Face Your Fears film/movie tie-ins (for fun)


I was thinking of how cool it is that TRS is potentially working with licensed brands/franchises.

It made me wonder, what movies and shows would make a great Face Your Fears tie in experience?

One that has essentially been done already is Indiana Jones with his falling into a pit of snake (he hates snakes)…

But then I was thinking also, Mars Attacks! would be amazing, having people vapourised by the clacking martians, little human headed poodle scampering by…

Anyone else got any thoughts of what would be cool to make an experience of in the land of film and TV?


Alien off course (should be obvious why).

Other than that I would maybe say, It (Pennywise)


Twould be cool to have a face your fears door set during the happenings of L4D. But that’s not really a film. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe something sort of The Martian inspired? In a constrictive spacesuit and stuck in a fragile ship while something goes horribly wrong? Or maybe something similar but instead of in space you’re in a submarine underwater that’s malfunctioning? (Subnautica all over again…shivers)


A L4D cross over with FYF would be neat!


Face Your Fears, Jurassic Park crossover?

I guess more specifically the TRex car scene.


OMG. The best.

That would be amazing! :slight_smile:


I’m just imagining the vomit inducing fall in the car as you look through the eyes of poor Tim as it falls down the wall.


That, or throw in something… smaller. Like raptors.

T-Rex is big and menacing, which makes it scary.
Stuff like raptors are small and creepy, which makes it scary.

Just my two cents


I want to make dinosaurs now…


Don’t let your dreams be dreams!


You of all people would say that lol
I have a half done velociraptor somewhere… a JP version, not realistic mind you


What about Gravity or Interstellar or The Martian, those movies are amazing. I love movies that takes place in a realistic way and when it’s about space.


Interstellar Getting pulled into a black hole would be awesome, though maybe not a face your fear exactly… but I’d love to see how that would work. Gravity too is a great call!


So what you’re saying is, it’s trash?


I’m a big horror movie fan, so I’d love to see Face Your Fears tie ins with all sorts of horror movies. I mean, I doubt we’d get any of these, but I’d love to see:

  • A Nightmare On Elm Street (imagine Freddy terrorizing you in a nightmare world)
  • Friday the 13th (get to actually be chased/stalked by Jason in Camp Crystal Lake)
  • Hellraiser (a lot of spooky crazy stuff you could do with Pinhead, the cenobites, and a hellish setting)
  • Child’s Play (Chucky, the killer doll. This one could mix horror and humor)
  • The Evil Dead (could be pretty groovy.)

Honestly, I love Face Your Fears. I’d love to see ANY new content added to this game. But, popular horror tie ins would be awesome.