Extremely salty


Uh so does anyone realize how easy it is to cheese the monster on the dam? I just got out of a game against Val, Cabot, Maggie, and Torvald and after I hit stage 3 as Goliath I went to the power relay to face the hunters.

So first of all, when I got there I saw all 4 exploiting the pillars to their advantage and before anyone says anything… No, I could not rock throw to get them off nor leap smash because they would ya know… Move? But anyways, eventually I leaped and did a few aerial attacks and managed to knock them off and kill a few.

Its all good, now I gotta find the others… Nah, they ran in different directions and bought time for the dropship. Hey thats fine, I got more than half my hp and full armour and they have 2 strikes on most so np.

So I start killing them and every time, the trapper would stay alive and then throw the dome and jet pack out of the dome… And it doesn’t come down after 10 seconds? Wasn’t this exploit fixed?

I then killed him after it went down but the other hunters came back in time… So I kill a few again but there was always someone who wasn’t there and just ran.

The trapper kept using this exploit and after a while I just went to the relay… But I couldnt hit it because of Cabot and even Maggie. Its such a wide open area that they can shoot me from across the map.

So then I try to turn and kill them and Maggie throws the dome and leaves it. Lol there was nothing I could do at all. If they all run in different directions and hide then I’m wasting time trying to find them and if I attack the relay then I get shot… I got cheesed so badly out of this would be easy victory.

I lost due to the time limit. Nice map.

I think I might be done with this game… Forever even. Its just awful playing monster, and to top it all off (of course, this doesn’t really affect me much but I was on tilt) they message me saying I’m bad.

Yeah yeah yeah, don’t let the door hit you on the way out I know. Have fun playing this game guys, I’m out.


What about just leaping then using an aerial attack on them?


Yeah now that I recall thats how I got them off eventually, I just remembered. Haha.


Us console pleebs havent received the patch that fixes reverse doming. When PC got it, its usually a month or two wait before consoles get it certified and live. :confused: I believe sunny drone stacking still works as well.

Nothing we can do but wait and hope the next lobby we play against is legit.


The dome was fixed. Before you could jet pack out and the dome would stay the entire time. Now if the trapper isn’t in there, it comes down after 10 seconds. So that was addressed and is working properly.

Yes Sunnys drone still stacks, this still needs fixing.


fixed it for you. pillars are not exploits, never have been, never will be. learn howto deal with hunters who stays on them, or start playing hunter, or hell - look for another game.

But do not, i say again - NOT. call the enviroment-use an exploit.


I may be missing something, but from what I’ve read on the forums this is being removed so how is it simply that they are using the environment to their advantage? If its as simple and plain as you make it out to be then why is it being removed?

Unless I can’t read and misread what the devs said about making it not possible to use the pillars in the future. If thats the case then my bad.

Exploit probably isn’t the best word, but I have yet to come up with another one.


Evolve is sooooooo meta. There’s really not much fun about it anymore.


Using the environment is very key in this game, but the Devs has confirmed you won’t be able to stand on most pillars like that anymore. It is easily exploited. All hunters need to do is fly straight up, monster falls off pillar, misses ability, Hunter lands on top again. Monster can rinse and repeat, hoping for success on a lucky shot or a mis step from a Hunter, but the whole time the team has been wailing on him. If they’re taking it out, I feel like it’s currently a small exploit. Same as Sunnys shield drone stacking. So annoying.


Yeah, the relay fights are pretty much all Hunter-favored due to the environment. But Dam… that’s on a whole different level of ‘fk you Monster’. Kraken may be the only decent Monster for that relay fight, and even for him it’s all open spaced without being able to break any los. The other 3 Monsters… well, if you don’t win the game at stage 1-2 while you’re getting actually chased the game is pretty much over for you short of the Hunters completely messing up.
Some premades even simply camp the relay on that map if they feel they can’t win the game without the possibility of the Monster winning Stage 2 anywhere else on the map. So yeah, that relay gives you all the reason you would ever need to get properly salty.


What system are you on?


The pillars weren’t designed so the Hunters could camp on top of them. It is indeed an exploit, and I believe it’s getting fixed, if I read correctly.


Well Hunters ruin the fun for you, just do the same for them. Troll them as a monster.
Stretch out the game at stage 2 by never fighting until stage 3, or in the next map if you beat them all to three strikes and you know they can’t win, intentionally let the last hunter live and follow them around, or keep letting the dropship come back and farm them. I don’t know what’s up with hunters these days, but it seems like less and less people are being good sports and trolling/ ruining the fun. If you know you can’t win, just accept the lost instead of wasting time. Actually, the two kind of hunters I am seeing more and more are trolls, and those who commit suicide as the last hunter. Lol.


Those pillars are cheap as hell please don’t even try to defend that.


with torvald and sunny on these pillars its GG


I’m on Xbone, I could have sworn they said it was fixed but maybe I misread? Because as it stands, Maggie did this at least 4 times to me and each time she was outside and the dome lasted the full minute.


monsters using skills are *so cheap… see how dumb that sounds ?.. cmon… its enviroment. not cheap, not exploitive, not dumb.


Only on PC right now. Coming to consoles soon. Blame MS and Sony.


Most environments are fair game, but a few are outliers that have prompted responses from the devs. Its like the pillar outside the relay of Refueling Tower: very few monster abilities can get that high and the monster can’t climb it.


It kinda is cheap, the monster (save Kraken) can’t really knock the hunters off EFFECTIVELY when they use the pillars. You miss a bunch of abilities/aerial melee swings just hoping you hit them or that they mess up…

I’m not asking for the hunters to be on solid ground 100% of the time so I can destroy them, no, thats not what i’m saying. All I’m saying is that its cheap to do this strat in general unless you are Kraken or maybe Wraith.

But honestly thats not the main point of my post, it wasn’t THAT big of a deal. I knocked them off without losing hp and killed a few like I said. But the main reason I posted was because I thought the dome exploit was fixed and was completely baffled why this even happened.