Falling through floors fix


dear devs

easy solution

please put a platform under the maps surface with some teleport gates on it, because the issue still happens with being hit through floor, had a support at 2000+ meters below, if hed died and respawned would have been good

i have suggested it multiple times in the steam forums but well what dev looks there huh, as a easy fix, you have/had teleport gates in the game already, just make them invisible top side of map, only work 1 way, and noclip on them so they dont break the “immersion”

what do you think people would prefer, to get hit through floor and die or not sometimes and just watch helplessly as the team loses by no fault of there own or just to teleport back into the play field of the map

so just have them in a grid form every 60 or so meters apart top and bottom

congrats, one of the day 1 bugs that has plagued this game suggested at week 1 by me also not read because trs devs are too good to use the perfectly good discussion area of steam (ohhhh we dont have full power over them here, dont use it)

so like any person whos reasonable advice is ignored i took my time in getting it to your preferred way of interaction after it had frustrated you to the most




This was going well, and then you decided to get personal. I’ve recategorised the post for what it is, but given these posts with this kind of attitude cause arguments I’m locking it for now. This style of posting may sit fine over on Steam forums, here we ask for a bit more maturity and civility.