Face Your Fears is LIVE



I started with GHOST, Went tot he Weightless and ended with… well… i neerly pee’d myself.


Sounds like a fun experience then. I’ll make sure to have spare underwear with me when I try it out. :smile:


It’s fun… Makes me think its a training exercise for the crew. I’m saving the other experiences for tonigh during the dark…


My college is getting funding for a few VR headsets for just my games art course. Totally going to make them play this!


I do recommend the newer one. It’s $100 but it’s better than the first gen headset.

Do it.


Updated the OP with a teaser video from Oculus.


Well would you look at that, tomorrow is payday too!


The moment i get back home im gonna dig out my gear vr and spend an hour or two on it. The hype is back!


found answer


@trs devs,

When your working in VR, atm the most common track to use is the sit still position. (thats fine) as it evolves… (see what i did there >.< ) and developers learn to grow the experience, they need to reduce the amount of motion sickness.

I ran into a few things in my experiments with VR.
(1) if the eye has something to center on, the motion sickness is radically reduced.
((1.a)) using evolve as a example…

When I ran Evovle through the gear vr, if you played as a the hunters, you would have the First person view, but motion sickness would set in…

When I ran Evolve through the gear vr, if you played as the monster, you would have the third person view, but motion sickness was eliminated.

(2)while sampling a decent pool of games and demos since i owned the rift back in the day (devkit2) I noticed that when you had the FPS motion sickness would set in… Unless… you are flying. I think this is because when your flying your eyes are not tracking 2 images moving around on the sides and what not like a cooridoor but rather, when the player is flying, they focus thier attention forward and the nausia subsides or not present.

Final mental note, when you are experimenting with walking in games. try having a heads up display that would be like an overlay on a visor or helmet that the user could focus thier eyes on. This causes a relief point for the eyes and allows them to readjust in the environment.

hope this helps. ive been dabbling with vr sice Red Barron hit the VR arcades in the 90’s.
(Red Baron was a multi player biplane dog fight… what a blast and simple with 0 sickness)

gear vr 2015 vs 2016 model vid


Love this title… Its simple and fun. and GREAT to spring on the ex. muhahahahaha…!

screams a plenty… So far Ghost is the best!


@Insane_521 I think you liked the Ghost the one too, I have a question on how something works…


I beleive its the episode with the clown, where the kid is directly behind it. I was watching My Daughter play it and I came to the conclusion that the game will wait X amount of time = to how long you avoid the scene?

For me, I was jumpy… I got into it and the end scene for me happend quickly. My Daughter though, she refused to look over that way for a good minute or 2 at least… then… she did… and it just looked at her… I guessed that it was going to react after the same amount of time she avoided it.

Is that what happened? or did the game glitch out?

I really would like to know what you all have and are learning from this. I know you love that telemetry data… 8)



So, due to being busy, i haven’t gotten the chance to try out Face your fears myself but i managed to get two other people to try it out.

The result, it was scary enough that neither of them managed to finish the whole thing in one go but they both absolutly loved it!
It seems like you all did an amazing job creating Face Your Fears!
After their reactions, im even more exited to get to try it myself!






on the Height Face Your Fears… Does it tell you to stand while playing?


You can stand or sit! I think standing is recommended though :slight_smile:

Edit: For the heights one!


I dont have a direct fear of heights, but damn my feet feel all weird and tingly when i think about heights.

must of fell in a former life…8P


You definitely want to be sitting down, in the Haunting experience the character (you) is sitting in bed so you feel more immersed.

And for the Heights you can get disorientated and fall easily if you’re standing in my opinion. Depends on the person though.


We liked to make the heights one even more intense by standing on a book sometimes when testing it here. :smiley: