Face Off: Which Hunter Has The Best Facial Hair?


I’m pulling for Abe.

Who’s your choice for best facial hair?

Score so far:

Hank: 9 + Sandwich
Abe: 5
Val: 4
Kraken: 3
Phil?: 3
Bucket: 2
Griffin: 2
Hyde: 2
Markov: 1
My Mom: 1


Hank, obviously =)


I’m with Abe aswell


You can’t ignore the beard. Hank.


I choose… BUCKET!!!1!


That beard! Also he’s aiming the orbital barrage at me and if I say anything bad about him he will Hank me.


Daisy…can’t beat the hair spikes!

Second choice is of course Hank, because according to Val he can store sandwiches in his beard to save for later! Never know when the munchies will strike while on the hunt.


It’s official. People have officially lost all sanity while waiting for release…


your mother



Goin’ with Hyde 'cause no moustache + eyepatch = BAMF



“I do not want to grow face like Griffins. Looks like old man’s ball-sack.”


Obviously Abe his mustache is majestic.


Ah Hank, why not? :slight_smile:


Hank’d, especially after you heard that dropship conversation where Val (I think?) describes it as a beard you could lose a sandwich in.


Griffin. Duh

Cant beat the mutton Chops


Why not just make a poll?

Also my answer is Phil


I actually didn’t know you could make a poll.



Are you f-ing kidding me? Only one vote for Griffin to this point? Dude’s chops are freaking EPIC!!!


hank with out a doubt