Fan lore: Edward's story


This thread is dedicated to a lore I have made by myself, inspired from a real history event and from the game’s actual lore.
Bellow is the list of chapters for this lore, more will be added in the future.

Chapter 1

Life is a rule in the universe, something that all beings possesses. It’s a mystery in which nature is hidding its secrets. Death is what humanity believes to be the end of life, heaven, hell, the ghost’s freedom…the endless blackout.
The nature is a mystery itself, humans are part of the nature, like regular animals fighting for power, for their territory, their family, their life. The story of Earth is a dark knowledge, a knowledge wounded by hate and suffering, feared from the countless wars ending billions of lifes and soaking billions of hands with blood.

Chapter 1: The end of the beginning

Date: August 19 1942, 04:45 a.m

Coordinates: Earth, France, Berneval-le-Grand

8 destroyers, 150 boats, thousands of canadian soldiers, hundreds of british soldiers, 15 french commandos, 50 US rangers. A whole army from different nations, trained to fight, are aboard the many boats cruising towards the beach.
6 boats approach the sand with one of them under the commands of an british captain.

“We’re gonna land, prepare yourselves soldiers! The ennemy is ruthless and well armed and already aware of our positions.” Shouts the captain.

The boats land, the sky is dark and the beach is silent. But the germans, in no time, raised the alarm. The black suited soldiers exiting the heavy artilleries, shoot their first bullets.

“WE HAVE BEEN SPOTTED, TAKE COV-” The british captain, interrupted by a well-shot bullet, drops heavily on the boat’s wet metalic floor, inanimate, dead.
The soldiers, surprised by the captain’s blood mixing with the salted water, hid behind the seats, hoping no bullet could travel through the steel. One soldier however remained calm and silent, besides the surprise and the reaction of his fellows.
His name was Edward, Edward Vincent Loustalot. He was one of the 50 US rangers, a man who have a steel morale, who does not consider the mistake as a failure.

“EVERYONE BEHIND THE BOAAAT!” Yelled Edward, reconcentrating on the battlefield.

Still under the fire, Edward jumped behind the boat along his group, Garand 300 out and loaded.

“Comrades, we lost our cover! The ennemy hit the captain. We need someone to command the mission!” Said Edward to the soldiers.

“But how are we going to survive against such firepower?! We are stuck on our position, we’re all split and we don’t have any support!” Said one of the british soldiers.

“Maybe the ennemy is well armed, but that doesn’t mean we cannot fight. So hang on!” Edward said, encouraging the british.

Edward, with the help of his scope, spots one of the targets.
Now aware of the ennemie’s position, he commands “The rest of the group is behind the dune. When I say go, we rush together to join them.” he said, still aiming for his target.

Edward, still peeking, wait for the right moment to shoot.
TAW, the shot misses, but startles the german soldier forcing him to crouch with his hand covering the ear.
Loading another bullet, our soldier peeks once again to try another shot.
However, the atrocious sound of the second defender’s rifle still firing, starts to get clunky. Then, the dark silhouette shows a sign of weakness. Its gun is out of ammo. It’s reloading.

“GO!” Yelled Edward. The whole troup ran as fast as it could and reached the other side of the battle. The german defender then notice the group sprinting forward to the dune cover.
A voice can be heard in the distance “SCHIEßEN! SCHIEßEN, HEILIGE SCHEIßE!” and a few other bullets are shot desperately, missing all the soldiers still running for their life.

Edward now relieved by the success of the move and out of breath, sits on the dry mix of sand and dirt.

“Sir, we owe you that! We’re safe and secure behind that dune.” Claimed one britain.

“Don’t relieve yourself too fast, the ennemy can easily come down to shred us…”

As Edward said so, a little group of black helmets slid down the hill to surprise the pack of british men. Their loud, stompy feet, alerted the exhausted U.S soldier.

“INCOMMING!” yelled Edward as he stood, the group turned to repell the flankers. The germans, by the failure of their strategy, fell dead from the shots.

