontrollable as she jumps off the dune like an enraged beast, claws out and mouth open like the most horrible creature she ever was.
The mech blind of rage, shoots at her, but nothing could prevent Sandrine from grasping the iron fighter from the cockpit as she rips off its second arm with brutal strength.
Pieces of scrap fly all over the terrain, Sandrine pulls its wires off and call for a storm of fury with strikes comming out of her wings, shaking the ground with violence.

Edward still behind his cover, watches Sandrine mutilating the machine. The mech fall to the ground, wires burnt, steaming and the alarm stopped.
Edward comes out of his cover, slowly stands up and walk towards the mech disfunctionning.

“Is it…dead?”

“Definitively, that fucking mech deserved it.”

Edward felt the anger in her voice, so he decides to take a bit of distance.
The mech was inactive and the sound of the storm returns. A yellow light emits from the cockpit revealing what seems to be a tiny floating panel, a different voice comes out of the cockpit.

" #Reboot has been initiated. Cause: System_Overload.
Enter a name: W.A.R.C.L-O.S War_Ender_Ranger_Class_Leviathan-Operation_Planet_Shear.
Enter region coordinates: Access_Denied.
Mission: Wildlife_Extermination."



“Come see!”

Sandrine points the name of the mech on the panel with her claw.

“Uuuh…I don’t understand…”

“Look at the name. Operation planet Shear. Shear, this is the name of the planet we must be on.”


“Yes, but let me check something. (Is this tactile?)”

Sandrine touches the cockpit where the informations are displayed and the screen changes form to show more accurate informations.

" #Planet Shear: Known as the “Jewel of the Arm”, Shear is a planet rich in resources. From wildlife to mineral materials, Shear is mostly exploited for its mines of Bohrium […]"

“Bohrium? In my time, France was the only country to use this nuclear thing. No other country ever seen the bohrium as a valuable resource.”

“Did France survive the World War II?”

“Er-yes. Anyway, back in 2126, France was a country known for its super advanced researches in nuclear technologies. They had everything working on nuclear stuff, from cars to tools, to computers, to facilities, to boats, to planes, and so on…”

“What’s Bohrium?”

“It’s a nuclear material created artificially, it had no use except researches. I’m surprised the document we saw here take it as an important resource.”

“Maybe it is.”

“I don’t know…wait, let me check the year. It’s been a moment since I wanted to know this.”

She swipe the screen, searching for informations about the current date. A screen enlarges as she touches the word “Earth_Cycle_Date”.

" #Model’s date of creation: August/21/2379 Earth_Cycle."

“Wow…we’ve been veeery far in time.”

" #Current date: September/08/2379 Earth_Cycle."

“So this thing is recent, I bet it must have been used to fight the monsters.”

She keeps swiping the screen…

" #Mission details: Wildlife_Extermination
List of targets: Host/Goliath/Behemoth/Wraith/Kraken/Gorgon/Kala Kapur"

“Kala Kapur? Seems more like an actual name rather than a scientific name.”

"#Kala Kapur: This person is dangerous, I heard rumors about her working on HNA that is capable of manipulating the Patherson equation. And guess what? It’s true.
This HNA is in fact the creation of a beast called the Kraken, I saw the pictures of this beast, it looks like Cthulhu from all those jokes on the internet. Is that THING even a joke? No, it’s a real beast from Shear that shoots thunder from its body.
That planet’s fucked up anyway, I know what’s happening on this planet, people keep pretending that there’s a disease killing all its habitants. NO! There are Goliathes, Gorgons, Behemothes and KRAKENS by BILLIONS on this planets and they’re destroying it! There’s also some kind of sexy-looking-snake-lady-stuck-in-a-pod in the secret area of the planet. They’re working on some sort of teleporter with the Patherson equation inside her HNA I saw in the documents I’ve stolen. Hmpf, I bet they’re making a teleporter to visit her asshole, yeah!
This woman has injected herself that HNA in her arm, she’s crazy! What’s the goal of putting HNA in your body if you know that it’s gonna kill you or whatever the hell I know? Is she trying to become one of them or what? Or maybe she’s the one who MADE those creatures.
She’s insane, SHE’S the danger in this story! Why did Celestial Corporation accepted to bring her in THEIR station if they knew she was up to something they fear!? Why!? Because they’re fucking DUMB! THAT’S WHY!
But I had a plan since months, she allowed high grade people to visit her research room, such as ME! HA! I stole her HNA for my future mech, and this mech will do the job for the planet. The mech will make an analysis of the HNA and shoot everything that matches it, Kala as well since she injected it in herself, poor idiot. And that’s even better because she’s on the planet at the moment, that’ll be two birds with one stone.

