Face Your Fears - Now Available on Oculus Rift!


I thought we were going to need to to more to dress up these teleports, but the simplest approach just worked out OK.


Thanks for all the replies devs!


Awesome well pleased
This was why I purchased my rifts, and then found it was not in the store i was gutted.

Please tell me the spider door one is coming ?

thanks for the great work on this app very scary


Thank you very much for reaching out Supra & welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

It all depends on how popular the title is on Rift for whether or not we develop further content for that platform.

All the support helps us! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply Shaners

Well in my opinion and all who have seen it, Face your fears is the best scary experience on the rift by far, And I’m sure I wont be alone in saying that.
keep up the amazing work and I will look forwards to more rooms.



I have a GearVR and a Rift, and IMO Face your Fears is one of the best experiences across any platform. It’s genius and really well made.

please please please bring all the experiences to the rift! Love your work!


It’s awesome to hear Face Your Fears being so highly praised so I’m glad you enjoy it. Welcome back to the forum by the way :slight_smile:

Which door is your favourite so far from what you’ve played?


Hi, It’s my opinion that this experience is the best VR showcase for friends and family available today. I’m just wondering now, are the new doors on the Gear VR coming to the Rift?


The last we heard, they really want them on the Rift. Currently, our teams are working on brand new experiences for Face Your Fears (Gear VR) for upcoming exciting shows / movies. (They’re all a bit timely.) All of our VR resources are pooled there.

We don’t have a date yet to continue adding to the Rift, though I know it has been requested. We promise to keep this thread updated as we go! <3

Thank you for reaching out to us Dunsybomb! :slight_smile:

Face Your Fears film/movie tie-ins (for fun)

Edit: Seriously though, if there’s some kind of Stranger Things tie in down the line I will lose my mind

Face Your Fears - Stranger Things [LIVE NOW]



We completed the Blade Runner 2049 VR Experience that will be coming to Comic Con this month. Then I believe it will be released to the store later this year.



That’s sick! I hope that this is the beginning of more VR opportunities. Respect to the VR team!


This is great on the rift. Please release more on the rift store. Even if you charge for the additional ones past the base 4 you’re giving away for free currently, that’d be awesome. Nicely done.