“Holly shit! That was a close one.” exclaimed a british.

“Once again, you helped us manage the situation. We could’ve all died without you. What’s your name?” Asked one of the US rangers.

“My name is Edward, Edward Loustalot. You can call me Edwin if you want.”

“Greetings Edwin, the name’s Henry. How could I not know you after all those days on the destroyer?”

Edward continues “I don’t know. Anyway, our captain’s dead and we’ve lost men…so we need a new leader.”

“Then you will be our captain, sir. I want you to be our captain, Edwin.”


“Yes sir, you heard me. I saw potential in you, we could’ve died it if you did not warn us more than once.”

“Uh…fine, I guess.” Said Edward with little surprise.

He continues “So you remember the goal? Our goal is to take down the heavy artillery located up that hill. There’s also a village in front, so beware of the open fields.”

The entire troop moves on, climbs the stairs leaving the bodies of the germans on the sand.
A little village shows up, but as the british men keeps climbing, the vibe changes drastically when they get to the top. Houses were either demolished or barricaded, barbed wires were scattered through the entire field, the dirt was dug and a sign with “Archtung - minen” written on it was planted in front of the stairs as if it was welcoming the group.

The soldier men notice the heavy artillery, but a bullet comming from the houses hit one of the british men in the arm. A cry of suffer flies off the victim.
The troup, runs towards the nearby covers placed right before the barbed wires.

“God damn it!” said the wounded british with pain in his voice.

“The artillery is right there, we could get rid of it with a few powder cannon from their supplies. We do that and the mission’s done!” said Henry with confidence.

“Don’t you notice the ennemy is shooting at us alerady?! It’s either we destroy those things under the fire, without forgetting that the ennemy can repair it, or else we fight back and do it safely!” exclaimed Edward at Henry.

As he said so, Edward runs toward the barbed wire, pulls out his cutter and get rid of a few wires. Sadly, a shot hits him in the left arm. Pain goes out of his mouth and the adrenaline raises.
Forced to move quickly, Edward tries to jump over the dangerous swirly fence and land in the mud. Another shot hits him in the right shoulder.
Drained of his forces, blood scattered across his clothes. Edward’s sight blurred, the sound of the rifles trading the shots were covered by the sound of the veins pumping through his face.

Then…sudden darkness. Nothing but darkness. Around fifteen minutes passed, darkness has ruled the world…
Edward couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe either, not talk, he couldn’t even feel himself. Then, a faint red light brighten up to reveal what could be a wall of flesh, bright fless, with veins visible from the light emitted by the flesh.
The shape of the flesh looked like a cocoon, an egg. Edward could feel himself again, but he felt like he was not himself. Despite the fact that he looked at his hands, it was too dark to know wether it was real or not, like if death was not only the end of life but also the beginning of a new nightmare.

“What the hell is going on? Where…where am I?” thought Edward, already feared by the vibe the walled veins gave him.

Suddenly, a faint voice manifests itself from outside.

“Aaaaah, eto sdelayet odno yaytso men’she!” said the strange voice.

Then it continues "Yes captain? …but I have egg in frrront of me! I can ki-…uuuhr, fine! I come back to grrroup."
After a short silence, the rough voice finishes with “Ostavaysya zdes’.” It sounded like russian.

Edward, terrified and entirely confused, didn’t knew what to do. The thought of beeing inside an egg covered in flesh with voices comming from nowhere, led him to believe that the nightmare was real.
After a long moment trapped inside the vicious egg, Edward decides to punch through the flesh. As the flat of his punch hit the veiny shell, a big chunck got thrown away and a powerful stream of light pierces through the hole.
Edward blinded by the light, up the hand to block the light. His hand was big enough to cover the light, also big enough to reveal him what kind of monstrosity he has become.

