Fable Legends


Tomorrow the beta for Fable Legends is coming out it is a 4v1 game also it looks pretty dumb though.

Villain is the 1 man alone pitted against 4 heroes and from what i understand he isn’t a player in the game you have a bird eye view of the map and you summon monsters so for the villain it is somewhat a RTS for the villain and the heroes have to fight their way through your minions and you can use abilities at the end of the mission you can summon a boss and alot of monster’s to kill them i am gonna play it tomorrow i don’t think it is gonna be that great.

The beta is on XBONE


please tell me how it goes. i dont have an xboxone but I thought as long as the villain has a high chance of winning everymatch (hero levels and item progression seems to not let that happen) then it will be a good game. however my concern is that the villain will get rewarded by DELAYING the heros for as long as he can. kills will give him bonuses and rarely will he actually completely defeat them. that will make for one stupid motive to play as the villain. so please tell me id like an honest review :slight_smile:

@SlinkyGuy you should check this game out as well. I thought itd be a cool game to play as long as its balanced.


Oh yes, I have signed up for the beta so I hope I get a chance to play it! I look forward to playing as the villain especially. :imp:


So there is no campaign in this fable? :frowning:


It sounds similar to Shadow Realms. I’m slightly optimistic about it only because I still have a need for a Dungeon Keeper type of game. If I can do it to other players, even better!