Fallout reference?


Anyone else notice the possible fallout reference for emet? You know the whole radiation symbol in blu and yellow? And the nuke cloud? Also the fact on the level 3 mastery for the respawn beacon it states, “/successfully respawn teamates when you’re the sole survivor 60 times/” does that sound familiar? Sole survivor? 'Nuff said :smile:


Huh, never really saw it like that. Then again I don’t play Fallout.


I’d agree, I mean also emet came out almost exactly a month after fallout haha


Well that explains it, i guess you dont get the reference unless ypu play it, huh never thought of it like that :3


I know! Its so weird never expected that


Yea…I have never been a fan of fallout : /


Its fine i won’t hold it against you :smiley: your opinion


Wow, a fallout fan that doesn’t turn into a complete ass when somebody isn’t a fan of fallout /kappa


Heh i dont judge others its there opinion i dont mind :slight_smile: i dont get why fallout fans get mad though. I wish everyone can ge a


Yeah, I’ve noticed. Did you know evolve referenced from Mad Max with WasteLand Maggie? All of you kit is flame damage. First to actullay notice this. Check the date I posted it.


Hhmm never realised that mad max, wasteland maggie, makes sense, i guess turtle rock has more easter eggs than i thought… I love easter eggs XD


Don’t forget “We’ll nuke the monster till it glows and FUCK it in the dark” oh Emet.


Ooohh yes i remember that dialogue hmm i forgot that one but i did hear him say it lol