False alarm, its only a derp


##It’s just a derp, move along


As you can see, I consumed his corpse, but a few seconds later… What’s that sound?



Well now @Shin is going to start obsessing over Griffin…


It might have something to do with the fact you didn’t completely consume the corpse, but I’unno it could be a bug


Yeah you didn’t completely eat the corpse.


You didn’t consume the entire corpse… You need to eat full 2 bars, or you can still resurrect the hunter.


I was thinking that too, but until now, every corpse I took 1 bar out of was un-revivifiable. :fearful:


It’s always been 1 bar and you can revive.


You can’t be serious.
So this entire time, every single time I took 1 bar out of corpses, the Laz just went “Ah, f**k that corpse” and didn’t revive on purpose?

Either every Laz I’ve ever seen is actually a dog accidentally pressing buttons on the controller, or I’m going crazy.


[quote=“aTramp, post:8, topic:56720”]Either every Laz I’ve ever seen is actually a dog accidentally pressing buttons on the controller, or I’m going crazy.

Anyone who picks Laz might just be a dog with a controller strapped to it, because it’s a dumb move, but yes. It’s always been this way.


You have no idea how hard it is for me to belive that this has always been the case.
Meh, I guess I’ll just carry on wrecking te- Disconnected?
What do you mean disconnected?!

That’s how that game ended. :cry:


Pretty much

You’ve seen some shitty laz in your day


Now now there is no need for name calling I happen to main Laz frequently and I’m not a dog with a controller strapped to me, I happen to be a goat I: and I as a goat resent that remark.


The former. Every pub Laz I play with is terrible. Like, the second someone goes down, they charge the body and just keep trying to revive it as the Monster pounds them to dust. It’s ridiculous.


Yepp. You have always had to eat both bars to make the body impossible to revive.


He says as he runs away. ^.^


Eating 1 bar will make the body decompose faster… Which means Laz will have less time to revive.


Im guessing laz thought (or many other laz players ) that even if it doesnt get fully eaten you can still revive hunters…he mustve gotten curious and POOF! Alive!


Incorrect. Individual meat degrades at either 30 or 45 seconds (I did a test a while back) the body itself decomposes (Regardless of meat) after 2 mins 30 seconds (For creatures) and 45 seconds for Hunters. For instance, 2 sloths are killed and the monster eats 2 meats off one of them. This is what happens:

30 seconds - Sloth 1 Goes from 4 meats to 3 meats. Sloth 2 goes from 2 meats to 1 meat.
60 Seconds - Sloth 1 goes from 3 meats to 2 meats. Sloth 2 doesn’t change.
90 Seconds - Sloth 1 goes from 2 meats to 1 meat. Sloth 2 doesn’t change.
Nothing else happens for 90 seconds at which points they both disappear.

(Note: 30 seconds could be 45, I’ll have to dig through my footage to see what it was)

However, eating meat off a corpse didn’t change decomposition rate with either hunter or wildlife.


I probably should have specified that I was talking about hunter corpses. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, I’m pretty sure I heard @Alex_Versnel talking about it anyway.

…Of course my memory may just be playing tricks with me. ^^


They have the same mechanics. It was also tested with Laz about a month or so ago. It could’ve been changed, but not likely without patch notes as that would be big news.