Falloween Poster Board (Share Fall/Halloween Decor, Carvings, Etc!)

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Hi everyone! We’re mostly through October now and I am sad that Halloween is fast approaching because I will miss seeing all the spooky decorations. I have been able to see a lot of the local areas recently and I absolutely adore all the fall and Halloween setups on every porch and yard that I’ve been seeing. It’s a huge part of why I love this season. Especially the pumpkins and gourds. Best decor pieces. :jack_o_lantern:

Soooo, in hopes that at least some of you share the sentiment, I wanted to make a compilation thread where everyone can share pictures of their indoor and/or outdoor decor!

Post your fall decor (leaf garlands, scarecrows, pumpkins, corn stalks, lights, etc.) or your spooky Halloween setups, whether it’s a few candles with a plastic pumpkin on a table, your jack o’lantern for Halloween, or the frights in your front yard! Old AND current pictures are both welcome. Reminisce on a previous pumpkin carving you did, or share your kid’s! Anything Halloween and fall-themed goes. :orange_heart:

Please be mindful of personal information in any photos you post. For example, if it’s of a front yard, avoid including any visible house numbers or showing the whole of the house in the image for your privacy, please!

Normally, if I was home, I’d have autumn leaf garland on everything with orange lights and a mix of plastic and real pumpkins all over. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury right now, so I’m making due with what I have! These are my current little decor setups.

Since I won’t be carving until Halloween, I’m gonna share some of my previous carvings (as soon as I find the photos)… First up is the “Jack” O’lantern I did for the Evolve carving contest back in 2015. :grin:

Second up is the one I started last year, but never got to actually finish. I originally planned for it to be a disfigured goblin-like creature. I wanted to carve out a long, pointy ear for the right side of its head, while horribly mutilating the left side because of the “caved in” look the pumpkin had.

P.S. I know I’m not the best carver, but I do really enjoy it. <3

Here’s hoping some of you are as into this as I am. :laughing:


Something me and the wife did last year nothing this year yet.


I love that whole setup! Those are some awesome carvings and the shiny leaves are cool. :eyes:

Who did which pumpkin?


I did the ghost and she did the face. The leaf’s are metal glad you like it we really get into the holiday yours looks awesome as well.


I forgot to post my pumpkin, here it is!


Very nice. Super clean cuts.


That looks awesome. I love it! Teeth are always a bane for me when I carve pumpkins. That’s a pretty clean job.

We’ve had bad weather so I haven’t been able to carve (no room to indoors), so I’m hoping to have mine up within the next few days. I also have a bunch of Halloween decor pictures. :orange_heart:


I will buy a pumpkin carving set though next year. I did this with kitchen knives and it was hard for some parts cause I couldn’t find a small knife to help carving smaller holes haha

Also only my 2nd time carving a pumpkin. It’s not really something celebrated in Europe.