A massive greyish hand, with claws and red glow was facing Edward’s face. The reveal paralyzed the monstrosity who was formerly a soldier. Edward now feel hopeless, he wants to cry but his eyes couldn’t tear a single drop, the steel morale of the soldier was no more. Instead, it was sorrow and despair.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A brand new world

Date: Unknown

Coordinates: Unknown

Edward is no longer what he used to be anymore, so confused he did not dare to put a foot out of the egg.
But progression is made when acting, Edward decides finally to get off his emotions and land his feet on the ground. Now with one foot out of the egg, he lifts his second leg…and lose the balance of his body falling on the ground head first, like a baby learning its first steps.

After the heavy fall, Edward notice the strange spiky plants surrounding him. The plants looked like grey peanapples planted in a dry dirt inside what seemed to be a canyon.
Edward stands up and walk slowly to learn his new body. Step by step, he learned quickly. Walking, running, and jumping. The egg was far away and Edward did not feel any fatigue during the entire run.
But that’s after a strange little animal appear that Edward decides to stop running.

The little thing was some sort of bizarre mix between an ostrich and…a cuttlefish. It was running from something, something like a crawling yellowish boulder with a big mouth and many teeth.
Edward hides quickly behind a nearby pillar and watches the beast running after the “cuttlefish on feet”, the rock beast finally catch his prey and swallow it in an instant.

“This must be a substantial amount of food” thought Edward looking at the chewing rock.
“If I don’t eat, I’ll obviously die. It’s me or this thing”.

Edward gets out of his cover and run at the beast for the effect of surprise and stomp it with his strong foot, crushing its head into pieces. The strength of the impact was so strong, the ground shook under Edward’s feet, so strong the beast’s jaw droped on the ground and so strong the head now has a big hole.
Edward felt surprised by the violence of the hit, but he was satisfied nonetheless because now he have at least something to calm his hunger in case.

“O-okay…now, I need some wood to make a fire and cook that thing up.” He thought, while watching the disfigured trophy.

Edward takes the meat and moves on, searching for at least one tree to cut down the branches.
The smell of the meat and blood was strong and nasty, but it’s better to eat the worst than dying of hunger.
But there was something else that smelled nasty, it wasn’t from the meat. It smelled like sweat and burnt.
Following the smell, a high pitched sound resonated and a voice echoed from afar.

“The beast is near, at 2 o’clock!” echoed the voice.

“Zis little beast just got out of its little egg, now it vill be frrried egg. Hahaha haha!” echoed another voice.

Edward immediately remembered the voice from outside the egg and a horrible chill ran down his back.
Frightened, Edward did not hesitate to run and abandoned the meat, shots were heard from behind and many bullets hit Edward’s hide but instead bounced off of it.

Edward was too fast for the attackers to follow him, eventually losing his track. Edward ran, ran, ran, far enough to be sure that the threat won’t bother him anymore.
After such a long run, hunger became another problem. Edward was hungry, he could not bare it.

Luckily, another sort of cuttlefish makes it appearance, drinking at the edge of a pond. It was a good oportunity for Edward to calm his hunger. Edward run at the animal, grabs it by the tail and put it in his other hand. Too hungry to find wood for a fire, he take a nearby rock and knock the poor creature’s head to prevent it from suffering and eats it desperately like a barbarian.
While he was eating, his skin began to glow brighter with red pulsations, like a burning furnace getting fueled. Edward grabs a portion of water from the pond and drinks to help him digest.

Edward was still hungry, fed but still hungry.
There was no other animal nearby, maybe this cuttlefish thing was lonely, maybe there was other animals before…or maybe this blood splatter on this pillar means those animals are no more.
Edward, notice the blood on the pillar and approaches slowly to examine the trail. The blood continues behind a lump of rocks, Edward follows the track and the smell of rot gets stronger.
The track of blood continues but gets thinner and thinner, Edward continues as he stumble on a corpse…a human corpse.

