Face Your Fears Doors



I got Face Your Fears and i love it. Can you give me a hint on when the other doors (fears) will be unlocked? I can’t wait.


Well this is new. @Shaners @GentlemanSquirl @Matthew @MacMan


Welcome to the forums!
Im sure the devs will reply as soon as they can,


That’s if they do :stuck_out_tongue:


In my experience they are usually pretty vocal. @Shaners @snowkissed are usually very active and a joy to hear from.


Soon! We’re working on them and they are CREEPY! :scream:


I’m sad! This must’ve gotten lost in a lot of other notifications!! :,(

Hello @Vallanor! Glad you enjoyed Face Your Fears! We’re doing our best to get something out as soon as possible to give you the creeps! :smiley:

What was your favorite part?

@CptBoomBoom - thanks for the love!


It’s coming!!!


That tweet looks so dope on here Chris! Nice.


Is one of those doors going to Christmas Town? :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone not like spiders? Yeah, you may want to try this one out.


Oh, I wish!


Does anyone know when the other doors after the spider one will be open? I’ve done all 3 doors open so far cant wait for another to open.


Welcome to the forums @sabrina_fisher! Glad you’re loving our Gear VR experiences as much as we are!

I’m not exactly sure when the next one is slated but you can probably expect to see our hear something early next year! :slight_smile:

Which door is your favorite so far? :smiley:


Im a Fan of TRS, because L4D, but mostly because Evolve
At Fist I thought I would never taste Face Your Fears because Im far for Having a PC Oculus.

But My mother got a Samsung Phone and a visor was included, and it is Oculus.
I install FoF, And My family play it, and they say it is the best of all the apps they have around to play with.
They think are cool.
So I guess you have their blessings.


Awesome to hear!! :slight_smile:


When are new doors coming out I can’t wait, :persevere::persevere::persevere:I loved the heights and the haunted and spiders can’t wait for more


Soooooon! :scream: