False Alarm lol


“Customers who have shown an interest in “Evolve” or similar games might like to know that all pre-orders get the Amazon-exclusive Instant Hunter Pack and the Monster Expansion Pack, giving you instant access to four additional hunters, the Savage Goliath skin, and a new monster character for free.”

Someone please enlighten me…


Do you have a link? If so, that’s very devious. The steam pre-order would seem very inferior.


…Man this is old news.

Yes pre-order from amazon gets you tier 2 unlocked.

Imo this is a disadvantage :slight_smile:


Oh it said four more hunters so i was thinking monster and four hunters I was going to say that would be insane, I would never expect that much free. But instant access to the next four makes much more sense lol good I figured there was a rational explanation.


Amazon and some other stores:

monster dlc + goliath skin + tier 2

Gamestop and some other stores:

monster dlc + goliath skin + weapon skins

Steam and some other stores:

monster dlc + goliath skin

This is what i know from reading the forums.


It would be pretty sweet if they did dlc shortly after the release like phil was talking about how he is totally fine with launch dlc, because there is a lag between the final shipment disk and actual release that there is extra time to do that sort of thing. If they released the some DLC even the next week I would be all over it for sure.


Ye wouldn’t mind dlc after a week xD i’ll buy evry single one hah


Get it from Amazon, you can put in your steam account regardless. Tier 2 unlock is great. You should have already unlocked them in the alpha anyway.


You’ll all forget about that DLC once the third monster is revealed :smiley:


Tier 2 gives you a disadvantage :wink:


Your posts would be so much more informative if you really explain what the disadvantage is. Just shouting it out there isn´t very helpful, you see?


I already explained it in another topic :smile:

Because you already have tier 2 unlocked you have 8 characters to play so you won’t play the same amount of time on tier 1 as someone that does not have it. So that person without tier 2 will have better experience in tier 1 and has an easier time tier 2.