Face Your Fears - Compactor [LIVE NOW]


Do small spaces make you uneasy…?


A sci-fi classic! You get tossed out with the trash and as if that weren’t bad enough, the walls are closing in. Are you being compacted?

New door! Now open!!!

Oculus store >> ocul.us/2hsyfh1


Oh yes.


I want VR so badly…

Who did the scream??


I swear to god I was just about to ask the same thing

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Whom’st is this dev? New Shane?


That’s Rose, and she shall be referred to as the Coffee Overlord :coffee: She’ll be helping out with social things :slight_smile:


Don’t think I didn’t notice TRS :wink: Nice reference to another door



Is it because she likes coffee a lot or serves it?



Hullo~! Yep, I will be helpin out. Nice to meet ya! :blush:


:smiley: I do both! Though saying I like coffee may be an understatement >.<


Chocolate covered espresso beans and pour over coffee :heart_eyes:


Tis I, TheManThatScreams

Fun Fact: Shane’s voice is in the beginning of this experience as well. She passed the robot scan and didn’t get banished to the compactor room like I did. Luckyyy


I kinda want to update your Title to “TheManThatScreams” now. :scream:


The one experience I still haven’t had the chance to play yet lol I keep forgetting to load it on my phone. I know what I’m doing tomorrow now!


So spooky. But I don’t have a vr headset.


This woman reviews all of our VR releases, and her videos are adorable!


Sad thing is, I know I could only get scared by the jumpscares because I still know it’s a game lol. Only time will tell though


That was absolutely adorable!