FACE YOUR FEARS suggestions


First off congrats to “Oculas Go” in giving us all an affordable reason to want to indulge more into VR. Game changer indeed! One of my personal favorite amoung all the games/experiences/apps they have currently is TRS face your fears series. Excellent job all around to your staff! I’m really hoping you continue to bring us more great experiences. Here are some suggestions/Ideas I have personally. 1. Fear of drowning - open water 360 would look amazing! Further enhance the fear with sharks circuling in, stormy weather, seagulls pecking, jellyfish, etc. Lots can be done to make it frightening.

  1. Fear of Dolls/Maniquins - You toched base with it a bit already. The possibilities are endless. It would be great to see something more focused on this considering almost everyone I know hates creepy vintage dolls. They just don’t make them like they used to. Subtle movments, looking away then back again to see them a little closer. Doll factory would be nice.

  1. Buried Alive II - Def needs a casket. The demented protagonist is kind enough to leave you a flashlight. Dirt & worms slowly begin to leak in until smothering to death. It would be equally fun to play with the audio as all outside sounds/speach become increasingly muffled to the point your ears need to listen really hard…perfect opertunity for a jump scare, any loud noise will do at this point.


I have several more… Personally, heights are my biggest fear…you really got me on the skyscraper! Few and far between I’ve seen anything regarding heights on VR that make me litterally uneasy like yours. More like that would be great!


There’s actually a whole subreddit dedicated to thalassophobia, which is pretty much fear of the enormousness of the ocean and the uncertainty of what may lie in the depths, so a scenario that exploits that fear would be amazing. You could have a submarine exploration shuttle get disconnected from its lifeline or run out of power 1000 feet deep, in the darkness of the ocean, not knowing what unknown creatures might lie there, and as you helplessly sink deeper and deeper you start losing connection with the people on the surface. There are some pretty scary creatures down there and the thought of being trapped in such a small space thousands of feet deep in the bottom of the ocean is terrifying.

(Also, I’m not a mod, but you might wanna keep your suggestions contained in a single post for easier readability and to get rid of unnecessary post count. Just format your post so it looks nice and tidy)


I thought I was replying within my initial topic. Yes, I agree, that would be a good one. Depth pressure would cause leaks and the sub would slowly fill with water. Anything involving the ocean would be a great addition.


Are the folks who made the game actually reading this? Because Face Your Fears is absolutely my favorite VR App on my Oculus Go. I LOVE this game. I actually compiled this growing list of different experiences I wanted to offer to them as suggestions.

  1. Trapped in a burning building - Flames all over. Maybe at some point a beam pins you down or something like that. Maybe a fire fighter comes in at one point and is carrying you around… but then the building starts collapsing all around you. A lot you could do with this one.

  2. Zombie apocalypse

  3. Car crash scene

  4. A collapsing bridge

  5. Evil clowns - I know one of the experiences had a clown doll, but this could instead be a bunch of clowns at a circus. Actual clowns instead of just a doll. Maybe one of them stuffs you in a bag and drags you around, or they shoot you out of a cannon. Again, a lot of creepy, zany fun they could have with this.

  6. Alien abduction

  7. Haunted house - Again, they sort of did this with the one with the ghost boy, but there are so many different things they could do with ghosts, haunting.

  8. Natural disasters (many different possibilities there such as typhoons, earth quakes, etc.)

  9. Train derailing

I have so many more ideas too, I just don’t want to flood you all with them all at once. LOL!


@skills4u2envy People with some ideas for the VR team :wink: Not sure who’s the best person to forward them to but I thought you would be the best to know :stuck_out_tongue: