Face you fears (No DLC for Oculus touch?)


So I’m sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere else but I cant seem to find it.

I’m running face your fears on the Oculus Touch and cant find any of the in game DLC.

looking for some help here, I have tried the store and there appears to be very little on the home screen of the actual game.


Hi there~!

You are correct, there is no DLC available for Face Your Fears on Oculus Touch/Rift. Additional content is available for FYF on the GearVR and Go platforms as in-app purchases through the in game menu.

Also, moved this over to the TR VR thread. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. is this something that will be coming to touch or exclusively to them devices?


No problem! Yep, they are exclusive for the GearVR and Go platforms. We aren’t planning on porting the content over to the Rift/Touch at this time.