Facebook.com's EvolveGameSocialClub!


Hi guys i created a facebook group basically used to make friends, and play Evolve! Come join us, we’re fun i promise! :smiley:

hop i posted correctly this time! :smiley:

This is correct dont worry as for the link Im gonna havr to check that whenever I can!

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I wouldent share a harmful link, but please feel free to check it. :smiley:

=20 EXP for finally getting a post correct. haha

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80 more and you can reach level 10!

Crappiest leveling up system ever

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i dont really feel like it why dont you ask me later wait what system

heres a picture of breaking bad

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lol :smiley:

All platforms are welcome! :smiley:

The social club’s first deployment!

did the community give you the boot bud? Not gunna start nothing here just wondring

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