Face Your Fears is LIVE



Now THATS what i call immersion.


How do you even test it? Like… run through a build, nope yet just laughed. Try again, oh wait, he actually pooped himself, too scary, time to tone it back again…


Yup something like that. :smiley: We tried it on different people throughout production to see what kinds of reactions we get. I was on the Heights team. Someone had to go home sick once from motion sickness, and others thought they were going to puke in a meeting after trying it! LOL

We spent a lot of time trying to find the line between feeling a sensation of being high up and motion sickness.


Facebook 360° Teaser video


So I finally got a Gear VR, love FYF, can’t wait to see whats behind those other doors…




screams you didnt know you could still feel.


Oh it’s not that scary!

except the demon child, noped about 90 seconds in…


So I got a couple of videos of family. Dad was generally impressed but not moved to screams, not that I expected him to be. Same can be said of my sisters boyfriend. I tried out them all, really liked what was done, some good spoops going on, though the “best” against me was the heights one. I felt so genuinely disoriented that I had to sit down to complete it. I’m pretty crappy with heights and feeling unsteady and that room just made me feel exactly like I would if I was standing that high on a ledge.

That said, my reaction was nothing like my mothers…

Then I went and unlocked the new creepy crawlies room, since earlier in the day we were looking around an old country national trust place and a small spider was noticed on my sister’s coat. When informed of this she literally shed about 3 layers of overcoats/cardigans to ensure she was nowhere near the spider in less than a second… perfect candidate!

@Shaners: I said I’d put these up eventually!

Edit: My wife is far too sensible and would never knowingly find herself being filmed, so never tried it out.


Oh snap, I’m gonna love this.


Yasssss thank you so much for sharing Nia!!


It was really cool to see your family too! Happy New Years!


My Grandma


Your grandma is adorable! :heart_eyes:

######But you should be ashamed…filming vertically… tsk tsk

Edit: Just saw the title…I died. :joy:


I usually don’t film vertically, but I was super tired and didn’t realize until later. Every other video I have it’s horizontal but this gem of course is the one that’s not.


We got a nice mention in this article about mobile VR

It’s also important for developers to understand how VR is being used. Many consumers want to show off VR for their friends and family, so making something that’s easy to share and easy to spectate can make a big difference. Citing Face Your Fears from Turtle Rock Studios as an example, Stojsavljevic talked about how horror is the most popular genre for the medium, and by offering short content (3-5 minutes), high quality graphics, making it fun for spectators, and putting the game on the store for free (with in-app purchases for more scenes), the game became the fastest growing app for adoption and engagement. There were 1.1 million users in two months, and time spent per user was nearly 40 minutes.

We be gobbling up dat praise like



There have been a lot of new doors since Last I Looked, any list of them and the other VR titles in spot to look at? any new mechanics?

There has been an rpg too.


I haven’t seen it mentioned yet or perhaps I missed it, but are there any plans on releasing new doors for the Oculus Rift version. I do not have a Gear VR but FYF is one of my favorite experiences to put new VR users in when they come over.