Fallout Shelter


Just curious to see who plays it and how far they are with their vaults and what happens to their vaults.


I play but I am not super far. I have like 30 something people in my vault right now, and the worst thing that happens to me is Mole rat attacks.


I played it for about a week when it first came out, then I got my population high enough that there was nothing more to unlock and stopped playing.


I’m similar to what @turwaith said. I was super excited to play, but after getting to around 100 population I stopped playing. Once I had about 30-40 people I started to see the lack of depth I was hoping for :frowning:

It doesn’t help that the people you send out in the wasteland can take days to come back -.-


I tend to overload my iPads memory, so I wasn’t able to use it on their, and the interface was horribly annoying on my iPhone, so I didn’t get very far


I have one vault that’s all right, but I’m thinking of starting over with a better plan in place. Meet Vault 13:

Any resource-generating room smaller than 3 cells is pretty inefficient, so this place is pretty much a clusterfuck.
At first I thought I wouldn’t need huge stimpack/radaway production, but it slows down wasteland expeditions to pretty much one at a time with just the 2 stim rooms and 1 radaway room.
I also didn’t think I would have cause to train up that many people, so on floor 4 I just put single-celled training rooms for each stat, but that has really slowed down the process of getting new dwellers ready to run the newer production rooms on the (currently) bottom floor.
I’m debating doing some severe remodeling and just eating the caps loss or just starting over.

When I started it up to take that screenshot I got hit by my first deathclaw attack. Seems to be a VERY good thing that every dweller is armed and armored because they were running through the whole damn place. Raiders usually get hard-stopped right at the gate by my guards, but the deathclaws got all the way down to the fourth floor. They also took my food down below threshold.

Overall it’s a pretty interesting little diversion for the part of my commute where I don’t have internet - the available microtransactions are very sensible and they never try to push them on you that hard. There’s not a lot to it really, but I’m kind of hoping Bethesda puts some little treats in there that carry over to Fallout 4 after its release, and part of me REALLY wants to actually finish out a whole vault, using all available space.


I’m actually doing alright right now. i’ve got near 40 dwellers and this is after having my vault nearly wiped out TWICE by the OP radroaches.


I’ve restarted twice since I’ve started but I’ve ended up with a stable vault now.

I have 3 living quarters, 3 power generators, 3 diners, 3 water stations, all training rooms, 2 storage rooms, both a stimpak and radaway lab, a radio station, and a nuclear reactor.

I’ve been attacked by deathclaws and raiders endlessly for the past couple of days. It’s kinda been a pain in the butt but I find it fun to pass time while in school and nothing is on the forums to watch.

My best dweller:

My two best guns and near full storage:


This game is preparing you for base building in Fallout 4. So playing this helps you get ready for Fallout 4.


I do quite frequently.


I just got started, and I got a good priest outfit which raises charisma early on, so I’ve got one guy making babies with very single female vault dweller so as to make more vault dwellers

Edit: not sure how long it took, but it was under an hour and he got pregnant every single female in the vault, with the sole exception of the one who has too good stats in her area for me to move


I enjoy it 'cause it is a good diversion when I want to take little breaks from work. It’s also cool because yeah, you get to building all the buildings, but for me the game will be finished when I would have found everything there is to find. This should take a while, so I’m good. It is nice to check from time to time the progress of your explorers. Even if now it takes them about 2 days to come back :slight_smile:

At the moment i’m at 151 Vault Dwellers, working towards a 15ish people group with 10/10 on all stats(including their clothing bonus).
Deathclaws were a pain, but not anymore, they don’t get to pass the first 2 rooms.


How do you stop raiders/deathclaws?


Black Magic, no one can stop the deathclaws that fast.


What does my skin colour have to do with this?


It’s only time played tbh. there was a week and a half where i’ve been sending about 15 people out exploring for about 2 days. During that, the deathclaw encounters were tough’ish. In the guard room I was keeping 2 level 50’s, 1 with an enhanced gatling (lunchbox drop) and 1 with an enhanced flamethrower, my best 2 weapons. I have discovered that putting the best weapons on explore duty after population 60 was not healthy. When the deathclaws were passing the guard room, i was switching these 2 superman guys to the 3’rd room that was going to be attacked, while the deathclaws were attacking the second. That’s how I’ve survived.

Little by little i have managed to gear up the first 2 rooms with >15 damage weapons and dwellers with level 30ish. The deathclaws don’t seem to scale in strength, so it was tough at first, but now they just are not a threat anymore. Survival is not in question, just vault optimization.

Raiders just die in the guard room from the 2 guards with very good weapons, or the next room after otherwise if your weapons are just decent. They are pitiful.
If you are not ready for deathclaws, just don’t advance over 59 population. They start spawning at 60.


I’m restarting my vault and thought to myself “I didn’t have any testing in my last vault” and of course that’s the whole point of the vaults. So list your test ideas here!


Hi @proeaten, we actually have an existing FS topic:


What do you mean tests?
My girlfriend keeps restarting her vault also, she gets roughly 40 people and starts hurting bad for resources. My vault has 156 people, and they’re all thriving. :smile:
I find the worst thing you can do, is try and gain people to fast, or build building you don’t need. Don’t build another power building until your power plant is as big as it can be, and fully upgraded. Same with water, and food resource buildings. The less buildings you have, the less power they expend.
Having to many people will make you hurt for food real quick, so take that slow as well.


By tests I mean experiments.
In the fallout universe, vaults may have had a certain element added or removed.
Eg. The worlds greatest musicians are all placed in a vault with static blaring in the background.
I remember one of the vault in fallout 3 had a cloning device in it, and it ended up being filled with clones of a guy called Gary who murdered everyone else.