Fake Patch Notes - Weapons Readjustment


Hello people.

Some hunters need priority changes, espiecially Slim and Kala which appear to be abandoned. I don’t know if it’s a good idea but I wrote a fake patch notes to make it more explicit.

I hope that can help developpers to change some hunters if they are in search of new ideas.

Do not take the numbers seriously, this is just an example to better view the changes on the hunters.
There is bad ideas, like good ideas. The objective is to suggest “alternative” weapons/readjustment


• Spore Cloud Launcher

  • 13 second reload
    6 second reload If the shot misses its target
    Detonates only if the target is directly hit
    5 second duration
    3.5 second duration If the monster was hit during the previous 12 seconds

  • Slim’s Spore Cloud Launcher will no longer create a spore cloud
    An indication is displayed if the monster was hit
    Spore Cloud took away instantly the Monster’s ability to smell completely (Like the old Evolve : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kfASukMSL8&feature=youtu.be&t=27 )

• Healing Drone

  • Can no longer be destroy on normal target
    31 damage threshold to destroy to incapacitated targets
    10 second reload
    Heals 160 health per second to incapacitated targets
    When Healing Drone is active it change HPS to 70, can stack up to maximum 100 HPS with perks.
    Hunters have to be out of combat for the drone works.

• Healing Burst

  • Self heal decreased to 150 from 185


• Teleport Pads

  • Kala can launch its teleports pads outside the dome when she is inside.
    Activation time increased to 7 seconds from 5

Kala (2)

• Shield

  • Decay rate of Kala’s personnal shield decreased to 17/s from 35/s
  • Personnal shield of Kala will decay after 5 second if no other shield is created.

• Armor Reducer

  • Armor Reducer is now an Armor Absorber
    Armor Absorber no longer reduces the armor of the monster, It only deal damage.
    Does not work on wildlife.
    Works on the monster even if it has no more armor.
    50 damage per second (Applies damage over time effect that hits 5 times a second over .25 seconds for 10 damage per hit. (Still same)
    Magazine duration of 5.5 seconds (for a total of 275 damage per magazine) (Still same)
    15 second recharge with a 2 second delay before recharge begins (Still same)
    100% of damage dealt is converted into personal shield, Personal Shield limited to 650 damage (Hank can block 730 damage with his Shield projector before needing to recharge/Maximum Shield create for a hunter with Tech Hank is 730 too)

  • Right click transfers the personal shield on the targeted hunter
    35 meter range
    No reloading time
    65 shield transferred on hunters per second, blocks 730 on a single hunter when fully charged (Shield Charger of Tech Hank is 50 shield charge per second)

• Class Ability: Shield Burst

  • Self shield is removed
    Teammate shield decreased to 350 from 625


• Pet Trapjaw

Daisy has three priorities; revive downed teammates, stay near Maggie and head for the monster. If Maggie is too far away, Daisy will give up hunting to re-unite first with her master, and only then start tracking again.

  • Maggie can now give orders to Daisy.
    When targetting the wildlife or the monster, Maggie can order Daisy to attack the target, the icon above Daisy will change and she will attack with the same behavior that wilds trapjaws.
    This order can’t be used if the target location is further than 50 meters from maggie.
    Daisy can’t stay away from the group if she is too far from hunters, order will be canceled automatically.

  • Holding down Pet trapjaw will give order to Daisy to stay at the target location, the icon above Daisy will change.
    Can be used to keep Daisy safe from the monster.
    This order can’t be used if the target location is further than 50 meters from maggie.
    Daisy can’t stay away from the group if she is too far from hunters, order will be canceled automatically.

  • Maggie can cancel/reassign his order by pressing again the abilitiy.
    Daisy can’t revive teammeate and track the monster when attacking.
    If Maggie is downed, orders will be canceled and Daisy will try to rescue hunters.
    When Daisy is attacking his move speed is reducted to the same movement speed as Maggie.

Wasteland Maggie

• Combat Trapjaw

  • Combat Trapjaw works the same way as Pet Trapjaw
    Daisy will no longer beat the monster, she will remain at the maximum distance to continuously burn the target.


You should write a guide on “How to make Slim even more overpowered”.


Waggie needs more damage… Her burn is almost negligible.


Slim is very powerful right now, especially combined with Hank.

It’s very stressful for the monster as Slim can literally facetank and stay alive, giving him those changes on top of it would just be too much.

Although many have said that his spore cloud launcher needs a rework to be utilized better, he is still a powerful medic with his leech gun. Healing drone is fine and the monster needs to be able to destroy it.

Although Kala is used less, she is more like a double edged sword. Those teleports, placed right, can make a living hell for the monster. From barely escaping a tense situation to constantly being followed from one end to another.

Daisy is just daisy, she already had a rework and I find her fine as she is. She does what she is supposed to do, and at least doesn’t go through teleports anymore.


What…? No seriously. Why…? Do you want Kala to be the next Sunny?


i like daisy changes, even thou shes pretty smart as she is right now.


Slim has a completely useless weapon , On old Evolve, he was not too powerfull than now with his healing burst, the problem was the Spore Cloud Launcher that blind all the time.

Developers around the problem of his weapon by increasing its heal, survival depends mostly on his dodges now.

He can face the monster and his Spore Cloud Launcher is totally useless against the monster, it must stay a long time inside to be effective, I never had the feeling that it affects the monster.

It would be much more interessting if he had a Healing burst less powerfull for himself and should no longer depend on its primary weapon only.


You can currently do it by remaining behind the group, when monster is inside the dome, you put your Pad A outside and can put the Pad B inside, but the problem for me it’s a real handicap for the group, Kala can’t place the dome and must remain behind the group, Kala is a support more offensive and if you can’t apply this strategy before the fight, your medic will fall faster than expected, Shield burst is not enough.

Personally increase the activation time (currently 5 seconds) and give Kala this possibility would make it more accessible for news player and experienced players.

After it’s my opinion, maybe we should add a tooltip to indicate that it is more useful to use his teleportation to rescue a hunter that way.