Extreme Penalty after error [Resolved, PS4 had wrong date]

I was playing as a hunter and I died in the game and drop ship came to drop me and another character but it lagged or something and we didn’t get off drop ship and I saw the whole map lol and it kicked me or disconnected or something (I was in chat party so no way my connection was lost) but when I tried to play again it said I’m penalized for abandoning hunt match 170k seconds

What can I do ?e

170,000 seconds? Or 170?

If it’s 170, nothing. Just wait.

If it’s 170,000 seconds, that’s ~47 hours which is not right and a bug for sure. Get a screenshot of it in that case (if you can).

yeah 47 hours lol

Have you skipped out of games often? It seems the penalties start small (3 mins) and build up as you keep on leaving games (intentionally or otherwise).

Have you DCed?

I wonder if @Shaners or @LadieAuPair can help, and know more about the penalty timer (and if it’s a bug or not).

No I don’t quit but it got disconnected the game before the error game

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Lol and I thought my time penalties were bad

Most annoying thing about it even more annoying than the fact I didn’t deserve it is that these 47 hours ? I must be in the game. it doesn’t count if I wasn’t in the game. WTF I need to fix this or report or whatever its crazy !

what do I do plz help

Dafaq? That’s idiotic. A game should never ban you for that much time no matter how much you disconnect. That just encourages people to bring their copy into their local gaming store and trade it towards a game they’re “allowed” to play.

We’re looking into this now, and it shouldn’t happen again.

Yes please, thank you

I sent you a PM, need some additional information from you :slight_smile:

The issue is fixed the problem was by my ps4 date and time I set it automatically and it worked fine when I searched again and @MajorLeeHyper helped me and asked me to check date and time so thank you

Alright! Glad we were able to resolve this! I’m guessing your PS4’s date was off by 2 days?

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yeah it was. Thanks a lot for your fast response

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