Face Your Fears - Now Available on Oculus Rift!


Face Your Fears launches today -- free on Oculus Rift!



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I asked this on Twitter, but this is probably the best place to get an answer that’s more relevant…

What kind of changes did you have to, or want to, make to the Rift version of the game compared to the Gear version? Anything? Nothing? Super interested in the technical/design changes that had to be considered if any changes were made!


Now to save up for an Oculus Rift. :smile:



Things that I know of:

Glass was added within the worlds.
More detailed textures.

I know there was also a lot of programming involved since the platform itself is so different compared to the Gear VR. I.e. being able to move, etc.

Those are the things i’m aware of from observing things around me – maybe others could shed more light on it?
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We did have to make a few changes! Since the Rift is a different platform, we had to adjust for the right equipment. We had to consider the Rift’s controller options, and the guardians to keep you from bumping into things in the space around you.
The Gear VR has more technical restrictions so we were able to throw in some features in the experience that we originally wanted! (Check out the moving cars :wink:)
Lighting and shadows needed some lovin’ since viewers are able to change their position in the Rift world.


Mason and the Robot cast actual shadows now!


Ah sweet, I didn’t realise you could move in the world on Rift (I don’t have a Rift :’( ) but that sounds neat!


You can move around, but you are restricted :slight_smile:


The people that were working on porting it over also needed to add geometry that wasn’t there. In GearVR, almost all of the environment pieces that you see from your single vantage point do not have backfaces to save as much on performance on possible so your phone doesn’t overheat too fast. All of those pieces, especially in the bedroom, now had to have geometry added and textured the same since the Rift isn’t a stationary camera.


We enabled tessellation on some of the models so they’d render at higher fidelity. Also, we used UE4’s sweet “Planar Reflections” feature in a couple of spots.

My biggest fear going from GearVR to Rift was the fact that you can move around in the Rift. As some other people have said, we pulled a lot of stage-magic type tricks with the GearVR version because we knew there was a fixed camera point. I thought this was going to be a nightmare, but dealing with it was pretty straight forward. @jaime added some triggers to reset the camera position any time you strayed to far, a simple solution which turned out to work very well.

The fact that the Rift has headphones built in is a big plus for the experience. We know that people who play Face Your Fears with headphones on enjoy it more than people who play it w/o headphones, but most GearVR players don’t hook up headphones before playing games.


Yeah when I had a go with a gear headset we did it with earphones and it was a much better experience for it!

When the camera positron resets, how does that not end up feeling jarring to the user? Some transitional effect or just good luck that it doesn’t disorient them?