Failed to connect to online profile service. Your online stats will not be saved


On PC and getting this error message any time I try to log in.


Just a minute ago posted the same issue on PS4. Glad I’m not the only one, but also sorry it’s occurring for you.


Got it on my end as well, on PC.


Yup got this as well on PC


I’m assuming servers down then lol.


Thankfully you can still upgrade masteries against bots, only 10 more warp blasts for the next tier of Wraith. I was looking forward to improving my online ranking tonight. Hopefully it gets sorted out.


Yeah I’m having the same problem right now. I’m playing on PC and I’m not sure what’s wrong.


Getting the same issue on PS4; I just purchased the game and it has already disappointed.


Its on xbox too


Don’t overreact, I know you are pissed that you cannot play multiplayer but I am sure the servers will be fixed soon.


Same issue here, however, it’s the only time I’ve seen this happen so far. Don’t get discouraged, it’ll get fixed.


Same problem here


I’ve seen this story before way too many times to have hope. My guess, fully functional with minor levels of disconnecting in two months to three months


I swear I just posted in this thread… maybe this is a dupe.

Anyway, I had it twice, and both times I restarted and it worked. If you have already done that, I have no idea what to tell you


same here on ps4


ditto, steam user here


Yep same here. Ps4. How do we get an admin or a higher up to reply or post something about this?


Actually this is the first time I’ve had issues with the servers themselves on PC. Haven’t come across lag or anything else in my 19 hours of play so far.


Happening again today. Seems the servers can’t handle the low amount of players the game is getting. Makes me wonder what in the world are over 90 people doing at work. Patches that take forever to release, servers that have more problems than p2p connections and the list could go on… I’m really disappointed.


An entire week without a patch, it’s the end of the world.