Face Your Fears - Final Approach [ LIVE NOW ]



Flying home for the holidays? Good news…


Face Your Fear of Flying!

A simple, old prop plane ferries its passengers just as it has a thousand times before. Things take a turn for the worst when the engine starts sputtering. Will Flight 101 have to turn back? Will the engine restart?

Get it for GearVR‼ @ http://ocul.us/2hsyfh1

[ Face Your Fears ] Patch Notes:

◘ New door opens!
••• “Final Approach” is available for purchase through the Face Your Fears app‼
◘ New main menu Holiday theme available!
••• The menu right now is frightful. But surely your flight will be delightful…
◘ Stranger Things Experience issue addressed ► User gets stuck in shed.
••• Now times out when event doesn’t trigger.
◘ Play your experiences offline!
••• Please be connected to a stable internet connection for the initial download and your first playthrough. After doing this you will be able to access your downloaded content without being connected to the internet!

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Brutal… :open_mouth:


Yeahhhh. I wouldn’t play this one :cry:

I’m a huge chicken :chicken:


We definitely need to get a video of you playing it… :pray:


And we all know that Chickens don’t fly on 747’s, only those rickety old planes that archeologists use to get to Africa or the middle east.




Nothing that cool ever happens when I fly…


Jesus Christ Mountain


Jokes on you, a flew in last Saturday.

All I get is the window seat :seat:


My wife is saying… nay demanding… that you make a VR with the interior of The Tardis. Apparently she wants to see something that is bigger on the inside. My house doesn’t do it… ;"( Rip


I meant the dancing flight attendant…


But a dull attendant is better than the ones that throw you off a plane…

But then again, sometimes it’s better to be thrown off the plane while it’s on the ground rather than in the air…



Waiting for Face Your Fears to make a room where it’s just real life cause that’s my worst fear.


Personally I’m odd because plane trips are arguably super SUPER boring. The first few minutes of takeoff/landing is ok but unless there is turbulence it’s such a bore :frowning: My favorite flights have usually always been smaller planes with like 1 maybe 2 seats be isle and it gets knocked around a bit. Granted, I’m weird.


Dunno how odd that is. I find flights to be kind of boring as well. Other than the take off and landing, as you mention it. Occasionally there is something interesting to see if you happen to be in the window seat (or at least can see the window enough), but beyond that it is sort of similar to just sitting around your living room. Unless I have something to do I find it boring.

Then again, I am also weird… so who knows? LOL!


How do I access this for Oculus Rift? I also can’t see the Stranger Things DLC. Is Oculus Rift limited to just the bedroom nightmares and robot experiences?



I believe that only a few experiences were ported to the Rift, with no plans yet to port the others.


this one was my favorite out of all of the experiences in face your fears! but i want to know what that creature that attacked the plane is. please i really want to know because i am absolutely obsessed with it. please i need to know what the creature is.