Fan Fiction: Field Dissection of a Goliath


[Recording Start]
[Time stamp 1443 12/2/2429]
-on? Ok, this is the audio log of Caira Diaz. I am about to begin a field dissection of the super-predator code named Goliath.

So for exterior anatomy… it’s about twenty, twenty one meters in height. This specimen is one of the alphas, so it’s at least three times as big as a minion. It is bipedal, with bilateral symmetry and binocular vision. Its extremities consist of two legs, two arms, and one tail.

The arms are proportional to the torso, with the tips of the fingers falling just below the upper knee. Each arm has three joints, a shoulder, and elbow, and a wrist. Hands have four digits, with one opposable digit on the inner side of the hand and one semi-opposable digit on the outer side. Digits have only two joints, decreasing flexibility and dexterity but increasing durability. The claws… appear smooth, but have micro-serrations on their inner side.

The legs are similarly proportional to the body. They have three joints, a hip, a knee, and a secondary revered knee. It… doesn’t seem to have ankles, with the toes connected directly to the lower leg. It’s possible that it is actually digitigrade and the second knee is actually a fetlock, but I won’t be able to make a decision until I begin the dissection. The feet themselves consist of four toes, with two fixed in place and the outer ones opposable. When the Goliath moves on mud or sand, it keeps the toes forward in a pad for better traction, as seen in its prints. When in combat, it moves the opposable toes back into a zygodactyl position to give it better stability.

The tail is at least seven meters long, with spiny protuberances along the last third. Given the Goliath’s stance when moving in a bipedal manner, it’s probably for balance. The spines get up to a meter in length, but I’ve never seen a Goliath use its tail as a weapon. I’m not sure if they can’t or just don’t have a reason too. Maybe Abe can test it for me…

The torso is quite large, with a well defined musculature. Its dorsal side has many bony protuberances, with the longest over 2 meters in length. The purpose of these is currently unknown. They could be used to break up its outline to aid in camouflage, but they become most defined when it’s at its most dangerous and doesn’t need to hide. My best guess it that it’s for display and intimidation purposes.

The cranium has several bony plates covering it to help protect it from damage. It lacks cheeks… but does seem to have lips, as well as two small sets of mandibles. The lack of cheeks means it doesn’t keep food in its mouth for long, and the mandibles and lips probably help it strip flesh from bone… yep, its jaws are built to easily unhinge, so it skips the whole ‘chewing’ step to go straight from bite to swallow. There’re also some… bone… hinge structures over where the cheeks would be, probably to increase its bite strength. The eyes are oriented to provide binocular vision, but also allow for a greater range of peripheral vision. There are no obvious nasal openings, but since Goliaths will keep fighting after having both their eyes shot out, it either has a great sense of smell or hearing. Or both… I’ll have to look for those. Combined with the wide range of vision, Goliaths are both extremely efficient trackers and very difficult to sneak up on. [Whispered] Of course we knew that without the study, but I have to say it for the record. [End Whispering]

Its pigmentation is a dark grey, with a lighter shade on its ventral side. There’s also a white stripe going from its upper lip to about halfway back on the plates on the top of its head. There isn’t really anything special about the coloration, most of the Goliaths we’ve seen were this color. The minions on the other hand are a darker reddish-brown.
But the thing is… there are Goliaths with other colors. It probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, most animals have variety in their pigmentation. And for some of them, it’s just that. There was one we hunted that was green, and another that was light blue. But there were other that we saw that were bright orange and white or sparkly purple or red. Those don’t fit with their normal colors, and there’s no way they could be for camouflage. I’d dismiss it as random genetic mutation, but there were some others that made that seem unlikely.
One Goliath that Markov saw was black with red markings. I would have dismissed it as elaboration, but Bucket pulled the video data from his eye and there it was. A black Goliath with red markings. That could have been random too, but the markings seemed… deliberate, like old Earth war paint. Another one, we pulled security camera footage of from an Ebonstar drone during a rescue mission. The photo was blurry, but the Goliath seemed to have a detailed image of its own bones displayed on its skin. The other one, maybe, but there is no way that wasn’t deliberate. And if these were deliberate… the other ones might have been as well. Taunting us.
I wouldn’t put it past them either. The green one we fought was in the jungle. And there were reports of bone-white Goliaths farther north, attacking during snow storms.

[cough] Anyways, that’s enough conjecture. So, I’ll start with the initial incision in its upper torso. [Gurgling] I’m not sure of the tissue density, so [Gurgling] I’ll start at setting… Ok… [Gurgling] So… The Goliath corpse appears to have… melted.

This was unexpected.

So, I’ll finish this when I have another Goliath corpse. I’ll just… where’s the
[End Recording]
[Time Stamp 1501 12/2/2429]

@moiser, you pay attention to Caira, so if you could tell me if I got her personality right that would be great. Thank you.

I’ll add the interior dissection later.


:grinning: Pretty fun read. Thanks!


That was really cool! I think you nailed Caira :smiley_cat: