Fan Fiction: My Studies So Far


It has been ten long years since the planet Shear was abandoned by humans due to what the few survivors deemed as ‘monsters’. Soon after the planet was abandoned; the survivors told tales of the nightmarish force and ferocity of the beasts. How they killed without any regard for the safety of their own kind or anything around them. Their determination to rid the planet of all human existence as well as their amazing adaptability was beyond anything ever heard of before.
You all know the story and such, even how the corporations have tried so hard to prevent any information from being leaked. Even removing Shear’s existence from any planetary mapping systems and planting dampening beacons on Shear’s moon However; after extensive information gathering and research, I have found the planet and have made my way down to document the very monsters that drove humans off of this ecological paradise.
I would also like to point out that the eggs that the survivors have talked about are not actually the individual eggs of the monsters themselves. The eggs I will mention in my reports will be eggs that are naturally laid by females of the respective species.
This is all the information I have been able to gather at this point in time about how the creatures live on this planet long after humans have left.


We will start with the very first of the creatures that was encountered. The Goliath:

I can say one thing already about this amazing beast; no body was lying with they talked about how aggressive it is. However; the beast is not as dimwitted as survivors made it out to be.
Goliaths appear to have become pack hunters with a large alpha male leading small packs of, at most, seven smaller and younger Goliaths.
They don’t hunt together in the traditional sense that most other pack animals hunt. Instead the pack spreads out and snags whatever prey they can get their hands on before bringing it back to a large open field that I discovered to be their nesting site. The alpha male tends to bring in the largest prey and feeds first before allowing the others to feed on what is left.
Any females are the alpha’s as one would expect. No surprise there. And nearly constant fights with underlings or other packs really scar up the alpha so much so that I had a hard time finding a single patch of unharmed flesh on the beast.
The territory of Goliath packs are not as large as one would assume such a number of these beasts to have. They tend to stick more near the planets deserts and survive on the many Megamouths and Desert Nomads as primary food sources.
I would also like to note that it is not wise to wonder into a female Goliath’s nest. That fire is HOT!
I noticed that the Goliaths did not use their flame breath as much as survivors said they did; even while hunting. Only against other Goliaths as a show of domination or intimation, or when fighting tooth and claw with rival packs. They do tend to toss boulders near those that stray too close to an egg clutch though. I was quiet surprised when they did not give chase though. It appears that the female will not leave the nesting area until her egg hatches; no matter what the threat to herself may be.
There is a very surprising amount of care that a female and even the alpha Goliath show to their offspring. They protect their young with no regard for their own safety and with through the entire pack at anything that even makes a young one sound scared. Not even a Tyrant can withstand an upset Goliath mama for longer than a moment or two.
The level of care towards their young is understandable since there appears to be only one or two females in each pack and they only bare a single offspring at a time. Anymore and it usually turns out to be fatal for both the young and the mother as it appears that they can not physically birth two eggs at different time. Both eggs try to exit the mother at once and cause so much damage to the mother and the eggs themselves that survival is very slim; even for the obviously hurting female.
Lone Goliaths are almost nonexistent since it appears that without a social group, the creatures become amazingly depressed and somber. Without a pack, the Goliath will let out desperate and sad cries without moving until either a pack agrees to accept it into their own; or it starves to death. Goliath’s appear to be deathly afraid of being alone and so never travel past earshot of another’s cry. Please remember that Goliath’s can be very, very loud when they need to be.
I will keep following my chosen pack for a while and find anything else I can discover. I will post my current findings on another creature shortly.


But the monsters have no reproductive organs and can’t procreate D:
No one knows where the eggs come from, and they appear to be filled with goop right until the second they hatch.
I really like what you’re doing, but all immersion broke for me as soon as you started getting this wrong, sorry :slight_smile:

But who knows. You might discover that you were mistaken before in your next log! Keep us posted :wink:


Interesting idea, writing up a “wildlife documentary” of sorts on the monsters. I like how you place it ten years after the events of Evolve. However, a few things to keep in mind, so you don’t end up going against canon info on the story:

  • It’s been suggested that the monsters have shown up as a result of Paterson Drive usage on Shear’s surface. In addition to being a power source, the drives also are used for faster-than-light travel.

  • It’s also been suggested that the monsters have been created as opposed to naturally evolved. Caira drops some hints to this via drop ship conversations in the game: how the monsters have similar DNA (or actually a superior form of it), how the eggs might be ways for the monsters to arrive from whatever dimension the Paterson Drives tap into, and other fun stuff.

