Fallout 4 DLC Discussion Thread


I thought my robot was pretty good, come show me yours!

Wasteland Workshop Discussion

My ada has a mr handy thruster, robobrain torso and head, a sawhammer arm, and a minigun arm.


I have consworth if that counts


Is he customized?

Here is my codsworth (customized)


You can upgrade Codsworth!?!?!!?


curie too so long as you haven’t done her personal quest


I love this update!!! :heart:

Soon I’ll share pics of my robot C:


I’m guessing you’ve made a robot with a mr handy body and miniguns in 2 arms. :wink:

I’m loving the dlc too. Looking forward to the other 2 add-ons that have been announced. :slight_smile:


Will do!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Although my robot right now is this one:



I really need to get my hands on some more ceramic to really get my full build robot done. The only ones I have really done anything on so far is Jezebel and Ada. Guess I should send out the Eyebot Pod.


I have one of the deadliest seeming robots in terms of looks and power.

I named him… BUCK-3T. I’ll get a pic on here soon he’s like a walking armageddon.


If you really wants lots of ceramic get a bunch of dinner plates and other such kitchen accessories. If you don’t already, make sure it’s marked for search so you know exactly what it’s carried in.


I’ve already searched every restaurant/diner/coffee shop that I have come across and raided every plate, coffee cup and enamel bucket I can get my greedy little hands on. The problem comes from my settlements I have built, there is so much electronics for defenses and water I used up a lot of ceramic. A couple of my settlements look like a 4th of July laser show when trouble shows up. Also the Automatron Eyebot you can get will act as a locator for materials, ammo and other items.


Maybe try going somewhere you might have never been? Also how long does it take for them to come back or do you just call them back after a certain time and they find more the longer they’re out? I got those little dudes out looking for adhesive, most scarce supply in all the commonwealth though :smile:


“I need to find Shaun… Nothing can stop me from-
Wait is that Aluminum!?”


Usually I just recall it after it has the location marked on my map. As far as I know it will only mark one location for you not matter how long they stay out, but I haven’t tested that for any extended amount of time. I almost stopped using in because twice in a row that I used it, it sent me to a Master locked door to try and get through.


Oh, I didn’t even know it was supposed to mark locations I thought that it just brought stuff back. Well thanks!


note: if there is already a thread for this, sorry

what do you guys think about Wasteland Workshop, even though it just came out yesterday


What is this?


Discussion on the newest DLC for ‘Fallout 4’.

Personally, I’m not supporting Bethesda by buying any of the DLC. To me this is just stuff that should be in the main game, not only that but the increase in price for the season pass and the fact I find Fallout to be an overall lacking game, it pales in comparison to Skyrim.