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My memory is as tenuous as my grasp on reality


Hm… I faintly remember reading a story where a man in Venice(?) took a man to his wine cellar and sealed him in with bricks and mortar and trapped him in there until he died. It’s been so long though, I can’t remember if that was even Poe.

Also, my original one could’ve worked too… :frowning:


Edgar Allan Poe?


Who else would it be? Especially when it comes to horror.



I like, just read that this week in English class.



Oh wait, I just realized that that was the one @SledgePainter mentioned.


Oh dang it, I was hoping it was the one where the idiot husband buried his murdered wife in the wall along with the cat !

God, that made me laugh so hard :smiley:


Huh… a simulation of being buried alive in a wall…



Anyone not single here? #TeamCouples


My class read his stuff in 8th…


Don’t push your higher education in my face.
(I am kidding)


Hopefully there’s loads of kitties behind that door (:


My girl and I are spending Valentine’s at a TwentyOne Pilots concert.


My class read COA by Poe in 8th Grade, The Raven in 9th Grade, and we just finished reading TMOTRD last week. I’m currently in 11th Grade.



Well, I learn this week that I am uncultured and need to read a whole bunch of Poe. I don’t think Poe is someone on many English syllabi here in the UK!


Fear Not This Night… Amazing OST though :slight_smile:


I’m not single. I just don’t need woman to validate my manhood.