Fallout 4 [Give Your Review]


So I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this game. At least the ones who have played it. Recently someone asked on reddit’s /r/gaming if anyone thinks they should purchase it and I gave my honest opinion.

Needless to say I went through MANY iterations of this (due to my humor I went on tangents making it seem like a good review) so it took me time to write a negative one.

###Despite my thoughts what are yours? Do you agree with me? Why or why not.


All I can say is, it’s not my knida game.


See, I like it, a lot. But, frankly it has less depth than the previous Fallouts. The lack of a level cap means you basically don’t need to be careful with your perk choices anymore. You can eventually have all of them, and there is far more violence in this Fallout. The combat is more fun than previous Fallout games, but you could typically get through a whole Fallout game semi-peacefully before. Now every quest is a shoot out.


Played 80 hours on one play through, and I’ll never touch it again.

The base building was a fuster cluck (I heard it was a little easier on pc), I would have rather Bethesda spend that time on making sure their game ran smoothly. And maybe add some depth to the game. I feel like they crammed that portion in at the last minute.

There was absolutely no depth, on games like this (FO3, Skyrim etc) I should have no problem logging 100+ hours and still feel like there is plenty to do. FO4 just grew very tiresome, I had no desire to start anew and check out the other endings (although I could probably complete the others very quickly, just breeze right through the main quest line in no time given how thin it is. I did actually like most of the companions, I would have liked to do more of their quests.

200 years after the nukes, and we are still fighting the same bad guys/creatures for the most part??? Yay. Apparently everything can only get mutated from radiation so much. Good to know.

Power armor-meh.
Gun customization-meh.
Preston Garvey- fuck that guy.

TL:DR; I expected a lot, and I was sad.


Everything about it is very cut and dry; I should be able to walk into a group of Raiders and not be FORCED to fight them all. I can tame a Deathclaw with the right perk, but I can’t strike up a conversation with a few Raiders?
You can be evil, to a point, but there would’ve been so much more depth of you could join up with raiders, not have to choose on of the major factions, etc. I agree with you @WeToddEd96, the base building is meh. I had fun with it, to a point, but it could have been replaced with more gameplay features. I shouldn’t be spending my time searching for Aluminum, I want more in depth story.
What if you could convince the Institute to join the Brotherhood? Or just go rogue and bring every faction down? I don’t mean join one, do the story and then kill everyone in your factions base, but like an alternate story where you don’t agree with either party and choose your own path.
Why MUST I help the minute men? What if I don’t WANT to look for my son, because I assume he’s dead? The story was to straight forward, IMO.


Sounds like how I felt about fallout 3, so glad I didn’t bother buying fallout 4.


one of the best RPG of 2015 9.5/10


Fallout 4 is good
Fallout 3 on the other hand is slightly better


I felt it was a good game, but since bethesda took the big risk of player voice acting I think they downsized a lot.
They downsized the amount of quests because of voice acting.
The downsized the campaign length.
And the couldn’t gave as many dialogue options because of it.

I think Bethesda bit off more than they can chew.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t get sidetracked often. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never played a Fallout game before so i thought i would try this one out and see how it goes. Well… it really wasn’t as good as i expected. It was pretty easy to tell in what areas the game lacked and the pacing felt off as well, so i was quit disappointed in this game even though it has one of the best scenarios in a game (post-apocalyptic)


I couldnt get into Fo4. I WANTED to, i like the FO series (less so recently, more so originally, but still- great series over all)- But I couldnt.

Everyone talks left and right about the bajillions of things to do and see and explore. Which IS true


To be honest, to me (emphasizing this is just MY opinion)- Fallout is suffering from what nearly every other big open world rpg game of its type (Elder scrolls is a big one here now at this point to make comparisons to). A lack of diversity, and engaging mechanics. It all feels the same.

Yes- Theres a BILLION places to look at, and explore, and crawl through. But when you really get down to it- Youre really not doing anything new. Go to this building, to retrieve this thingy, while fighting/killing these mutants. Sure maybe youre crawling stealthy through it at a snails pace (and hey- youre more than welcome to enjoy this!), or youre slugging it out with the guns, pew pew pew-

It doesnt matter which youre doing, youre doing it exactly the same as you had, 100 times before hand.

I think this is my biggest problem with Fo4, and the elder scrolls games at this point- The lack of mechanical complexity. Short of looking at things, theres nothing engaging to me. If you can handle a fight at level 1 at the beginning of the game, you can handle a fight right up until you finish the game. The only added complexity is deciding “do i want to use this gun and THEN throw a grenade, or throw the grenade first. Do i want to use THIS gun with a scope, or just run in and rapid fire”.

A lot of people praised the crafting system, and the base-building.

But I cant help but sit back and go “…why”

The base building was take it or leave it to me. Something to do, sure- But i couldnt really find the purpose to why beyond “Because whee i can!”. A bit of mindless Fo4 mindcrafting, which is cool enough I guess- But not for me sadly. Not in that context.

And i honestly hated the crafting/material system. Im very pick on crafting systems in games- MOSTLY because i find so many boil down to inventory management games. Do a few fights, pick up all the junk, reach maximum capacity, decide what you want to throw away- Or go back to base, drop it all in a bucket, go back to where you were, and collect the rest. Again and again and again. It was cool what you could make in the game, and the progression of it was nice- But I dislike having to micro-manage my inventory. I want to play the game more than im looking at menus.

