[Fan Art] Bucket Sentry Gun Mark II


Hello guys,

As you probably already know, I LOVE BUCKET .

I want to share you a personnal project, a rework of the famous Bucket Sentry Gun.



Here is the first version, still in work in progress, I am sorry about the noisy render, it’s just a fast render.

Next step : new modeling of the metal parts, texturing, surfacing and animation.




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OMG!!! This is freaking awesome!!! First time I see somebody doing Sentry Gun fan art in the forums!! I love you for this and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! So far it looks pretty awesome! :bucket_salute:



Love this so much!


Thank you !

This little robot is so fun ! I will update it this week :smile:


Squeee! Love it!


@JamesH Please don’t shift it out of this category again- this is where it belongs.

That aside, excellent work.


The quality of the work is almost enough to make me get over how much I despise those sentries, well done!


Aww!, it’s adorably awesome!! :grin: I love it! Very good job!


All it takes is giving them personalities :slight_smile:


One day I was drawing with my little sister, busted out the crayons hardcore, and (I AM NOT AN ARTIST) drew bucket sentry guns with personalities I named them Inky Blinky Pinky Stinky and Seraphim…they’re somewhere around here lol


Where’s Clyde? D:


Eaten by Hyde


Noooo, Clyde was best ghost.





Thank you !

@MidnightRoses I am sorry, I didnt see the “Community Content” category, many people edited my message.

The computer is currently in rendering, a new picture will be posted tonight.

I worked on new “fairing” (don’t know the english word for that, maybe “bodywork” ? ), and new shaders.

Tomorrow I will work on the rig. In Evolve the bucket sentry gun is a kind of sphere, but in my version with this type of canon cannot be a sphere. So I decided to do an other animation depoyment. It’s not Optimus Prime, but I think I can do something dynamic and different.


I have to optimise the edgeflow and doing some adjustment.


Perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

Also I absolutely love that it has rotors, he looks WAY better than the legit one IMO. :smiley:


Thank you MidnightRoses ! I don’t know if it is physically correct but as you know… it’s the future… :smiley:


dude thats so sick! do you model that from scratch yourself? what program do you use?