“Wow, I think we saw everything. So the planet is more in danger than I thought, there’s a conflict with the creator of this mech and someone who…injected HNA in herself? That’s what I’m asking as well, for what purpose?”

“And a…sexy-looking-snake-lady?”

Sandrine gives a disappointed look at Edward, who is in fact confused.

“Is that the only thing you kept from this log?”

“What? No, I think it’s one of the monsters on the list.”

Sandrine keeps looking at Edward for a few seconds.

“…Fine, let me see.”

She scrolls the list of monsters and check each of them.

" #Goliath: This creature is a monster that invaded the planet Shear and is the most common monster. Its massive muscles ables it to throw boulders up to 167 feet of distance, it is able to breathe fire for hunting and fighting and has a rigid skull made to charge onto his ennemies. It is able to jump 52 feet in a leap and cause a shockwave on landing. Genderless but very aggressive, flee at sight.

Behemoth: A monster that invaded Factor colonies alongside Hosts, its armor made of rock gives it an unpenetrable defense against firearm and other hits. Its vital parts are outside of the body such as the heart and the digestive system. However, monsters does not feature a complete digestive system, so it is unknown if has a purpose or not. It is capable of capturing preys with its tongue of above 20 meters, shooting molten rocks and creating a heartshake sending anything in the air on its way. It is also able to create walls from the ground. Genderless but very aggressive, flee at sight.

Kraken: A typical monster for its ability to create electricity from its body. It gives a strong resemblance to many aquatic species seen on Earth and is seen as the smartest of all the monsters, beeing able to shoot orbs of electricity while flying, cast lightning strikes, place banshee mines and spit a vortex. Getting near it may cause its wings to shock every living being approaching too close. Genderless but very aggressive, flee at sight.

Wraith: Often mistaken as a female, the Wraith takes the morphology of an eyeless woman with three tentacles as extremities of its downer body, an inferior jaw split into two pairs of sharp teeth, a rounded rib cage and a pair of scythes above its pair of arms. It is able to float and teleport at will, create an explosion from its own body, create clones and transform its body into a state called Supernova, giving it infinite agility. Genderless but very aggressive, flee at sight."

Edward leaves a comment as he reads the Wraith’s description.

“Shit indeed…it’s able to teleport at will?”

“Genderless, Ed. Genderleeess, hahaha. Too baaaaad!”

Edward gives a disappointed look at Sandrine.
Sandrine think twice and continues.

“Yeah, no…it sucks in fact. Anyway, this mech gave us a ton of informations. I’m not deceived from the fight.”

“So what now?”

“It’s getting really late, the sun has already disappeared and the climate looks cold now. We should find somewhere to rest.”

“But I don’t feel tired…”

“Me neither, but it doesn’t hurt to sleep. Come on, let’s go find a cave somewhere.”


