Facts about Wraith decoy, and why it may be a bit overkill


Im not stating wraith is “omg OP wtf”, I am here to simply talk about some of the little known “hidden abilities” of decoy that make it unnecessarily powerful. a lot of people here believe wraith is too p owerfull, and out of the nearly 30 Wraith hunts I have played, me and my team have only beat about 5… A few of which had no idea what they were doing… you can take these following facts and form your own opinions about them and Decoy.

  • When tagged with a yellow outline (Val, Cabot, etc), the decoy with take the outline and not the Monster. When the decoy ends, the monster is not marked. Wraith can essentially end it with Decoy.

-decoy can trigger mines for the monster

-decoy can trigger Maggie tethers for the monster ( i dont play trapper, dont know what they are called.)

  • when marked by motion sensor, UAV, cargo ships, etc (leaving a marker above head) its transfers to decoy instead, just like the tagging)

-when activating supernova, then decoy, decoy continues the supernova (this may not be true, but Im pretty sure I have had this happen to me Many times)

I will edit and add more if I remember more.

BONUS NON DECOY TRICK: a dashing/teleporting wraith can dash through mines, and trigger them without taking damage.


False information. The Decoy gets all abilities transferred from the main ‘Host’. Anything still active after the Decoy dissipates goes back to the ‘host’.

This is intended, otherwise Wraith gets raped by mines as it has no ranged attack.

Pooning a Decoy is still effective. It prevents your team getting hurt.

See my first comment, this is erroneous.

This is intended. It’s calle a combo.

False. You can use Abduct/Warp Blast to go through, but your normal traversal still gets dinged.


Well if warp blast and abduction already set of mines why does decoy have too? :smile:


So Stage 1 isn’t insta gib if you don’t happen to take 1/2 skills.


If you run into mines as a stage 1 Wraith you deserve it then :wink:


Which is why Decoy needs to break them :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise a Markov + stage 1 dome = GG.


Still three abilities that break mines without damage? Besides between those abilities a decent Wraith can avoid the hunters even in the dome, unless it’s an open field and not top many of those on Shear.


But that is still 3 abilities to use just to get through your ‘line of defense’. Also, it’s really hard to chase people around an object with mines around it. The monster can’t bank shots around corners.


I see we are talking in circles here.


MaddCow is just suggesting that it is still rather balanced because if the Wraith engages after use abilities to break mines/poon traps then she is some abilities down and weekend. But if she uses the abilities then wait for there cooldown the traps will be set up again and she will have to use them all over again.


I know but the same is true in reverse, nothing like laying a good minefield and a decoy destroys them allowing the Wraith to overwhelm and separate us.


It is not as bad as that, decoy destroys mines then wraith engages this means wraith has no decoy to fight with making it easier to hit. I still do not like decoy and think it needs a nerf in some way but everything has a counter play and a wraith using her best evasion method to destroy mines before engaging makes it easy to hit therefore free damage.


Nice thing is that if you stand on a mine the knockback from the mine propels you away from the Decoy/Wraith.


I know it’s one more reason Markov is so versatile. I like trying to set up a safe zone for my team with mines but it’s one more thing the Wraith can easily counter. My 2 cents.


I see it less as countering and more about having to use abilities that ‘could’ damage you to make it safe. Thats a win in my book.


Best way to counter Wraith’s supernova is to exit the little arena bubble it makes, if it leaves it supernova is cancelled.


Wraith supernova is not the problem with wraith. Personally I think Caira is a good hunter against Wraith, if Wraith decoy spams then Cairas burst type heal can keep people healthy and in fights the incend grenades will light the Wraith on fire making decoy useless. Also the speed boost helps if you are trying to keep up with the Wraith when chasing.


Meh, Goliath only has two methods of destroying mines. Kraken has like two PLUS auto attacks. Then Wraith has 3 abilities for mine destruction. Abduct shouldn’t destroy the mines if I’m going to take one away. Decoy is meant to counter mines so that obviously should stay.


Why doesn’t the Wraith just take the mine damage or reduced mine damage if she hits them while abducting.


It’s almost as if the more HP/Armor they have the less ways they have to clear a high damage AoE deployable.