Face Your Fears - The Betrayal [LIVE NOW]


Single this Valentine’s day? Fear not. :skull:

More info >> http://ocul.us/2lGUQfx

“The message on your phone said “Meet me at the house.” A woman from your past wants to have you over for dinner! But all is not as it seems. Does she know what you did? Does she suspect? Maybe not. Maybe she thinks it was all a mistake. This food tastes a little…strange…”


I’m excited… I have literally no idea what is in that room, but I’m excited!


Grumpy cats got you covered :wink:

/kappa wly


I actually have no idea either.

just kidding.


I don’t get it?




Is this Face your Fears? If so…I’m still alone…


This is indeed FYF. Any hints you could share, Shane? Excited to see gameplay of it.


This one is more of a narrative experience similar to the Skyscraper!

Basically – we pitch ideas to Oculus – and they give us suggestions based on things they don’t have yet and pick from the bunch.

This one is based on a Poe story.



Can I guess the “Cask of Amontillado?”



It’d be awesome to see what everyone thinks it is. :slight_smile:


OMG! I can’t wait to see this!! :smiley:


Dude, I absolutely love Poe’s works. Hm…

Masque of the Read Death? That one would be terrifying in VR.


It’s a poe story, with a wall of bricks. Cmon folks, harken back to your 9th grade English, I know you can remember.


9th grade English. Like they’d let us read a story from Poe.
Try 10th grade


I thought I guessed it?


cmon homie,


Well, ok, but only because Daryl.