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Do you have a girlfriend?


Did you actually read my post?


Yes. You said you aren’t single. That implies that you have a girlfriend. However, at MANY MANY points in your forumite lifespan you’ve stated that you can’t get a girl and that you didn’t want one anymore. So I’m curious.


I said I’m not single because that status means I missing someone in my life. And I do not.


Dogs are the best am I right?
(Pure joke, please don’t hurt me)


Dogs are overgrown children.

Cats are purrfect.


So… yes, you are single. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, you can live a perfectly normal and happy life being single, but for all intents and purposes, you are indeed single.


I have cat. I’m not single.


Can we get over the definition of words and get back to the topic?
Namely how no one knows such Poe story this is.


Omg Evolve Stage 3 release


Or maybe we do and they just haven’t responded with a confirmation? It’s not that difficult to figure out, and I’ll be absolutely shocked if it’s not The Cask of Amontillado. Anyways, good try.


Lets ignore details like “we already know the story it is using” and “the level of difficulty” and instead focus on the important things.
Like how I still don’t have VR to play this game.




hmmm, not really interested in this.

we want news about the DD, dark fantasy coop shooter :rage:



I have news –

it’s gonna be a long time before news is released on this.


Yay news! xD



We don’t have any news about news about our new product for new platform.

The more you know.

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Eh i don’t really mean to trashtalk but the model kinda remind me of SFM