Extreme Goliath Comeback Win


Got insanely lucky and got away with the tiniest sliver of health.

A few more lucky moves, a health regen buff, and maybe a little help from a less than perfect hunter team, and I pull off the win!


Is the tyrant buff still annoying as all hell ?


The Tyrant buff gained me a bar and a half of health, at one point I did drop down to only 2 bars of health, meaning without the buff I would have had 1/2 a bar.
This may, or may not, have give the hunters enough motivation to keep on me despite being down to only 2 people and MIGHT have ended in my demise.

It certainly would have ended even closer than it did.


Hmm, okay, good to know.


No doubt my team and I weren’t perfect (these types of games are the reason I hate pubs), but I’m still gonna take this as an insult.


I assume then you were in the match?
I more said that to avoid the flames that usually come in and tell me I’m a bad goliath and only won because the hunters made mistakes.

Sorry if it came across as an insult, was not my intention…no-one is perfect.

It was a good match, any more, or less, mistakes on either side would have drastically changed the outcome.


It was a good match, our assault wandered away and watched you eat the Tyrant. As I said in the last moments of the video, I should have just shot you.


Which one?
I attempted to eat 3 that match, and he stopped me from eating the last one.


The one that gave you the health regen, he didn’t really try to communicate with us until you already had it. He used strange wording so we thought the buff was still there and we ran up to camp it, but like i said, strange wording on his part.


That regen buff gave me a little breathing room. If he had stopped me my heart probably would have exploded out of my chest lol.

I dunno what I would have done then.


They wouldve totally kill you if they had crow


This gives monster players a reason to not rage quita too early


Points goes for the sloth ^^
(jokes, this really made me happy, dunno why O.o)


why do you put 2 points in leap smash when you use it only once or twice? those 2 points are wasted, should have put them in charge since you always used it. nice video :smiley:


I’m trying to elite, and I never use the thing.
I always put points into it to try and convince myself to use it lol.

When I play too strategically I end up not having fun, and getting frustrated if I lose, so I try not too focus too much on what I’m picking.


goood job bro i had a goliath comeback as well recently joined a game in progress they were whailing on the computer thought they could take advantage… i ended up winning one disconnected before they lost lol.


I watch intently at the start of the match to see what characters I’m against.
If I have Abe or Griffin it means I can hide.

Crow or Maggie it means I need to run.


Yesterday I had an entire team quit around 20 seconds before I won the match. It was another 20 minute long one, but because they all quit everything on the map froze (all characters running in place) and eventually just kicked me from the match so I got no credit :confused:


join the club


I just don’t get it though, it was a good match…really close, could have gone either way up until the last two minutes.
Bah, sore losers…oh well.

Btw, is the game counting quits as losses yet? It’s so obnoxious that the leaderboards are full of obvious quitters.