Facebook Page for Relaunch?


So just curious, are there any plans for making a Facebook page (Or do anything related to FB) for the Re-launch?

If not, does anyone want to help organize one? We could make an event page and keep it hidden while we make it all pretty/fill out info.

I’m pretty snazzy at photo editing, so I could use some wallpapers and what not to make it look nice.
Assuming the dev’s are cool with that
Also assuming anyone thinks its a good idea, maybe it’s terrible… I dunno…

Guess I just wanna be involved and help somehow xD

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I’m sure 2K/TRS have plans for their official page, but making a fan page sounds like a good idea to me!


Absolutely agree with this idea.


You can male a fan page but they already have an official one.


More like an event page than a fan page! We could fill out a rough estimate and then refine the date as it got close and we had official word of when it was coming out.

The people would then actually get a notification when it was being released.


Hmmm could be useful.


Ha, Facebook.


Love the enthusiasm man :smiley:


It’d be nice if they kept there Instagram well updated as well for evolve.

They don’t need to post constantly but they could make it more community oriented and include stuff about people, themselves, game improvements, hints like they’ve done before and more.

I know they’re more active on Twitter but they could gain more from Instagram as well.


Instagram, Kik, and Snapchat because that’s where a ton of people (especially kids) seem to go now.


We’ve just started updating the TRS instragram, but it’s just pictures from around the office.


Kik? I don’t even know what that is. And I’ve already established I don’t understand snapchat. I’ve got an account now and I think I understand it even less.


So i’ve missed some news.Can someone explain what this Relaunch is about?




Long story short there’s going to be a HUGE patch coming sometime around June/July. It will change many core mechanics and add in new ones to try and make the game more fun and consistent for players. Seriously, you need to see some of these changes for yourself (there’s a thread with all the confirmed changes, could someone please link it)

Another big reason for such a big overhaul is to try to bring back old players who were turned away by the original Evolve. Thus TRS/2K are planning to have a big relaunch with new advertising, marketing, etc.


Ah ok thanks a lot