Face Your Fears - The Betrayal [LIVE NOW]


Ooooh No :frowning:

Oh well, here’s hoping we get to hear something by the end of the year :stuck_out_tongue:


We do what we can to get it to look nice on a cellphone. :wink:


Here’s the real question, who voices the girl?


I’ll tag @Matthew for more deetz on that!


If you spent an hour listening to the crazy stuff the team has done to make this stuff work on phones you’d be amazed. It’s very very different than doing stuff for PC/consoles! They’re limited on the number of polygons, lighting, vfx, and everything else a game typically has. TRS peeps have come up with a lot of tricks (…this is an understatement) to make it appear just as awesome but use much less resources since it’s on a phone!


It’s Val!!


“we” also like this VR experience actually :wink: I’m excited to be able to get my hands back on a VR kit and try it out :smiley:

Damn, what did we do to piss off CIG9?


Everything and Nothing

OMG Yasss


I knew that sounded familiar.

Back into my gear i go!


Stop tempting me. My phone is dead and gone. I have a lonely headset. 8(



I think I kinda hate you a bit for this… :broken_heart:
Just a bit… :broken_heart:


I mean c’mon! How long does it normally take to make a AAA game?


Which brings up the question… when did you start the new AAA game? :smiley:


My apology,i don’t really realize this was meant for phone and base on my swallow perceptive from playing PC mostly.
But on a side note,have you tried different style (hollow face or iconic,etc) using A E S T H E T I C ?
I’m not really complaint,just simple curiosity about develop choice
Tag @Shaners just in case she want to read my shitty comment


5 year perhap ?


Depending on resources it could be anywhere from 3-5 years average. Sometimes a bit more.