Falling outside of the world


Over the past few days, my hunter gets killed, I need revive so I start asking for help from my team buddies. No time to ask for help, as soon as I am downed and start to bleed, my character fell down through the ground, I don’t know how, there was no hole in the ground.

Then I saw everything yellowish and orange, the color of the sky, no ground, no objects, no nothing. I kept asking for help but, good luck with that, no use… Nobody could see me, as I was outside the world and outside the map. I couldn’t see nothing except orange tones.

Am I in hell? In paradise? In another dimension? Am I on LSD? Or is it just another bug? Yes, it’s a bug! So I couldn’t be revived even with team mates and Daisy near me. It was frustrating.

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