Extremely frequent "connection to previous session lost" errors [PC], Possibly [PS4]


Title, I queue for quick play, I get into a lobby, we wait for the game to try and load, and finally get booted to get this message

This happened three times in a row the other night, and 2 times in a row just now. Can confirm this isn’t a connection issue on my end, as people on my friends list who’ve been in the same lobby have PM’d me saying they got the same error.
Just throwin’ that out there.

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This happened to me on the PS4 too, when I was playing Quick Play. The suggested fix was turning off my PS4, and it hasn’t happened since.


Ah! It’s the issue you were having! Unfortunately that fix isn’t working for me, since I’m on PC- not PS4, and I’ve turned my PC off a few times since those two things occured. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea sure, just saying it might not be a system specific issue.


I’ll add PS4 to the title, just to be sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happend to me yesterday for 3 or 4 times in hunt. Very annoying. Restarted between some rounds, still happend randomly.


same here. I am on pc and it happens a lot.
everytime that happens, sound disappears and I have to restart the game.
pretty annoying.


It’s getting worse.
Couldn’t get a single game of hunt today, got disconnected from quick play as well and even in customs we all got put back into the lobby suddenly.

This happens to all my friends I talked to

Ps4 here.



Was told that there were people streaming PS4 on twitch, but we just couldn’t get a party formed half of the time, never mind searching for a game.

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It’s happenned to me on both console (PS4/X1, i own both version) cant play a single match.

And i want to participate in weekly challenge. So sad


I played about 3 matches that loaded successfully today; out of at least 10 attempts, which all resulted in this exact same issue.


Yeah this is happening to me also. Have not been able to play any evolve today. I’ve turned off router and ps4. Turned back on, still having this issue. Very frustrating on my day off!