Face your fears: In app purchase won't download: Error download

I purchased the plane crash add on on my oculus go, but when it downloaded it came with the error “Download Error.” How do I restart the download? I don’t see any buttons or anything

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Try rebooting? This sounds more like an occulus tech/customer support issue.

But I don’t own one, so take that with a grain of salt.

Tried already to no avail.

Have you contacted occulus support?

I’m having the same problem with my S10+. I bought all the experiences with my s7 edge and s8+, but now, with the new phone, none will download. I contacted TurtleRock via Facebook Messenger and they said they’re aware of the problem but offered no fix. I PAID for this content, so I’m not thrilled with the “wait and see” response…

It’s less “wait and see” and more that they’re investigating the root cause.

Either way, I’m not able to access content I purchased. They haven’t made any announcements about this being a problem (multiple people report it in the reviews section), and they don’t have an estimate of when it will be fixed. We should at least get the next experience for free if they’re not going to do a refund.

That’s usually not up to the developer. For better or worse that decision is up to the publisher.


Hello! I’m one of the people at Turtle Rock that is investigating this issue. First let me say that I’m sorry that you’re having problems downloading the DLC content. When you buy a game, you just want it to work, and don’t want to deal with any headaches.

We are aware of one bug in FYF which can cause this to happen on GearVR devices. It happens if you have the game installed to an SD card, rather than internal memory. If you’ve got the game installed to the SD card, try uninstalling it and re-installing it to the internal memory and see if that works better.

There are a few other things that can potentially cause a problem here. First there needs to be enough free space on the device to download the DLC packages. This varies based on how many you’ve purchased, but I believe you need about 800mb free to download all of them. Second, make sure you’re on a good WiFi connection when downloading the DLC packages. Also, check your phone settings and make sure that Face Your Fears has all permissions enabled (i.e. for writing to storage).

If you’re still running in to an issue after this, let us know what model phone you have, what OS version is on it, and who the carrier is. For example, my Samsung S8 has the model number SM-G950 on a sticker on the back. If we know more about the particular circumstances causing the game to not work for your device, we may be able to pin point a fix more quickly.


That was really helpful! I currently have the app installed on an SD card. I’ll uninstall it completely, then install it on my internal storage, then open it up in VR and see if I can download the DLC. I purchased all of the experiences, all of them, and I love this app, so I really hope your fix works. I’ll try it out tonight and post again here. Really appreciate your support.


Your fix worked! I uninstalled FYF, reinstalled it, and left it in internal storage. I successfully downloaded all purchased experiences. I’m so happy! Thanks so much for the speedy response and a spot-on solution. Really, thanks.


I’m very glad to hear that! We would like to get a patch out so that it works OK when running on an SD card, but it is good to hear that you can play it now as is.