The body looked tiny, half of it is missing and its guts are out. The body seems to be an adult, it wears white and grey thorn clothes and its mouth and eyes are whide open, it gave a horrible feeling to Edward, he felt like beeing in a horror movie. Further were other blood tracks leading to other corpses from other animals, even a big corpse who seemed like a giant crocodile. Many were scattered around the road, one on a rock, another on the middle of the road, one on a pineapple plant, etc…

Edward couldn’t imagine what happened to those things. What could have made such a butchery?

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The facility

Date: Unknown

Coordinates: Canyon

The blood from the carnage was dry, the smell of the corpses is unbearable, the fight was old.
Edward, looking at the dead corpses, couldn’t imagine what did this. The human corpses were all scattered in bits, they seem tiny and are as big as Edward’s hand.

There was also footprints beneath him, but what was even more frightening was the similarity with his own feet. Someone like him must have done this.
The footprints are deep with a particular form that looked like a star, but were slightly bigger than Edward’s feet.
Edward have only one thing in mind, to get away from this place and never come back, and hopefully not meet anything bigger than him.

Edward turn back, but as he did so, a distant sound reasonated from behind, like if the amount of corpses and bad smell and trauma wasn’t enough.
It was a chatter, a sound often heard from communication posts. It was very distant.
Edward turn again and the chatter stopped immediately, a scripted voice followed.

“DUNC…YOU RECEI…?..clac” then silence.

Edward was stunned, someone must be alive in this mess.
But the thought of meeting bigger than him was preventing him from going forward. Edward had a choice, to turn around and leave the place or to investigate the sound at risk.

Edward took a long breath, crossed the fingers and walked forward. Between the smell of rott and meat was the smell of sweat, tears, blood and adrenaline. There’s definitively someone in here.
Edward’s smell was very sensitive, an useful tool to find what cannot be seen.
The smell lead to fresh blood trails which then lead under a big boulder, the smell was getting intense.

Edward lifts the rock and discover a man, he was weak and had some kind of tool in his hand.
His clothes are similar from the other corpses on the track, a bone pierced through his leg, and blood was scattered on the floor.
The man was terrified, he could not pronounce a word, his fear was bigger than the pain.
Edward looked at the man and slowly rolled he boulder away. The man was paralyzed and hard breathing, all he was waiting for was his death.

Edward put the knee down, turn his head from left to right scanning the area for threats, then turns towards the survivor.

“G…god…no…” begged the man, agonising.

It was not surprising to know the man see Edward as a danger himself, but Edward wasn’t as such.
Edward tries a few words, but all that came out of his mouth were exhalations. Obviously, the man was still scared of Edward.
So instead, he tries visual language.
Edward lower his hands as a sign to calm down, then points the man and shrug.

The man begin to show signs of curiosity, his breath lowered.
Edward continues by closing both hands, lower them on his leg and separate them pretending to break his leg, then shrugs.
The man finally begin to understand, the beast communicates.

“You…you…who are you?” asked the man.

Edward once again, shrug.
The man raise the tool in his hand to his ear.

“Johnson…it’s Duncan…I think…”


“I’ll tell you later…there’s…a Goliath…right in front of me.”


“I don’t know…I don’t know if it…if it wants to kill me or not.”


“Ah, shit…asshole!”

As the man called Duncan end with those words, he throws the tool away with anger. He raise the eyes toward Edward.

“You don’t want…to kill me, right?”

Edward shakes the head as a no.
Duncan open his eyes whider, mouth slightly open as if he was surprised.
Suddenly, Edward stands up, grabs a nearby rock and scratch on the wall. Writtings begin to show as he scratches.
It reads “Where are we?”

Duncan respond “We’re not far…from Salveron Industries. A facility about…medical stuff.”

He continues “Talking about medical…my leg is broken. I can’t…move. Can you bring me there?”

Edward bow the head as a yes.
He takes Duncan delicatly, hoping not to harm him. Duncan was shaking in his hands as he took him.

The tour begin, the two fellows exit the old bloody road. Duncan points directions as Edward walk, Left, right, forward, up, down…the man was confident.
10 minutes passed, the old man’s face begins to whiten.

