Exterminator Weapon Skins?


A GameStop employee just posted this on Instagram. Pay attention to the text at the bottom left saying “Exclusive Exterminator Weapon Skins”, this looks like it could be some sort of DLC, what do you think?

Preorder Bonuses

I’m down for some weapon camos in Evolve. No ducky or weed ones, though, TRS.


This is a game where visual customization is welcome as long as it stays within the flavor of the game. Please, please, no pink flowery Goliath skins!

But it would be cool if not only weapons could be reskinned but maybe alternate color schemes for hunters. Easy enough to do. For instance Val could have Black/Red instead of White/Blue.


I think the colour schemes might stay the same, just variations of that colour. So maybe if Val had an ice blue version of her Anti Material Rifle, or Griffin had a green camo Harpoon Gun etc etc.

@Matieo is right about the weed/duck skins though, definitely don’t want to see those


I’ll settle for pink/purple for my weapon skins!


We have some great ideas coming from the Art team that I think everyone will be excited about. At some point down the road it would be cool to give you an inside look at how skins are made and the process behind them. It is oddly fascinating.


I always thought that reskinning something was just going into the model and changing the colors, like in most games that let you customize the color scheme of your character


Would definitely love to see that. Is there any chance of seeing how maps and/or monsters are made too?




I can’t promise anything, but I know the team would love to showcase our creation process in some type of behind-the-scene format. I’ll keep it at the forefront of my mind if the conversation comes up again soon.


look what i found on http://www.gamestop.com :smiley: Enjoy!!!


Oh wow these look great. Loving the red anti material rifle


I wonder if these skins will be for all weapons in game or just the 4 shown


Ugh, gamestop exclusive. Guess I’ll have to miss out.

Amazon or Steam for me so at least I’ll get the Monster Expansion and the Goliath Skin.


Here here, friend. We don’t actually have many (or any!) Gamestops in England so I settle for ShopTo.net, most excellent game store website I’ve ever used and they have the Monster Expansion pre-order bonus too! :thumbsup:


Will the monster expansion and goliath skin be offered at gamestop?


Pretty sure you get those no matter where you pre-order.


I really hope that all pre-orders will get the same goodies.

And by the way: Man, those weapons are gorgeous!


its a pack of skins for the hanks laser cuter markovs lightning rifel grifons smg and vals sniper


yes it will