Maybe you can phrase this in such a way as this might be how the monsters develop after being left to their own devices after ten years?


You ninja, you… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Next I will lay out my finding on the Kraken:

Kraken seemed to have made the beaches and waterways of Shear as their home; but not for the reason you expect. The high amounts of saline within Shear’s water appears to amplify the Kraken’s electrical abilities; increasing the power and range so that hunting is easier for the beast. Due to this dangerous ability; even the deadly Tyrant knows to go hide when they hear the familiar whirring sounds of a Kraken in flight.
I don’t think I have ever encountered as bizarre a social structure in any form of life besides our own until I started following the Kraken around. They mate for life despite finding another partner not being to hard of a task to complete. Just like all the monsters; the female Kraken lays eggs. Two eggs to be exact; no more, not less. One will always be male, and the other will be female. The static covered eggs are laid on incredibly high nests that the male and female both care for in a similar manner as the birds on Earth do. The young hatch and are raised by the parents. Nothing strange yet right?
Well, it appears that the young stay with their parents for life; until they come across another Kraken of the opposite sex from another family group. They do a very elaborate courtship dance that can be incredibly painful for an observer who is standing just a little too close; before going off together and finding their own permanent nesting place. Still not too strange, huh?
But it turns out that the siblings and parents of matted Krakens actually visit occasionally and appear to socialize with their relatives. I have observed them engaging in hunts, grooming, and I swear I have heard laughing sounds and arguments.
The flying elecro squid is not anywhere near as aggressive as the Goliath and tend to not guard their nests as often; probably due to the stored electricity in the eggs and nest as well as Shear just lacking in aerial threats.
They are so passive that I was actually able to climb into their nest; while wearing protective gear, as was able to touch the eggs while the mother laid there and watched. They might be intelligent enough to recognize that I do not have a weapon and am thus not a threat.
I plan on following this matted pair around to find out as much as I can. I wonder if some form of communication between both me and the Kraken family could be established!


There is a reason I set it so far into the future. That gives enough time for such an adaptive species to not just adapt against humans, but the very planet they reside on. If several of the monsters stay on the planet, then the eggs will no longer need to act in such a way and can become normal eggs over time. Same with the eventual creation of sex organs. I have doubt that the once all humans are gone, so will all the monster. Some will stay and will form their own lives on the planet Shear.
Who is to say that those eggs are even the monster’s own? I am talking about fertilized natural eggs that develop with the female. Not a 10 foot tale organic teleporter.


Please refer to my response for an explination.


Dang it, you ninja’d me! What’s with forum users ninja-ing me today? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alternatively, I do have one other explanation that can be used for this, but you don’t have to use it: this wildlife documentary of sorts could be propaganda by the company who makes Paterson drives to cover up what really happened on Shear. :wink:


Here we have the next monster I tracked down; painfully: Wraith

The Wraith have made their homes within Shear’s massive forests and jungles and use the terrain to their advantage when it comes to hunting and stalking prey. In fact; as I write this, there is a very cheeky female that has been tailing me for the past few days now.
The Wraith is a solitary hunter and appear to only interact with another of it’s kind when it is either time to mate or when it’s territory has been invaded.
A territorial despite between two Wraiths can best be described as a large scale hide-and-seek; with the loser being the one forced to leave the area. No attacks are made and no blood is drawn; just a single glance towards each other and the first one to find the other is victorious.
A rather smart way to end a conflict considering how relatively delicate this creature is.
Unlike other monsters; the Wraith gives live birth to around five offspring; these pups are unable to hover over the ground until they are nearly two years old and thus completely depend on their mother for survival. It appears that the Wraith abduction ability is just as good as snagging her children away from danger as it is catching quick prey.
Despite being a very effective stalker and hunter; the Wraith is a very curious creature. The one that has been following me appears to be a young adult and is more curious as to what I am then to seeing if I am food or not. A few nights ago I pretended to be asleep and she came into my camp and fiddled around with my equipment a bit before I sat up and she warped away. She came back just as quickly though and my equipment told me she has been sneaking around for quiet some time. I have already set up a few test for the young Wraith to see if she is able to solve them.
I guess we will how she does toni-


Dude don’t die on us before you see what’s up with behemoth!


Can’t wait to see more! :grinning:, but it would be interesting to see the adaptions (once they are completely released) as albinos, alphas or as an actually adaption to their environment.