Like a mix of EMET and Lennox

The “blinded by red light” makes me think of the plasma lance


My first suggestion is that you proof read. I’m still bad at it as well but I’m slowly doing it more and more. I do see you get a little better later on though. Another thing is that I found myself getting bored from time to time. It could be me though. I feel you are taking the story to slow. This doesn’t mean rush though, in fact don’t rush. Each story usually needs it’s own pacing. I suggest you should experiment with the pacing this way you can find what suits the story best. You are also using little detail. I find myself victim of this as well. Shear is a beautify crafted world so in your story I feel you should try to reflect it a little more. I find the spacing for talking a little odd. While it does help with stopping points these chapters are short enough that you should be able to read them easily. Spacing the characters speeches out can also confuse the reader, I found myself confused as you don’t really put who’s talking after the speech. However, that could be due to some minor skipping as I had gotten bored.

All in all you have a great base for a story and with a little more work this can turn out even better! You don’t have to take my advice as all of this is mostly my opinion but if you do take one piece of advice from this it should be that you experiment with pacing.

You should proof read a little more. Try to experiment with pacing and find the right balance for what you feel will fit your story as I feel it’s a bit to slow. Try to put a little more details for Shears beautiful scenery. Spacing out characters talking can confuse the reader as well with the chapters so short you don’t need to space out chatter.


It’s the first time in my whole life that I do a lore, so things obviously aren’t perfect. I play the lore from Edward’s point of view, so to him the planet is completely unknown and so, some things have to be confusing such as the log in the mech (problem is, I forget many words in english that could have helped me give a description for each part of the land Edward visits).

I get your feeling that it’s hard to understand my lore, I also have a lot of trouble reading novels trying to find the real meaning of each phrase. Literature is a complete nightmare to me, but strangely, I feel pleasure making this lore.

Edit: I wonder if this video could help you in the analysis of lore. It’s an animation based on a creepypasta posted by Antoine Delak (et putain j’adore ses vidéos), there’s both the narrator’s voice acting and the animation. it’s fun as well because the animation is entertaining, so it helps IMO.


Again you don’t have to take my advice. However I feel if you improve in the areas I said could use some work this fantastic story can get even better.


New chapter! I find it a bit shorter than usual, but I bet you won’t regret the new appearance.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The dark dream

Date: Beyond 2379

Coordinates: Border of the canyon

The two monsters leave the mech lying near the storm as it begins to feel the dust accumulating on itself.
The light gives itself up as darkness begins to manifest on the world, cooling the rocks as they crackle to the sudden temperature drop.
Caves were everywhere in the canyon, but none were big enough for two creatures of 15 tons each.

The night began, the air was cold and the animals were gone already. After an hour of exploration, Sandrine loses her patience and decides to sit down.

“I give up, it’s pointless to walk for hours without finding a place to rest…”


“I’m tired, I don’t want to walk anymore.”

“You…you’re sure you want to rest here in the open?”

“I just told you that I’m tired!”

“Ok, ok, fine. We sleep here then.”

Sandrine lies down on the side, folds her arms and legs and stares indirectly at the sky.
Edward sits down half kneeing and watches Sandrine. She takes a moment of reflexion before asking him a question.

“Don’t you feel weird beeing inside the body of a…an alien, and being in a world that isn’t Earth?”

“Yes, this world is something I would have never imagined to be true. I still wonder how you and me got there together, the only thing I know is that we both died once.”

“I have a theory that I think you’ll like. My theory would be that we actually have a soul each, that once we die it frees itself to find another body. But what’s stranger is that we’re on a planet that might be super far away from Earth, so I have no idea how could a soul travel billions of kilometers away.”

“Maybe ours did.”

“Maybe…yeah, I think ours did with those hundreds of years. We’re in 2370-ish, I died in 2126, you died in…iiin…”

“In 1942.”

“Yes, you died in 1942, so it’s possible that our souls have travelled for a very long time out of Earth.”

Sandrine begins to slowly close her glowing eyes, tired from the walk and now asleep.

“Good night, Sandrine.” whispers Edward.

