Fan Art Friday- Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth!


You drew these? O.o

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Great work! Keep it up!!

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Woaaaah, those draws looks sick! I wonder if my sister can do them too because she draws beautiful fanarts like Undertale or Minecraft or dragons or other stuff.
Here’s her Deviantart account >here<

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I love that Kraken picture!!!1/!/1/1/1/1

The Wraith is also amazing.

Behemoth look scary with his armor being stretched off his face.

Amazing work!


This is wonderful.
Will there be a Miley one?

thx bby gurl

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I rate this artwork a “Meh…”

######Is really fukin jelly…

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I like the Kraken best but the Behemoth is very well done as well!

Very cool! I love the colors on wraith :slight_smile:

Were is Miley? Where is Golliath? WERAR MAH FREDS?!

Behemoth = :thumbsup:

Artwork is hard, I don’t know how long it took @Boaba to do these but I’d say a while

Something about behemoths face says

“Omg mom close the door and knock first!!!”


Great work :slight_smile:
If you are doing anymore then might I suggest our Lord Goliath

Exactly. No one wants their mum to walk in when they’re playing COD.


Hey Boaba, anything new?

Do our lord Meteor Goliath please.