Fallout 4 mods on consoles


it releases may 31st and damn I might just want to play fallout 4 because of it.
I believe there is restrictions to nudity mods and mods based around copyrighted stuff like star wars and such but if Microsoft is willing for a halo mod it could happen.



Microsoft doesn’t need to give permission unless someone makes money off of it. It’s fair use that way. Same as PC mods. Bethesda only ports the mods (from what I understand), so anything that’s copyrighted isn’t up to them, but the people that make it.

In other words, if it gets uploaded and meets Bethesda’s standards for what they want to port, then all is well. Anything can be made as long as people want to make it. Also, there’s already been a Star Wars mod for it on PC. It’s hilarious and awesome considering they didn’t have a creation kit at the time.

KNOW WHAT ELSE? YOU WILL KNOW THE GLORY OF THE MOD MASTERS. TRAINWIZ, ELIANORA, AND DDPRODUCTIONS. Man, you guys are in for a fuckin ride when Trainwiz uses Thomas the Dank Engine in FO4. And DDProductions makes the best goddamn armor EVVA! Elianora makes the best houses, and is generally immersive as fuck with her mods.

Man, oh, man. You’ll know the glory…soon…


I want an Evolve mod. Where the Deathclaws turn into Stage 1 Monsters.


So PS4 in June?

I’ll have to give it a shot.


I think that information is now invalid there is a star trek mod already and it is old so it should have been token down by now but it is still up


Yeah, it’s allowed to be.

I’m not entirely certain what you mean by this, though. There is a Star Trek mod, but why should it have been taken down? Age?

Fair use allows people, specifically modders in this instance, to take content from other intellectual property and use it in their mod, so long as they don’t take direct models or scripting from the source game. Of course, they can do that if they’re given permission, but that’s another can of worms.


it was released may 11


And? Date doesn’t really have a lot to do with modding. I have Skyrim mods from the year it released. The only relevance date has is the version of the game. Updates and whatnot. The FO creation kit got released a while ago, so an update might be recommended for that specific one, being that there has been at least one patch since then.


but this mod is a console one so it should have been token down but I guess copyright dosent matter from movies and stuff


Nope. Like I said, Fair Use. They’re not using it to make money, nor are they taking things directly without giving credit, so it’s legal.

Platform doesn’t matter for modding. PC and Console have the same opportunities in that department. I probably should have stressed that, but yeah. That’s how it is. Bethesda can pick and choose what to upload, but that’s about your only limit. As long as it meets Bethesda’s standards, the mod should be fine.

And I’m still assuming they don’t just bring everything that gets submitted. They may just port everything that gets submitted without reviewing it first, and that would be even better.


I would love an evolve mod where you could get some of the hunters weapons


oh shit son there is a lightsaber mod with all color sabers


There’s a mod for everything.


but this one is for xbox he had to change the name or Bethesda was going to take it down


Probably because they don’t want to upload copyrighted stuff.

It’s not illegal, but I imagine they’d want to avoid it nonetheless. He was still perfectly able to upload it all, yes?


he was able to upload it but just had to change the name of the sabers to laser blade or something or else it would have been token down


Then it’s just avoiding any possible complications and enforcing the fair use stuff.


I hope there’s a mod to get classical radio back . I kinda miss it.



i would love a mod that just makes the raiders look like the football raiders