Edward lies on the ground in front of Sandrine, gives a last look around him and tries to close his eyes…but he wasn’t tired enough.
Sleeping in the open was a terrible idea, Edward could hear the soft wind, the crackle of rocks, the sand falling from the walls of the canyon, Sandrine breathing…
Edward tries every position he could find to make himself comfortable, the ground was rigid and flat, there was nothing that could improve his sleep.

Around 30 long minutes have passed, Edward finally begins to sleep in peace.
In his sleep, Edward felt the cold around him, yet bearable. He decides to open his eyes, the canyon was now the field of Dieppe. The field was covered with a dense fog that blocked Edward’s vision above 10 meters.

He was not a Goliath anymore, he was a human with his green thorn clothes soiled with mud, his Garand 300 held in his back and the barbed wire stuck on his leg.
There was no sign of life, not even the sound of gunshots, not even the sounds of mortars, the field was silent like in a graveyard.

Only himself remained in the field. Nothing was moving, the destroyed houses were barely noticeable from the top, the barbed fence was impossible to move away.
Edward felt awkward in this place, stuck in a barbed wire, defenseless. Edward looks around and a black shadow manifests itself in the corner of his eye.
Edward turn his head and the shadow disappears, like a ghost playing with his consciousness. He stares a long moment at the empty fog with the feeling of beeing tracked by something.

“…pain…” a voice, like an old woman, slow and quiet, calls afar from the left.

Edward turns his head quickly, the shadow was standing, here, for a fraction of second before quickly disappearing in the fog.

“…suffering…” The voice shook the right ear of Edward as he turns his head in an instant.

A tall slim figure, tall like one of the houses was standing, staring at Edward before disappearing again.

The heart of the trapped soldier was pumping, the veins through his face were hitting hard in rythm, drops of sweat were sliding down his neck, his arms were trembling.
Edward grab his rifle, slide his finger on the trigger and points the fog desperately. The voice was gone…and the silence of the no man’s land, re-took the control.

Edward was searching left and right, rifle still in hand and ready to shoot.
The shadow appear, Edward doesn’t hesitate and shoot. “POW”. The shadow rapidly vanish, Edward loads a bullet in the chamber and wait for the next target.
The shadow appear once again with a pair of blades dancing in circle towards the sky. Edward shoot. “TAW”. The shadow vanishes.

“What the fuck is this shit?” whispered Edward in his paranoia.

Edward shove his hand in his pocket belt. His hand goes out empty, Edward glance his eyes to his pocket and whiden it. The pocket itself was empty.

“THE…DEATH!” the voice was loud, close and intimidating.

Edward was petrified, his heart stopped pumping and his blood froze. Edward slowly raise the head to see a whide dark-blue tail, a massive hand with crooked fingers, a sharp and pointy scythe…
He raise the head even further, only to see the white face of death screaming with anger in its high pitched sound of nightmare.

Edward wake up with a start, he was no longer a human, the field was gone, the fog was gone, the nightmare was gone.
The blinding sun rise from the high mountains, a few cuttlefishes were awake, Sandrine was still sleeping and snoring with a weird “Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh…”, the ground was warm.

Everything was back to normal.


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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: First contact

Date: Beyond 2379

Coordinates: Border of the canyon

Edward pushes Sandrine still asleep to wake her up.

“Hey, Sandrine. Sandrine, wake up!”

“…mmh, please Cameron…I…oh, you’re awake?”

“Uuuuh, yeah. It’s time to wake up.”


Sandrine tries to lift her body, a few gravels fall from her back as she slowly lift up.
Edward was stressed from the nightmare he had, so he ask Sandrine a few questions.

“Uh…who’s Cameron?”

“Ca…Cameron?..oh, I see what you mean. It’s my big brother.”

“Seems like you had a good night, because I didn’t.”

“Well, I dreamed of me and my family visiting the United States. Nothing special except that we saw a thug breaking into a technology shop to steal a holographic TV.”