Now credit where credit is due. Fo4 had some BRILLIANT things added to it. The story is pretty good, a bit tedious in particular aspects (youre frequently doing the same quest dressed up as something else with new dialogue), but good.

But the power armor- Im not the first, wont be the last. But I LOVED how the game handled the concept of power armor. Changing power armor from a simple stat-change on your character sheet to a iron-manesque ride-in vehicle was great. You were looking for parts for it (a form of scavenging i DID enjoy), body panels, cores, weapons, and upgrades. Going back and docking it so you could peel away the armor revealing the chassis underneath to put your new panels in place. Loved it.

Honestly if FO4 had a slightly more complex and engaging combat system- Id have like it a LOT more. Lots of enemies boiled down to “Use bigger guns because they have bigger health bars”.

I greatly miss the old top down turn based combat. It always felt far more tactical.


I’ve put just under 100 hours into the game. Yesterday I spent the whole day modding, so now my game is “way more immersive” as MXR would put it.

Overall, not the highest replay value, but there is a lot to do in game. I’m at about 90% complete with the game, but I feel it is a great single player game. I think the mods make the game more customizable, making a better experience.

I have not bought the DLC, but that’s because I’m broke since I just got back from my Hawaii vacation.

It’s better than Arkham Knight.


That’s not a fair comparison, most people couldn’t even play that game.


I got it with my graphics card as a nvidia bundle, and it was so-so. I dunno, I just like Fallout 4 more.


It seems like a strong game in its own right, but it’s the worst Fallout I’ve ever played (a title previously held by Fallout Tactics). I just couldn’t get past expected a Fallout game and getting whatever they turned it into, so I ended up getting to one particularly bad “choose sides now” mission and just quit, and have not had any interest in going back.

I enjoyed the weapon modding system and I thought that the settlement feature was a nice addition for the people who are into that kind of thing, and I kind of like the way power armor was treated this time around. There are also a lot of individual parts of the game that I thought were really well done (Diamond City, the BotS blimp, Goodneighbor) but none of it never really meshed together as part of a whole for me.

The major killers for me were the dialog system and the combat. I’d much rather have a broad selection of dialog than having every single line voiced over, and my worst fears came true regarding the player voiceover meaning vastly reduced nuance in character interactions. (Even if that nuance was the effect of entirely illusory choices, I preferred it.) The uber-simplified “dialog wheel” interface gave my character “Cole Phelps Syndrome” more than a few times when I wanted to be a little sarcastic and not go into total raging bitch mode. They did some polish on the real-time combat, and it showed, but I didn’t like the focus on it. Making VATS slow time rather than pause it was a mistake, IMO. It basically turned it into just another shooter, and I don’t really like single-player shooters.

It felt like the devs thought that throwing the massive breadth of tons of new features and polish and a bunch of factions and a somewhat amorphous storyline would mask the lack of real depth in any one area. I think Bethesda really took some risks on this one regarding the storytelling and the glut of new features, and I hope the next iteration either a) is done by Obsidian again or b) really takes stock of what worked and what didn’t in 4 and brings back a lot of the depth I felt like the game was missing.

EDIT: I do plan on going back once all the DLC has dropped, modding the shit out of it, and trying it again. I’m sure that modders will be able to breathe some life into the game for me.


It was ok. Not as immersive as 3, and I highly doubt the DLC will change the game since the core was so meh. Very linear and general story choices especially how many paths you could take in New Vegas set the bar pretty high. Not a bad game, but just ok to decent.



If you make a save point here, you can play both sides.

I just would have liked to seen a co-op mode, not a full out multiplayer, since they scraped MP.


Obviously, but the point is the existence of such a mission, bereft of any real justification, just “if you accept this mission a bunch of other dudes will hate you”. It left a bad taste in my mouth since they had done a really bad job of making any of the sides all that compelling. Everything was broad strokes, nearly to the point of caricature. It’s not like the prior games were all masters of nuanced storytelling, but I at least gave a damn about some of the factions or at least the characters belonging to them.

Personally, if they ever add co-op or any sort of multiplayer to a Fallout game that’s supposed to be a part of the series, then that’s pretty much the end of Fallout IMO. I can ignore Elder Scrolls Online because it seems to be its own thing, and isn’t stopping them from doing another standalone Elder Scrolls title, IIRC. SWTOR on the other hand I’m really sad about, because they billed it as basically being KotOR 3, and so its existence pretty much means no more KotOR.


waiting for an Obsidian fallout title.


It was no Fallout 3 for sure. I enjoyed New Vegas a bit more than 4 as well. However I did like one change. The building relationships with your companions is nice. Being a huge fan of Dragon age, Mass Effect, and Fire Emblem I greatly appreciated this. The base building was a yay and a nay. I spent hours on my castle however I did not like that I had to constantly retrieve items to create certain things and that capacity level is terrible. Barely could create a two story house let alone a building. The fact some had to exploit the duplicate shipments to just create more stuff was really irritating.

Combat and mechanics were fine. I did not like the map much however. I must say it didn’t feel as apocalyptic as I wanted it too. Sure there was destroyed building but that’s really about it. Radiation in Fallout 4 was a boss battle on its own. I eventually began to give up and allow my health bar to be 75% red. The story in Fallout 4 was okay but Fallout will always come on top. I give the game 7/10 but ultimately it’s rather biased cause no matter one I’m a loyal Bethesda fan.