Factor DLC?


I know it is a little early to be talking about this, but I am curious. And it would be nice to flesh out the backstory for the game. Going to the ruins of the former colony would be good development forager who was trapped there for 2 years.

Could also be a chance to add in some new map types, predators and a monster.


Wasn’t Factor covered up? Did they even send any Hunters to it? Idk.


I’m totally down for this. I love the world they built for this game and looking into the forums and dialogue and just seeing how much is built around this game is incredible. I’d love to see more and this sounds like a perfect place to go to.


It was, but they have someone who was there. So it wouldn’t be out of the realm of reason.

I’d also settle for a novel about Factor from Maggie’s point of view.


I’d like to see that map of the Galaxy. I also need to learn what Hub is.


I concur, the setting they have made seems surprisingly deep for a game about pew pewing a giant monster.


That would/will probably be what the resident TRS fiction writer does with Maggie’s backstory. There’s a few short stories, but they haven’t had one for each character yet. There’s a three-parter The Sword that tells the story of Abe & Parnell joining up with Cabot, there’s Cabot’s story with Bucket, and individual tales for Abe, Caira, and Val.