“My head feels so heavy…uuuh.” said Duncan, while completely drained from the blood loss.

Time is ticking, Edward accelerate the walk as he heard Duncan’s comment.
He finally end up on a large concrete gate, beneath were strange buildings. They look like some kind of dual-gun turrets, something Edward has never seen during the attack on the yellow beach.
They weren’t controlled, nor could be used judging by the damages.

Edward enter through the gate, debris were scattered all over the road, another fight must have happened.
A gigantic, massive, wall-like building uncover itself as Edward follows the road. A wall no man could build without crazy ideas.

Under the bridge that crossed two platforms were other turrets. One glows with red lights, turn slowly with loud rasping sounds and aims at Edward.
Clips were heard from the turret as it began to shoot, meaning it was already out of ammo. The gun did not stop hitting the trigger whatsoever.

Edward moves on, ignoring the turret, wondering if it’s manned or controlled by some kind of magic.
A second gate was carved through the wall, revealing big crates opened and scattered everywhere. White pistols and other unusual equipments were thrown from the crates.

Further, Edward could hear the crackling sound of fire. A tall, sky piercing building was built in the center of a large platform. it must have served something if it’s centered in such a big place.
Edward, as he was watching the structure still on fire, lower the head to make sure Duncan see it…but the man was inanimate.
Edward lift his arm slowly and drops it…it was too late, Duncan did not make it.

It was already too late since a long moment, the facility must have been attacked while he found the poor man.
Edward lay Duncan on the floor, puts his arm on his own chest and walk backward.

“Rest in peace now, may God bless you.” thought Edward, fist on his chest.

Edward moves on, the building was still on fire. Our soldier begin to investigate the place, so much oddity to watch.
Under the platform were corpses of those cuttlefishes and some other tinier buildings.
Further was a barbed fence with a gaping hole, and a big black silhouette was hovering from the ground.
Edward felt cold blood in his veins until he notice the silhouette was dead as well.

Edward approaches carefully and discover a massive Goliath, mouth whide open, eyes closed, inanimate and hung on the fence.
Why is it stuck though? Edward passes through the hole and notice a long metallic beam stuck in its back between the whide bone spikes. The flesh is burnt where the beam is planted, black vein like scars were spread from the beam.

Something else must be threatening this world. But what IS it?

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: “Who are you?”

Date: Unknown

Coordinates: Salveron Industries

Bellow the big beast, footprints were scattered all around the Goliath. They aren’t the same footprints than before, they’re different…and tinier.
A few meters away from the fence, blood traces were covering the rocky platforms, they came from the Goliath.
Edward tries to pull off the bar from the back of the dead body, a mix of black goop and red blood comes out of the back as the spear gets pulled off.

The spear was obviously covered in blood, but on the top of it was a pointy rock and the rest of a detached iron chain. There’s no way an animal would be able to craft weapons.
The rock was sharp as a flint, just like how cavemen used to hunt their preys in group.

Edward decides to keep the lance, it might come in handy for hunting and self defense.
Further is an edge with a few other pineapple-like trees grown on the rocky walls.
Edward approaches the edge and look down. The depth of the ravine was deep and dark. A few lightning beams were revealing the bottom, until a big shadow casts itself, inciting Edward to look up.

A big black figure was standing on top of the canyon, it was looking at Edward with glowing eyes.
A feminine voice echoes as Edward watches the shadow getting away from his sight.

“Shit, it saw me!” echoed the voice.

Edward quickly turned back and sprinted to the gate, but he remembered that he is now armed. The spear he got from the dead Goliath was his opportunity to show who is the boss now.
Edward goes back to the edge, take momentum and perform a gigantic leap. A jump so big he felt like a butterfly in the air, he should have known sooner that he could do that.

He manages to grab the border where the shadow was standing from. When he revealed his head to the light, a beautiful landscape of square shaped mountains were presenting him, it was the most splendid landscape he has ever seen since his childhood. A paradise born.
But it was not the time to observe the mountains, there’s a threat to take down before it kills other people.