“Darn…it’d be good if we had a dictionary.”

“You like reading? I’m not a fan of books.”

“I mean…there’s so many words that I don’t know since we’re around 2379.”

“Oooh, right.”

“Anyway, I’ve had a bad night. It was hard to sleep without a good blanket.”

“I had to deal with that for two days, you know.”

“I’ve had a bad dream as well…I was in the field back in 1942, but there was no one…only me and my rifle surrounded by a big fog.”

“Hold on a second! Was there some kind of creature in that fog?”

“How do you know? You can read my dreams as well?”

“No, I mean that I might have had the same nightmare on my first night. Was it a creature with a pair of scythes and who levitate over the ground? Like the Wraith we found in the mech’s documents?”

Edward stood silent, his fear went through his eyes, Sandrine notice his feeling and tries to reassure him.

“Don’t worry, I know it seems crazy and I believe you, but don’t forget that we’re two. We can handle it.”

“Sure? It seemed gigantic, I remember I even crossed a dead Goliath three times bigger than me before I met you!”

“I killed that Goliath.”


“You remember that spear you took from it? It was my spear, handcrafted from a few wreckages.”

“But wait! How did you kill that thing?”

“It was already wounded when I saw it, there was a group of four hunters after him and a few turrets defending the generator. I finished it when that massive ship teleported away with the hunters. It was yesterday.”

Edward prefered to keep his silence, he now wonders if he’s stupid enough to trust her or if he’s actually weaker than her.
He changes subject, he does not want to know it’s true.

“Sooo…what now?”

“I want to get back to that mech we fought yesterday, but I prefer to focus on food first.”

“Right. Good idea.”

Sandrine stands up, Edward follows her while she take back her spear. The sun was hitting hard, the light hot and blinding as it warmed up Edward’s cold body.

The wildlife was populated with walking little rocks, dog like beasts, more cuttlefishes and herds of birds on the ground that fly away as the two monsters walk nearby.
The canyon was flourishing with life.

Both had their own hunting strategies, Edward breathes fire at a group of cuttlefishes while Sandrine sting a rocky toad creature with her spear. The food was served, both grab their feast and eat.
Nothing could bother them as they eat, the ambience was peaceful…with some exceptions.

“Hey Edward, you look ugly when you eat with your penis tongue, ha ha ha.”

" 'xcuse me? I can be creative as well, your mouth looks like gum with lollipop sticks planted randomly."

“Heh heh, not bad.”

After an embarrassing mockery, Edward and Sandrine get back to where they slept, then follow their own tracks they left in the night.
But suddenly, Edward feels dizzy, sleepy and so, slow the walk.

Sandrine wasn’t paying attention as she was leading the walk, this is only after she turn the head that Edward wasn’t at her side.
She turn her head backward only to see Edward slowly curving his body as he walk.

“Are you okay, Ed?”

“Oh, uh…I’m fine.”

“No, you don’t look so good. Let me give you a hand.”

“I’m fine! I’m fine…”

As he say so, he scratches his arm continuously. Sandrine felt something was wrong with his arm, so she ask him.

“Can you lift your arm for a second?”

Edward obey and up his muscular arm. A minuscule shiny glass with a green tuft, fall of Edward’s arm and break on the ground. Sandrine, alerted, punch Edward in the face to wake him up.

“OW! The fuck!?”

“We’re being tracked! WAKE UP, DAMMIT!” said Sandrine while shaking Edward in panic.


A loud alarm noise emits from above as a big tan wall covers the whole area, imprisoning the two monsters.
A black suited woman flies towards the duo and calls for other men.

“I’ve got two stage 1 monsters. Let’s go, team!” cries the winged woman.

Three silhouettes enter the wall, all flies towards the woman to support her.
A man wearing a shining, heavy looking armor, head first towards the two monsters.

“Zis iz vwhat I vould call a RRREAL challenge! Marrrkov wants to fight, to glorrry!” claimed the armored man, the voice was very familiar to Edward, it was the voice from the egg again.

