Face your fears, road map?


Hi there

First off all , what an awesome game this is, 1# on the oculus go.

I was wondering , are there any new dlc’s planned?



Welcome to the forum! So glad you enjoy Face Your Fears :blush:

Sadly at this time, we do not have any new doors planned.

What’s your favorite?? :dancer:


Any info on the new non-vr game thats been in development?


Preeeeeeety sure we’d hear first if there was. :slight_smile:


what no more phobias?

I myself just got this game again, so there are about 9 doors now… So it may take a bit for me to get down the list, but I LOVED the initial ghost boy and spiders rooms.

Is there a title list of all the doors?

(has anyone seen 'The Well" yet?)


I need to know!



Ugh! Where’s NPH when you need him?



  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Birds

Stranger Things
Flight 101

Can’t remember what their real names are for some of them


THank you so berry berry much