Falling through map after being downed

Platform- PS4


How it happened-Got downed as lennox by the Behemouth in mid air as i fell i went falling though map.

Occurrences since patch- x 2

Yikes. It’s that 4 ton suit actually. It’s in the patch notes, she’s too heavy and when she falls from the sky, GG. Lol. Kidding of course.

Lol she’s kind of big I agree humper lumper

I have experienced it with 5 times with teammates so far

Lol she is. I haven’t experienced it yet myself since the patch. But I will definitely report it when it does happen. Did it only happen with Lennox ?

Happened again yesterday,it seems that BoB is causing it

Not sure if i was Lennox all the time but 1 thing is for sure, i think that the Monster was BoB on every occasion