Edward climbs up the edge and run where the beast left its footprints, they’re the same than those near the big Goliath.
The beast was far and was moving quickly, but not as quick as Edward, thanks to his military trainings. Edward closes the distance on the fleeing beast in no time, hold the lance he took and throws it.
The lance hits the ground, barely missing his target. A big “EEEP” echoes from the black quadruped.
Edward accelerate and jump on the back of the screaming creature who is now struggling to get him off.

Edward quickly grab the head of the Cthulhu and approach his face as an intimidation.
Edward had only one thing in mind, it was to kill the beast for the sake of avenging the humans that died in the facility. He believe it was the one responsible of the facility’s destruction
"I don’t know what the hell you are, but what I kno-"

“Wait WHAT!?” said the creature, interrupting Edward in his thoughts.

Edward suddenly widen his eyes and jump backward, releasing the creature. Since when does animals talk?

“Hooollyyy shit!” thought Edward while peering on the creature.

“Is this…Goliath talking?” echoed the deep feminine voice.

“Hold on a second there! You can read my thoughts?” thought Edward.

The squid face responded with a silence.

“Or maybe I’m going crazy in this case…anyway, this thing needs to die.” Edward approaches the beast with his fist ready to hit.


Edward stop his walk immediately. The octopus continues.

“So you’re not like those monsters?.. Can you hear me?”

“Ah-uuuh…y…yes…so I’m not crazy then.”

“Who…who…who are you?” said the beast, still on the back and vulnerable.

“Me? Uh-No, I should be the one to ask this. Who are you instead?”


“Are you the one who destroyed the Salveron Industries? Who killed the people inside?”

“What? No! I don’t kill people! Not like YOU, maybe.”

“Listen, I don’t know where the fuck we are and what the hell is going on. WHO-ARE-YOU?!”

sigh I guess it’s me first…I was here since 2 days, I don’t know where we are and I don’t know what is going on either.”

Edward narrow his eyes.

“All I know is that we might be on an alien planet and that those monsters are killing people in mass. I saw you near the generator and I bet that you were searching for survivors for the sake of being sure no one’s alive.”

“I’m sorry, but I did not have any of this in mind. I was carrying someone, he had his leg broken and he died while I was heading to that building. I did not kill him, he died by himself.”

“And why were you carrying him? Mmh?”

“Because he asked me to bri-”

“He ASKED you?”

“Yes, he asked me. I found him wounded on a rock, I tried to communicate with my hands, he understood that I know the english, that I was not a threat and that I was trying to help him. He then asked me to send him to the Salveron Industries which I bet was this building, and when I arrived, the building was already in ruin.”

“I don’t believe you even a second.”

“Jesus Christ…and what about you, dammit?!”

“You want my story? Fine. Everything started when me and my family were travelling to Europe II, it was the first time I have ever been in space.”

“Space? You mean what’s above the sky?”

“Yes, why? You forgot what it is?”


“Oh, I know why. You live in a fucking cave!”

“First of all, I am american. I have made though studies to be enrolled as a soldier, but no one ever talked about ‘space’ in my life. Only the newspaper mentionned it a few times!”

“Newspaper? Wow, that’s an old way to transmit information.”

“Old? There was no other way to know what was happening without that.”

sigh Anyway, we were travelling to Europe II. Everything was fine, we had food, water, showers, bedrooms, etc…it was like at home and we were having a good time in family.
It was a night (well, not really since we were in a capsule) when my brother woke me up to tell me that there was a leak. I grabed a welder and closed the leaks, then a filtration tube that was in the room exploded and threw debris everywhere, (maybe because of the low pression). The debris have cut a wire from the command board and the wire burnt and the whole console caught fire. I tried to put out the fire but the extinguisher had water instead of foam, the console exploded creating other leaks.
Those leaks sucked out all the air that was in the room, I ended with my eyes exploding, my skin covered in boiling blood and my lungs burning. I died and now I’m out from an egg and am surrounded by…those things…until now.”