Another man wearing a hat and a blonde beard, latches a harpoon on Sandrine.

“Two monsters? I’ve never hunted two beasts together in my whole career. That’ll be my biggest exploit if we kill them both!” exclaimed the harpooner.

Another long-bearded man flies above the woman with a heavy looking gun.

“An’ that’ll be another big ol’ prime for us, right? We’re gunna show’em who’s th’ boss here!” yelled the googled texan.

It was a squad of four people, seemingly trained, armed to the teeth and ready to kill the monsters once and for all.
Sandrine was struggling to remove the harpoon planted in her chest but successfully snap it off.

Edward position himself, fists up like a boxer and wait for the armored man to close his distance. However, the man in question fires a powerful beam of electricity, putting Edward in a state of constant paralysis.

The man’s electric gun wears off, giving to Edward the time to punch him violently, sending him towards a wall at great speed. The impact was so strong, the wall gave to a fissure.
Edward felt he did a mistake.

The woman watches the scene with a slightly surprised face.

“Assault down!” she reports.

“Marrrkov is fine! Iz only a scratch, it vill suffice.” the man in armor was surprisingly alive and unhurt while the wall was broken, just like a super-hero in comic books.

Sandrine throw her banshee mines against the harpooner only to repell him. Instead, the texan cast a beam towards him, preventing the mines from hurting her target.
There was a blue aura surrounding each soldier in the squad, maybe this is what allows them to survive.

The man in armor stands up and head towards Edward. This time, the Goliath decides to charge forward, the shoulder facing the tough-to-kill.
The tiny soldier gets pinned in Edward’s path and gets crushed to the wall he previously hit. A noise of bones and a scream of pain comes out of him and fall to the ground.

“OAAAAH! I am downed! Help me!” cries he.

The woman quickly drag a tool off her holster and fires a green beam to the downed man.

“Team, the assault is pretty banged up, I need you to protect him while I heal him!”

“Ye ain’t gunna r’gret it, ma’am. Orbital leyser, incomming!” shouts the big bearded.

As those words were spoken, a beam of light lands on the ground. The light tracked Edward with a deafening noise while it dug into the ground, forcing him to retreat.
The beam wears off after a couple of seconds, the paramedic won enough time to heal the wounded russian who quickly stand up again.

Sandrine was having a hard time dealing with the harpooner, she decides to approach him while the three other hunters were distracted with Edward.

She swipe him with her wing, the hunter dodges it and fire with his machine gun. Sandrine now shocks the ground and watches the hunter getting electrified in an agonising pain.
Sandrine felt the pain in his scream, she stop immediately to see him unable to stand up. She did not want to hurt him intentionally, her panic raises, she didn’t knew what to do.

The wall falls, Edward run to Sandrine who was still petrified.

“This is our chance, let’s get out of here!”

“I…I didn’t want to…”

“There’s no time for that, come on!”

Edward grab her by the arm and run far away before the team could catch them.
Five minutes of running later, Sandrine was depressed, she heavily regret what she did.

“I swear, he did not deserve to die. I…I…it’s hard to handle…”

“Listen, they were attacking us. It was them or us.”

“I know, but…god…why are we even fighting? Is that even worth killing people?”

“Sandrine…calm down, it’s not the end for everyo-.”


Edward heard the distress in her voice, and so her empathy. He stay silent, by fear.

“We’re fucking monsters…this poor man…why did I kill him?”

“Sandrine, we are monsters, I understand your state of mind. But we’re not the kind of monster who would kill without remorse, we’re not killers, I don’t have that will of killing people either, believe me. Remember that we were humans as well.”

“You’re right…we’re not that kind of pityless monster…we’re not here for nothing.”

“There we gooo, it’s gonna be alright.”

“Yes, thank you Ed. I feel a bit better now.”