Extensive Wraith Beta Information


Here is our video that we did during the Beta to test out various things with the Wraith. It is almost 40 minutes long and we tried to get data on a variety of things related to the Wraith as well as distance. (For instance, this is where we measured the sniff range)

Hope you enjoy the information given :slight_smile: I will try and find the other ‘test’ videos we used during the Press Release and release them shortly as well.


The timer starts at 3 minutes, but you can’t pause the timer before it reaches 2 minutes, which is why you guys couldn’t pause the timer to begin with.

But yeah, attacking the relay won’t pause the timer. Which can be really annoying at times. :stuck_out_tongue:


How’d I manage to win this one then?
I started attacking the relay at around 38 seconds on the dropship timer.


I don’t know. Perhaps I’m wrong? I remember a game where I had about 15-20 seconds left and there was just one survivor left. He was far away and so I decided to go after the relay, but it didn’t pause the timer and I lost. :confused: Bug then?


Attacking it should pause the timer. Say, if the relay is at full health and the timer is at less than [whatever time it takes to destroy the relay] then hunters automatically win because they can scatter and run.


But you are saying that attacking the relay pause the timer, so if the hunters just run away, wouldn’t I just win if I attack the relay and the timer is paused while I attack it?