“So…you died as well?”

There was a moment of silence.

“Yes, I died. You died before becoming a monster?”

“Yes, in a war”

“There’s been many wars in the past, what war was it?”

“It was called the operation FLODDEN, we were thousands of canadians, of britans and a few americans to land on the yellow beach in France. Our goal was to sabotage the heavy artillery that was shooting at our destroyers, the Nazis were controlling the land and…”

“The nazis?.. Wait, are you from the past? From the 20th century?”

“I…yes…I mean…”

“What was the year you died?”


“Wow…that explains everything.”

“And you?”

“2126, one year after humanity started colonising Europe II.”

Edward was very confused, not only she talks about colonising ‘Europe II’, but he also jumped forward in time.

“What do you mean by Europe TWO?”

“It’s a planet orbiting around Jupiter…we believe it has life under its icy crust…oh wait, I forgot you were from World War Two.”

“World War Two? mean that I was in a second world war?”

“Yeah, and to relive you because I see you’re worried about the war’s resume, the allies ended victorious.”

relieved sigh So I did not fight for nothing at least.”

“What’s your name?”

“Oh, sorry. My name is Edward.”

“My name is Sandrine, nice to meet you.”

And they both shake the hand.

Chapter 5

Fan lore: Edward's story

Chapter 6

Fan lore: Edward's story

Chapter 7

Fan lore: Edward's story

Cosplay and Fan Art

This is quite an interesting story, is this something you made from scrap or inspired from a game?

If original, will chapter 2 be someone else’s story or continuing Edward?


It’ll continue on Edward . Also, Edward is a real soldier and is the first american to die on the field in WWII, I did many researches on the raid of Dieppe before starting this lore I wanted to share since months. The informations about the raid were not easy to find, but luckily I found a french website with witnesses from the soldiers of the yellow beach (like one who took Edward’s rifle after he died).

So it’s kind of an inspiration from a real event of the WWII.


That’s really fucking awesome, can’t wait for the next read!


I usually take my time because of the games, so don’t expect to get the next chapter tomorrow…but nonetheless, I’m quite happy that I’m starting a lore.


I forgot to say, but the next chapter will be focused on the survival of Edward after he got out of the “egg” (in the lore of Evolve, the eggs are in fact teleporters which allows monsters to invade planets in case you forgot/didn’t knew) and the egg of Edward failed to transport the conciousness of a monster, so it instead got Edward’s conciousness.
In a way, it respects the actual lore of Evolve, and that’s what I wanted to do since the beginning.


Great things take time, no worries :slight_smile:

I did forget, really cool way to pay respects and a very interesting take on the lore for Evolve


Chapter 2 is out, for now I will edit the first post each time I finish a chapter.


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Reached the limit?
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Limit as in characters, I don’t remember the limit number though

I read the story, spotted a Megamouth, Lazarus and Mammoth bird?

I think he’s a Goliath but I’m not sure and I wonder if the thing he finds will attack Edward or help him


Edward is a Goliath, the russian is Markov, the “Cuttlefish” is a canyon strider and the rock thing is indeed a Megamouth.
I checked the character limit and it was 32000.


New chapter is out!
Also, sorry for the delay, I forgot about the lore. I was more thinking about playing than writting…


I will read this tonight when I lay down for bed. MY BODY IS READY


It’s funny how Edward refers to an automatic turret controlled by AI as “magic” which I understand cause he’s from a completely different era


There was no automation in the 40’s, so yup. I find it fun to add the point of views from Edward, it makes it obvious that he’s from the past.


So 1940s to 3000s wow

How technology has evolved lol

I also would like to reserve this time for Mr. Duncan. He was a good man who was “Left 4 Dead”

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Chapter 4 is out! Say hi to Sandrine.


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Yup, and she’s the one who made the lance.